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Updates on ETFs and other projects with Chris Pedersen and Paul Merriman

When Chris Pedersen came to Bainbridge Island to tape the video/podcast on the 2 Funds for Life Strategy, he joined Paul in an interview to address some questions regarding his work on several important projects. Here is a partial list of questions: What are the pros and cons of Best-in-Class and commission-free portfolios? What variables …


How to respond to election results plus 8 investment Q&A’s

This podcast, recorded before the market opened on Election Day in the U.S., begins with Paul’s advice on how to respond to the election results. He then answers the following questions from his readers and listeners: Why are bond funds losing money? Are individual bonds better than bond funds? How has mid-cap value performed compared …


2 Funds for Life: The Bottom Line (10 lessons from the 2 Funds for Life study)

These 10 important lessons should be considered when putting to work the “2 Funds for Life” portfolio in your portfolio. Paul focuses on the likely long-term gains and the likely short-term losses, answers questions, and discusses the other sources of information on the strategies. For the video, articles, tables and Q&A about the “Two Funds …


2 Funds For Life

A simple strategy to maximize your retirement investments In this podcast, Paul Merriman and Chris Pedersen – who spent most of the last two years developing the “2 Funds for Life” strategy – discuss the rationale, research, details and benefits to easily implement this simple strategy. The discussion includes a quick review of the “Three greatest investment products” (podcast and article including …


Value, risk and retirement

In a recent conversation with Ken Roberts, of Ken’s Bulls and Bears, Paul answers some timely questions, such as: Do you expect value to be a top performer again? How much do you think investors should have in value? With the market being so high, what are you telling investors who are …


What’s wrong with target date funds? The three greatest investment products – Part II

After making the point in “The three greatest investment products” that the target date fund is the best of the three (mutual funds second, and index funds third), Paul discusses the glaring problems inherent in almost all target date funds. While challenges include high expenses, active management and too much in …


Best mutual fund and best “safe” withdrawal rate, plus 8 Q&A’s

Paul discusses George Sisti’s comments about the best mutual fund, best “safe” withdrawal rate, and why “working harder” doesn’t seem to help investors. And he answers questions from readers and listeners. 1. What do you think of the new Fidelity zero-fee mutual funds? 2. Why are bonds losing money? 3. Which do you recommend: Vanguard or …


The three greatest investment products – Part I

This is the first of a three-part series, laying the foundation for the upcoming “2 Fund for Life” strategy. In this podcast, Paul discusses the mutual fund, index fund and target date fund, which have been responsible for some of the greatest wealth building for the average investor. In the case of the mutual fund and the index …


Can we trust hypothetical returns, plus 7 Q&As

As Paul is preparing to release a new investment strategy, in this podcast he discusses the nature of hypothetical returns. What numbers can we trust and what numbers might be unfairly biased? Also, he addresses 7 questions from his readers and listeners. 1. What are the steps to setting up the $3000 to $50 million …


10 things Mark Cuban says to do with your money

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the sharks on the popular CNBC show, “Shark Tank,” shares 10 things people need know to be more successful investors. Some of them are spot on, while others will likely lead investors down a less productive path. In a couple of cases Paul totally disagrees. Here are …


Passive vs. Active: Paul Merriman vs. Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher is probably the best known independent investment advisor in America. At $70 billion under management, with 2,500 employees and a net worth of $3.8 billion, according to Forbes, he is likely also the most profitable advisor in the industry. Fisher is considered the King of Marketing in the industry. He advertises on national TV and in almost every retail …


10 Q&A for investors trying to do the right thing

From first-time investors to those on the verge of retiring with millions of dollars in savings, Paul’s answers to questions from our listeners and readers contain something of interest for every investor. 1. How different is the new secret strategy from what you are recommending now? 2. Why would anyone want to take the risk of investing in the market at these …


How To Invest In Today’s Market

Paul speaks with Ed Fulbright, CPA and PFS – of “Meaningful Money” website and “Mastering Your Money” podcast – about how to invest in today’s market. Is the market ready to roll over and play dead after a very long period of record highs? What should investors do who are sitting …


The coming correction and other questions

In this podcast Paul answers seven questions from his listeners/readers about bonds, Dimensional Funds, market collapse and correction, treasury funds, market timing and the Japanese market. 1. Is a portfolio of 90% equities and 10% bonds too aggressive for a 38-year-old? 2. Do you still recommend using Dimensional Funds even though one must pay an advisor to access them? 3. …


What you probably don’t know about Paul Merriman

In this interview with financial advisor Joshua J. Sheats, of Radical Personal Finance, Paul speaks of his early ventures on Wall Street and in manufacturing, what it was like to build an advisory firm in the 1980s, his life’s challenges, and the goals, affirmations and philosophies that continue to motivate his work with the


What is the best Vanguard balanced fund?

Paul answers your questions about Vanguard balanced funds, including the pros and cons, how to select the best balanced funds, and how to match them to your investment goals and risk tolerance. He references the S&P 500 Equity Portfolio Fine-Tuning Table Vanguard funds: Balanced Index (VBINX) Life Strategy Income (VSCGX) Life Strategy Moderate Growth (VSMGX) …


Small-Cap Value: What Could Go Wrong?

This podcast was produced with an accompanying slideshow. Listen and watch here: Small Cap Value: What Could Go Wrong. Paul examines the historical and possible future risks and returns of small-cap value stocks as an asset class to help you determine its role in your portfolio – whether a young investor, in your working years, or a retiree. Referenced …


Finance across the generations

Paul is interviewed by George Grombacher, consultant, podcaster, writer and speaker, on his Money Savage Podcast. They discuss how bias can impact investing as well as every aspect of our lives, and how personal history impacts saving and investing behaviors. And Paul explains how the simplest answer is often the best one.


How will you change your Vanguard ETF portfolios?

Last week Vanguard announced they are adding 1,800 commission-free ETFs to their present line up. In this podcast Paul answers what this may mean for investors and three other questions from his listeners and readers: 1. What impact t will the new ETFs have on the Vanguard portfolios? 2. What is the risk in a […]


The truth of market timing and more

In this interview with Pure Financial‘s “Today on Your Money, Your Wealth”, Paul discusses the truth on market timing vs. buy-and-hold – and explains why he still does both. Plus, he answers questions on collecting Social Security and a pension, rolling and converting IRA money, and whether there are financial perks to waiting until after the first of the […]