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EP_026 - Kevin Dowling of Kaarta

In Episode 26 of StartUp Burgh I talk with Kevin Dowling, CEO of Kaarta a real-time localization and mapping technology. Their incredible technology translates the real world into detailed 3D digital models with a wide variety of applications. Kevin has been a Pittsburgh technology and robotics advocate for decades as a staff member in the early days of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, and in forming the Field Robotics Center at CMU with colleagues.


EP_023 - Courtney Powell of Kinsman Shop

In Episode 23 of StartUp Burgh I talk with Courtney Powell. Courtney is the owner and operator of Kinsman Shop, a curated menswear retail shop in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Kinsman is less than a year old, but it serves as a canvas for Courtney as she builds a brand and starts her entrepreneurial journey. Have a listen to Courtney's story - we talk at length about how she got to the point in time where she knew she wanted to open her own shop, and her journey is really...


EP_020 - Sophia Berman of Trusst Lingerie

In Episode 20 of StartUp Burgh, I sit down with Sophia Berman co-founder of Trusst Lingerie, where every bra is designed and engineered by a team of women. Their proprietary technology obviates the underwire for a significantly under-served audience.


EP_019 - Mike Neilson of Switcheroo

In Episode 19 of StartUp Burgh, I talk with Mike Neilson who has been on a mission to bring simple, smart solutions to make home life easier. This isn't a wifi connected auto-widget, it's elegant and effective. Switcheroo is funding on Kickstarter now!


Leaf MicroEp - 06

In Episode 06 of Leaf: Behind the Kickstarter - I talk about the customer segment and mix that are currently backing us at 1,000 people strong.

Leaf MicroEp - 05

In Episode 05 of special series Leaf: Behind the Kickstarter, we're back at it exactly 1 week from launch and nearing 1,000 backers.

Leaf MicroEp - 04

Episode 4 of Leaf: Behind the Kickstarter - we talk conversion rates and marketing strategy after the initial Kickstarter push

Leaf MicroEp - 01

This is the Leaf Razor - Behind the Kickstarter micro episode #01 with Adam Simone and Adam Hahn. In this first episode, we are exhausted after the first half-day of launch on the Kickstarter platform. 400+ backers and $30k in under 5 hours!


EP_009 with Tara Hoover of Tara Hoover Design

In this episode of StartUp Burgh I talk with Tara Hoover who runs her own creative consulting business. We talk about her path away from the corporate world towards self-employment, design for startups and Comic Sans!

StartUp 'Burgh Episode 007 with Curtis Layton and David Rollinson

I sit down at the HEBI ROBOTICS lab with two of it's 5 co-founders: Curtis Layton and David Rollinson. We hear about HEBI spinning out of CMU, the vision they have for the place of robotics in the world and their robotics-as-legos concept!

StartUp 'Burgh Episode 006 with Torrell Jackson

In Episode 6 of StartUp Burgh, I speak with Torrell Jackson, founder and CEO of Tortech Inustries. Torrell is developing a chiropractic training "smart" dummy which he hopes will become the gold standard for learning spinal manipulations. Torrell's idea struck him when he observed how chiropractor students often practices on each other, friends, family, or anyone else they could get their hands on. There had to be a better way!

StartUp 'Burgh Episode 005 with Jorgen Pedersen

In this episode of the StartUp 'Burgh Podcast, I sit down with Founder and CEO of RE2 Robotics, Jorgen Pedersen. Jorgen's 10+ year-young company is a leader in mobile robotics manipulation, with a great foundation for exciting things to come. We talk about the dull dirty and dangerous of robotics.

StartUp 'Burgh Episode 003 with Nesra Yannier

In this episode I talk with Nesra Yannier about her education technology product NoRILLA, part of her research as a PhD candidate at Carnegie Mellon, and part of her passion to build her own company around advancing and empowering science education tools.

StartUp'Burgh Episode 002 with Vaish Krishnamurthy

In this episode of the StartUp 'Burgh Podcast, I chat with Vaish Krishnamurthy, founder and CEO of Pittsburgh-based Clean Robotics. Vaish is developing a waste-management technology that applies robotics and machine learning.

StartUp'Burgh Episode 001 with Molly Blank

In this episode of the StartUp 'Burgh Podcast, I chat with Molly Blank, co-founder and CEO of PalpAid, who is developing a medical technology that empowers women with more control of their health and well-being.