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Advice for homebuyers from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.

Advice for homebuyers from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.




Advice for homebuyers from Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.




011 - Jeremy Novak from The Valley Ghost Walks

In Today’s episode, Sherri and Carrie are hosting Jeremy Novak (also known as Jerome The Grave Keeper) from The Valley Ghost Walks. He’s originally from Vancouver but has been in Wolfville for 18 years. The walks he hosts are history lessons given in a creative way, portraying people who previously contributed uniquely to the valley. Jeremy organized his first walk in the winter of 2008 and the walks grew progressively with his shows. He attributes the success to the cast, as shows wouldn’t...


10 - Non-Intrusive Home Monitoring with John Robertson of HomeEXCEPT

In today’s episode, Sherri and Carrie are hosting John Robertson, CEO and founder of Home Except. He introduces himself and informs us that he spent his career in business. He went into consulting in Halifax and progressively realized the challenges happening around senior care. He shares with us his turning point and how he started. According to John, Home Except technology came in as a solution to respect the dignity and privacy of seniors at home while providing peace of mind to their...


09 - Temma Frecker from The Booker School in Port Williams

Today’s guest is Temma Frecker, a teacher at The Booker School in Port Williams. Temma and her husband have taught around the world but when they wanted to settle down, they saw that the Annapolis Valley had everything that they were looking for. Temma first talks about how the house that she and her husband found in Port Williams is their dream home. Her major in university was international development studies, which led her down an atypical path to becoming a teacher. We then hear about...


08 - East Coast Pop Up Weddings

Our guest today is Sarah Anderson, owner of East Coast Pop Up Weddings. Sarah grew up in Lower Sackville but always wanted to live in the Annapolis Valley, which she now does. Sarah describes what East Coast Pop Up Weddings does and says that it’s for people who don’t want to deal with the stresses of planning a wedding. We hear about what Sarah talks about with customers who want to wed and the appeal of a pop up wedding. She has been a justice of the peace for years, and seeing people...


07 - Sarah Macalpine of Two Birds One Stone Farm

Today we are joined by Sarah Macalpine from Two Birds One Stone Farm, which is a small cut flower farm located near the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Sarah and her husband, Kenny, recently moved to Nova Scotia from Ontario to start their business. They felt like they wanted to make a change in their life and be more involved in nature. Sarah talks about the great energy in the Annapolis Valley that attracted her after considering different areas in the Maritimes. There is a myth that growing...


06 - Kentville Mayor Sandra Snow

Kentville mayor Sandra Snow joins us this episode and she’s bursting with excitement to talk about all the latest happenings within the town of Kentville. Mayor Snow shares the story of how she first became involved with Kentville town council and eventually landed the role she’s in today. There’s lots happening in Kentville, and we’ll hear about some of the upcoming activities for residents, along with some great information for those considering moving to the area. Since January, 22 new...


05 - Elsie Morden Musician & Motivational Speaker

Elsie Morden is a 22 year old singer, songwriter, and motivational speaker living in Annapolis Valley. She has performed at Canadian Country Music Week, is a Music Nova Scotia Country Recording of the Year Award Nominee, and recently released her debut full length album that reached #28 on iTunes. Another of Elsie’s admirable accomplishments is founding registered Canadian charity No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society. She has visited over 500 schools across Canada speaking about bullying...


04 - Lightfoot & Wolfville Wines

What does wine have to do with real estate? More than you may think! The main purpose of this episode is to highlight a beautiful business here in the Annapolis Valley, but, believe it or not, wineries are having an effect on real estate! Nova Scotia’s soil and mesoclimates create some of the most distinctive premium-quality grapes in North America, and with Nova Scotian wines gaining in popularity, this means more and more jobs in the industry, and more people living in the Annapolis...


03 - Real Estate Legal with Kate Seamen

A good lawyer is essential during your real estate transaction! Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll need some solid legal advice and assistance. Kate Seamen is a Kentville lawyer at Nathanson Seaman Watts in Kentville. She joins us today to give some advice from a legal perspective for buyers and sellers, and shares what she and her family love about living in Annapolis Valley! Topics covered: - Common misconceptions about lawyers. - Advice for people buying or selling property. -...


02 - Living In Annapolis Valley

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia spans from Digby to Windsor. It’s known for its vineyards, high tides, and scenery, but there’s much more to love! Today, we take a look at life in the Valley. Becca and Noelle are two moms of families raising their children in Annapolis Valley and loving life! They were looking for a balance, a country / rural upbringing, but close enough to amenities and opportunities for their children. Both found exactly what they needed, right here in Annapolis...


01 - Dan Turner from Turner Mortgage Inc.

We all know the important role a mortgage plays in buying a home, but there's plenty more to learn. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a previous homeowner, evolving rules and offers mean you can never be too informed when it comes to mortgage shopping. Turner Mortgage Inc. is a mortgage brokerage in Annapolis Valley to which we've referred many happy clients. Dan Turner joins us to discuss some important things to know before mortgage shopping, recent mortgage rule changes, credit...