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The Ghosts of Halloween Are Predicting a New Echo

As you know by now, this is the last Social Solutions Show for a while so it is important that we go out with a bang. But since Halloween is only a few days away, we are using that holiday to talk about the creep factor going on and coming soon to your favorite social media platform. Perhaps you already own an Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant, but would your preference change if Facebook were to introduce their own voice assistant? And if so, have you considered the creep factor that you...


Move Over LinkedIn – Facebook Is-a-Comin’

Facebook introduced Job Listings and now they are testing the ability to upload your resume. If these features sound familiar, then you probably already know this is what LinkedIn has been doing for years but with a larger audience could this be the beginning of the end of LinkedIn’s reign as the social media job site?


To Like or Dislike – That is the Question

Well it has been a long time coming, but finally Facebook is introducing a “Dislike” button. Why you ask? Because users have been requesting it over and over – but why now and what will it mean? For personal posts, it will be more appropriate to Dislike rather than Like when someone posts a death in the family, a terminal disease, or something begging for sympathy. But with business pages, this could be a game changer.


The New Facebook of Disaster Control Communication

No, that is not a type. Facebook has introduced a single destination where users can access all of its tools geared toward responding to crisis. It should be no surprise that individuals and businesses alike have been turning to Facebook for a long time to report current events and locate lost friends and relatives. And now Facebook is making it even easier for people to share information.


Who is Watching You on LinkedIn?

Did you know that your presence on LinkedIn is now visible when you are on online? We didn’t think so. The latest innovation from LinkedIn may or may not be welcome news. We’re all used to having our online presence visible on Facebook, but never on LinkedIn. What does it mean and how will it impact your engagement with your connects? Tune in this Social Solutions to get our take on it.


Using Social Media During Natural Disasters

This has been a devastating week for nearly 13 million people from Texas and Lousiana. They need our support, our prayers and our help. But not everyone can drop everything and go there to assist. So what can you do and what should you do to use your influence on social media to help those in need? This is where we start today’s Social Solutions Show.


How will your business drive new revenues with self-driving cars?

This fall, at Stanford CSP, Sudha will be teaching the first-ever course on the business of self-driving cars to help entrepreneurs and innovators to “find the gaps” so they can drive (pun intended) the next generation of innovative businesses. On this week’s show, Sudha will talk about the landscape of autonomous vehicles, regulations, and the key technologies which make these cars, trucks, and buses possible. As always, visionaries who can see the coming changes will be the winners.


Who is Your Legacy Contact on Social Media?

We don’t like to think about it, but if something happens to us, who will take over to manage or close our social media accounts? Facebook just announced a new option for you to name your Legacy Contact in the event of an emergency. That’s only one of the topics we will cover on today’s Social Solutions Show.


Spam Coming Soon to LinkedIn

We have seen the changes over the last couple of years on the granddaddy of social media sites. Linkedin, in its effort to stay relevant, has introduced features that show a striking resemblance to other platforms. But they haven’t always warmed the cockles of hearts by their user base. Well the newest announcement may be the final straw in inviting spammers to glob on to your updates to further their agenda. We’ll fill you in on why we don’t believe adding images to your comments on...


A Well Done Video is Worth a Thousand Words

At the risk of using a trite cliché, this statement speaks the truth. And Facebook is making it even easier by expanding their test of video cover images. This is really good news for creative marketers. In the ever increasing world of competing for eyeballs, there is no question that video front and center can capture and hold users attention.


Metaphor for Crap or Good Clean Results?

Today’s Social Solutions Show goes way beyond Apple. Facebook introduced a nifty new tool tailor made for events with Event Frames. And they amped up the value of Facebook Live Videos by adding the option for closed captioning – not just for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Job Seekers Turning to Instagram

Just when you thought usage trends were settling into a new norm, along comes Instagram as the new go-to site for researching company culture and workplace life. LinkedIn better be paying attention because this phenomenon among the 19 to 29 year old audience have pegged this site as a dinosaur. So is this a temporary fad or is it an omen of things to come as this generation ages?


Would You Search for Chatbots if Available?

You probably didn’t wake up this morning with this burning question on your mind. If fact, we’ve been pondering it all day and still haven’t decided it’s relevance in the world of digital marketing. But there is definitely some validity I considering a Chatbot (aka Conversational Commerce) for your business. Tune in to the Social Solutions Show for the skinny and more with Ken Herron and Carol McManus.


Can a Red Bathing Suit Put You Out of Business?

No one supports creative campaigns on social media more than Carol McManus and Ken Herron, but it might be time to discuss a few pitfalls that could cost you a lot of money and even a lawsuit if you’re not careful. Case in point: SunnyCoClothing and the offer for a free red bathing suit! How many Amazon Echos do you need and what are the upside and downside issues concerning the proliferation of these intelligent agents? If you’re looking for a better way to connect with your customers on...


Meet the Digital Version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

As businesses and platforms evolve, there is choice to go it alone or find ways to collaborate with complementary and beneficial partners. The latest example of this is the soon to be launched streaming news TV network from Twitter and Bloomberg. The possibilities are endless in what this will do for both giants and best of all for the voracious appetite of mobile-dependent consumers.


The New Social Media Landscape

This week it’s about using a video for your Facebook page cover. It sounds like a really cool idea but it won’t come without its challenges. Pinterest has removed the Like button and now forces you to save your favorite pins. What’s the difference? What’s the benefit? Why should you care?


Artificial Intelligence Comes to LinkedIn

Today’s Social Solutions Show with Ken Herron and Carol McManus will weigh in on the newest advances and add our own take on the when, where and why. Moving on, we’ll update you on Snapchat’s new World Lenses. Video advertising is the new norm and you will be seeing more of it in your Twitter stream.


Epic Fail for United Airlines Reaches Across the Globe

We all know that social media leaves fewer and fewer places to hide from our mistakes, and when we don’t learn from past failures, the impact compounds itself. Poorly managed customer service, specifically on social media, is not a new controversy surrounding United Airlines, but this time, they went too far.


The Case of the Disappearing Egg

With Easter only a week away, everyone is thinking about eggs – including Twitter – but in their case, they decided to permanently do away with the egg as a default option for user who don’t take the time to upload their own image. Will this separate the men from the boys? Who knows, but that along with another change in how they count 140 characters all seem to be in an effort to clean up the riff-raff and encourage users to engage more often.


Mimicking Features on Social Media Not so Flattering

If Copycat tactics are the highest form of flattery, then Snapchat should be blushing. But that blush probably doesn’t represent happiness as much as a boiling anger over the continued scraping of their once unique features. The latest to introduce their version of Stories is their enemy number one – Facebook! With Facebook Stories, the argument for a more connected community is diluted.