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SW 338 FBF - "Starve the Doubts" with Jared Easley

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 107, originally published in October 2013. Jared Easley has a very motivational podcast concept, called "Starve the Doubts," which aims to help those who are elevating in the profession tune out those who wish to bring them back down to their level or suppress their success! Jared Easley is a self-described “everyday guy” who is passionate about connecting with others, communicating, leveraging new media & cultivating a community of...


SW 337 - Trump: The Art of the Insult with Joel Gilbert

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Trump did what he needed to do to win the presidency. A political novice, Trump used his knowledge of marketing and branding to make a successful run at what many considered an impossible feat. Jason Hartman talks with Joel Gilbert, director of Trump: The Art of the Insult, about what tactics Trump used, why they resonated with people, and how ordinary Americans can also use the tactics in their business career. Key Takeaways: [2:26] Can other...


SW 336 FBF - "The 40 Hour Work Year" with Scott Fritz

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 61, originally published in June of 2012. Jason Hartman interviews author, Scott Fritz, who shares his story that became his book, The 40 Hour Work YEAR, about how he became a passive investor in his business instead of entrenched in working on and in his business. Running and growing a business requires a lot of dedication, passion, and often an incredible chunk of one’s life. Many business owners find themselves working 80 or more hours per...


SW 335 - The Scientific Method of Networking? with David Burkus

Jason Hartman talks with David Burkus, author of Friend of a Friend and Associate Professor of Leadership & Innovation at Oral Roberts University, about how to grow your network, develop key connections, the newest renaissance in business structure, new vacation policies, and more. Key Takeaways: [2:33] Is there a scientific method to networking? [5:46] The best thing to do if you're trying to reach a specific contact [11:49] The experimenting in getting away from the org...


SW 334 FBF - Online Content Marketing with Kristi Hines

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 106, originally published in October 2013. Kristi Hines is a highly sought after writer, blogger, and social media commentator who's expertise in creating high quality content for business and corporate blogs has elevated the sales and status of many companies. Hines focuses on teaching businesses the right formula to educate their customers while increasing their sales. She's been featured on an impressive list of the top info marketing...


SW 333 FBF - Brian Carter on Facebook Profiling & Engagement

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 163, originally published in August 2014. Brian Carter is the Founder of the Brian Carter Group. He joins the show to discuss how Facebook can revolutionize an organization if they use it effectively. Brian Carter is respected as one of the elite internet marketing experts in the world. His hands-on business experience, cutting edge insights, background in improv and stand up comedy culminate in a speaker and trainer who leaves every audience...


SW 332 FBF - Self-Publishing Success with Matthew Mather

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 134, originally published in February 2014. Matthew Mather is the best-selling author of "CyberStorm" and a leading member of the world’s cybersecurity community. He joins the show to discuss a "Third Path" to publishing that winds between the traditional publishing and self-publishing models. Mather was rejected by more than 100 agents and publishers. He never believed that self-publishing would make you so much money, but he's now sold...


SW 331 FBF - Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses with Tom Caporaso

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 187, originally published in February 2015. On today's Speaking of Wealth show, Jason Hartman brings the CEO of Clarus Marketing on to the show, Tom Caporaso. Tom also works closely with FreeShipping.com and talks to Jason about the importance of loyalty programs, what his company offers, and more in this quick 13 minute episode. Key Takeaways: 1:20 – How can small businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from loyalty programs? 4:05 – What kind...


SW 330 FBF - Dr. Denis Waitley on The Psychology of Winning & The Seeds of Greatness

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 30 originally published in December 2010. Jason interviews his early mentor Dr. Denis Waitley on "The Psychology of Winning." At age 17, Jason discovered Waitley and it was a life altering event leading to his early and sustained success. Waitley is one of America's most respected authors, keynote lecturers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement. He has inspired, informed, challenged, and entertained audiences for...


SW 329 - Brad Feld - Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist & Startup Communities, Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City at Foundry Group Venture Deals

Jason Hartman talks with Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group and author of Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer & Venture Capitalist, about startup communities around the nation and what causes them to flourish and how long they can take to really get going. The two also look at how an entrepreneur with an idea can go about turning their vision into a reality, and a key habit Brad thinks most (if not all) entrepreneurs should have. Key Takeaways: [1:35] What other parts...


