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SamSam developments, an AI gaffe, and some massive data breaches

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief, we discuss the latest developments in the SamSam ransomware, with two of the people reportedly behind the ransomware having been recently indicted. Dick O’Brien, Candid Wueest and Brigid O Gorman also discuss the recent huge data breach at the Marriot-owned Starwood chain of hotels, as well as a large breach at Q & A website Quora. The hacker who hijacked 50,000 printers to spam people to support infamous YouTuber PewDiePie, a gaffe by an AI jaywalking...


Operation Eversion, Magecart, and the UK parliament takes on Facebook

On this week’s Cyber Security Brief, we discuss Symantec’s role in an FBI takedown of ad-fraud infrastructure dubbed Operation Eversion. We also discuss the latest developments in the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, as well as the most recent activity from Magecart. Also, the dangers of most phishing sites having the padlock sign beside their address, and the curious incident of a security researcher who responsibly reported a vulnerability but was still subsequently reported to the...


Special Report: Conficker’s 10th anniversary

On this week’s episode of the Cyber Security Brief, Brigid O Gorman is joined by Candid Wueest to discuss the infamous Conficker worm, which marks its 10th anniversary this week. This worm first appeared on November 21, 2008, and despite the many changes that have occurred in the cyber security landscape since then we still see hundreds and thousands of detections of Conficker in the wild today. As well as Conficker, we also discuss some of the other old threats that are still around today...


Formjacking, lots of vulnerabilities get patched, and a BEC scam costs a cinema company millions

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief podcast, Dick O’Brien, Candid Wueest and Brigid O Gorman discuss new research into formjacking and the Megecart group; a subsidiary of French movie chain Pathe loses more than $20 million in a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam, and a whole slew of vulnerabilities get patched.


Lazarus ATM attacks, Inception Framework uses new backdoor, and small businesses’ cyber risk

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief podcast we discuss the FASTCash attacks, in which the Lazarus group has been emptying ATMs, and highlight the research we have published into this activity. We also discuss a new report highlighting small businesses’ cyber risk, the Inception Framework using a new backdoor, and a vulnerability in a building management software.


SamSam ransomware, Midterms 2018, new Emotet activity, and Docker APIs exploited for cryptojacking

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief podcast we discuss our newly-published research into the SamSam ransomware, exposed Docker APIs being used for cryptojacking, and some new activity from the Emotet botnet. With the midterm elections in the U.S. fast approaching we also take a look at some of the election security stories that have come up in the last week. Finally, we discuss a cautionary tale underlining why you shouldn’t use your work laptop to visit “adult” websites.


Super Micro spy chip story contradictions, Russian woman indicted in U.S. for conspiring to interfere in U.S. elections, and Twitter tackles disinformation campaigns

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief podcast, we discuss the claims and counter claims related to the Bloomberg Businessweek story published at the start of October that alleged Chinese spies had infiltrated U.S. companies by implanting secret chips on Super Micro motherboards – a story that has been rebutted by almost all the companies mentioned in it, including Super Micro itself, Apple and Amazon. With calls from those companies now for Bloomberg to retract the story, we discuss this...


Special Report: What is it Really Like to Work in Cyber Security?

Something a little different this week as we take a behind-the-scenes look at life in Symantec. Dick O’Brien chats to three Symantec engineers working in different parts of the company, and at different stages in their careers, to find out what it is really like to work as an engineer in a cyber security firm. Dick is joined by Symantec engineers Sayali Kulkarni, Conor Murray and Eric Chien to discuss the evolution of their careers in cyber security.


Gallmaker research, Navionics breach, and Fitbit data used by cops in murder investigation

In this week’s Cyber Security Brief, Dick O’Brien is joined by Symantec threat researchers Jon DiMaggio and Candid Wueest to discuss the big cyber security stories of the last week. We talk about Symantec’s latest research on a previously-unknown attack group called Gallmaker, which is using “living off the land” and publicly-available hack tools to target organizations in the government and defense sectors. We also discuss the hack of the SpankChain cryptocurrency project, the breach at...


APT28 activity, cryptojacking research, and Face ID used to access criminal suspect’s phone

In this week’s Symantec Cyber Security Brief we discuss two of our recently-published pieces of research. First, we are joined by Threat Analyst Stephen Doherty to discuss the recent activity of APT28 (aka Swallowtail, Fancy Bear), which made headlines in 2016 due to its involvement in cyber attacks against an organisation involved in the U.S. presidential election. Then, we talk about our newly published whitepaper examining the topic of cryptojacking – one of the hottest subjects in the...