SW 328 FBF - How to Book and Be a Better Guest with Jessica Rhodes

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 191, originally published in March 2015. Jason Hartman invites Jessica Rhodes on to the show to talk about how to book better guests and how to be a better guest as well. Jessica is the founder of Interview Connections and has booked some big names in the industry. She talks about how persistence and follow up are key to booking bigger names, how to properly pitch yourself to a podcaster, her latest project with Corey Coates titled The Podcast...


SW 326 FBF - Motivational Press with Justin Sachs

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 131, originally published in January 2014. Justin Sachs is the Publisher of Motivational Press and Chairman of the Board of Justin Sachs Companies, a group of companies that provide high-level services to business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations world-wide. Justin joins the show to tell us about Motivational Press and its successes in 2013. Find out more about Justin Sachs at www.justinsachscompanies.com Visit Motivational Press at...


SW 325 - Successful Meetings, Events, & Conferences with Tim Hentschel CEO of HotelPlanner & Meetings.com

Jason Hartman talks with Tim Hentschel, CEO of HotelPlanner.com & Meetings.com, about the ins and outs of throwing an event, from what city you pick to booking rooms, and more. The two look at what's happened to US tourism since the administration change, the disruption that sites like AirBnB have created for large events, advice for someone starting their own conference, and the rising use of artificial intelligence. Key Takeaways: [2:02] What's happened to the travel & tourism since...


SW 324 FBF - Launch It with Trace Cohen

Today's Flash Back Friday episode comes from Episode 127, originally published in December 2013. Trace Cohen is the founder of Launch.it. He joins the show to tell us how Launch.It works. Launch.it is essentially a self-publishing platform. Anyone can publish news on the site. Trace explains how he envisions Launch.it changing PR. Trace also discusses entrepreneurship in general and how he got started with Brand Yourself under his father's mentorship. Website: www.Launch.it


SW 323 FBF - Changes in Online Content Marketing with Michael Weissman

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 122, originally published in November 2013. Michael Weissman is the Chairman, CEO and co-founder of SYNQY Corporation (pronounce Sync-ee). Weissman sees big changes that marketers need to consider in online content marketing, so he comes on the show to discuss how a marketer can rise above all the noise in online content marketing. Weissman explains how marketers can find enough content and gives the “right” goals all marketers should consider...


SW 322 FBF - Marketing Ideas to Jump Start Your Business with Jay Baer

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 123, from November 2013. Jason talks with author and marketer Jay Baer. Jay is an acclaimed keynote speaker, technology marketer, and social media consultant. Jay's newst book, Youtility, talks about key marketing ideas, and unique ideas to jump start your business. Website: www.JayBaer.com


SW 321 FBF - "Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success" with Dan Schawbel

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 102, from October 2013. Dan Schawbel is Managing Partner of Millennial Branding and author of, "Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success." He's also the Founder of the Personal Branding Blog. He authored the #1 international bestselling book, "Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future." Schawbel explains what future leaders need to know for career success and how social media is changing the game. He answers whether millennials are...


SW 320 - TIME's 100 Most Influential Person Rob Bell on the Bible's Views of Entrepreneurship

In this 10th episode, Jason Hartman goes off topic and talks with Rob Bell, one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People in 2011 and author of Love Wins, about the bible's views on entrepreneurship, what we should be doing with the wealth we accumulate, and what we can learn from King Solomon's story. The two also discuss how good things can become victims of their own success and lead to people simply doing the same things as before to sustain the system rather than trying to improve life...


SW - Ron Paul to Headline the Meet the Masters Event with Jason Hartman

2018's Meet the Masters event was already packed with great speakers like Jason Hartman, Garrett Sutton, Brian Smith, Danielle DiMartino-Booth, John Burns, and more. Today, Jason Hartman is proud to announce that former Congressman (and America's foremost advocate for libery) Ron Paul will be joining the fold to headline the event. Ron Paul was most recently a Republican candidate for President in 2008 and 2012, and served in the US House of Representatives for Texas for more than 25...


SW 319 FBF - Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons with Lewis Schiff

Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 98, from October 2013. Lewis Schiff is the Executive Director of the Inc. Business Owners Council and author of, "Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons." Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer recently laid down the jackhammer: all her employees must now report to the office... no more working at home. Schiff discusses this debatable cultural phenomena. He also breaks down entrepreneurship and how important ideas...


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