Formjacking research, WordPress plugins cause problems, the dangers of plaintext password storage, and the Mojave zero day

In this week’s Symantec Cyber Security Brief, we discuss recent research Symantec has published on formjacking, as well as the formjacking attacks that have been carried out by the Magecart group. We also discuss how outdated plugins are allowing malicious code to be injected into WordPress sites, the Apple macOS Mojave zero day, and why it’s never a good idea for companies to store their customers’ passwords in plaintext.


Xbash threat, TripAdvisor fake review clampdown, blockchain casinos targeted, and who is behind DDoS attacks on UK unis?

On this week’s podcast Dick O’Brien is joined by threat researchers Candid Wueest and Brigid O Gorman to discuss the biggest cyber security stories of the week. We take a look at the newly-discovered Xbash malware family and what it can do, as well as discussing the first case of its kind where a man was convicted and imprisoned for writing fake reviews on TripAdvisor. Also, we look at some recent hacks against blockchain casinos, and speculate on the likely perpetrators behind DDoS...


Deep Dive: Symantec Takes on Software Supply Chain Attacks

Dick O’Brien is joined by Symantec product manager Arvind Rao and architect Haik Mesropian to discuss their work, and what they are doing to combat software supply chain attacks, the products they are building, and how they are hoping their efforts will help developers combat these attacks.


One billion dollars in Bitcoin on the move, data breaches, Mastercard and Google’s info-sharing deal, and MikroTik developments

In this week’s podcast we discuss how insiders are often the ones to blame for data breaches, and how often data breaches are caused by human error more often than malicious attackers. We look at the implications of a deal between Mastercard and Google that allows advertisers to figure out how effective their ads are at getting consumers to make purchases in the real world, and a development in the MikroTik routers hack. Also, we discuss $1 billion in Bitcoin that has suddenly started to...


Andromeda botnet, DNC “hack”, a new Windows zero day, and dark web developments

On this week’s podcast we discuss the DNC “hack” that wasn’t, developments on dark web marketplaces, and the release of a Windows zero day on Twitter. We also discuss the Andromeda botnet, following the release from prison of one of the people accused of being behind it.


How much do your mobile apps really know about you? Is your charging cable safe? And is end-to-end encryption under threat?

This week, Dick O’Brien is joined by Symantec threat researcher Gillian Cleary, who discusses her recent research into the 100 most popular mobile apps, and how much information they are really gathering about their users. We also discuss an attack dubbed USBHarpoon that turns USB charging cables malicious, and we look at a court case in the U.S. where the government is reportedly attempting to compel Facebook to break the encryption on its Messenger service.


Special Report: Financial Threats

This week we bring you a special podcast taking an in-depth look at the financial threats cyber crime landscape. Brigid O’Gorman is joined by Symantec threat analysts Stephen Doherty and Eric Chien to discuss the threats facing both banking consumers and banks themselves. We also discuss the Lazarus group’s role in recent high-value attacks targeting financial institutions, and talk about the future of the financial threats landscape.


“Security through obscurity”, Snapchat's source code leak, MikroTik coin mining campaign, and Symantec talks machine learning at Black Hat

In this week’s cyber security news round-up, we chat about Threat Intel’s Liam O’Murchu’s Black Hat presentation: How To Use Machine Learning to Discover New Targeted Attacks. We also discuss the Snapchat source code leak, the coin mining campaign targeting MikroTik routers, and the concept of “security through obscurity” – adding more bugs to code to make it harder for black hat hackers to figure out which bugs are the exploitable ones.


Coin mining in games, SIM hijacking, connected car vulnerabilities, and attacks on the software supply chain within the supply chain

Welcome to your weekly cyber security news round-up. This week we discuss the simple-seeming game that was exploiting users’ CPU to mine cryptocurrency. We look at the story of prisoners in the U.S. who hacked their prison-issued tablets, and discuss the teen who stole $5 million through SIM hijacking. We also consider some of the issues that can arise when you buy second-hand connected cars and, yet again, we cover another attack on the software supply chain.


Leafminer research, data breaches, credential stuffing, and IoT security fails

In this week’s round-up of all things cyber security we discuss newly-released research from Symantec detailing the activity of Leafminer, a threat actor carrying out campaigns that target organisations in the Middle East. We also discuss the continuing problem of data breaches, and how these can facilitate credential stuffing attacks by cyber criminals. The Internet of things (IoT), and the security failures that often occur in that space, is also up for discussion.