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E4: Kate Toon talks about how to run a successful online business

Kate Toon is the IT girl of the SEO world right now, with successful eCourses, workshops, online communities and starting Australia’s very own Copywriting conference. Kate dropped by the Take A Load Off podcast to talk about setting yourself up to run an online business, being visible and relevant to your audience and dealing with trolls. Show links: https://www.katetoon.com Guest profile:...


E3: Chris Strub shares all his social media secrets

Chris Strub is a social media influencer based in New York. He travels the USA, and the world, sharing his wisdom and social media smarts - he just wants to inspire people. He’s the author of '50 States, 100 Days', and is all about giving a heartfelt hug to humanity. Putting a smile on someone's face and leaving them feeling inspired. Chris is a keynote speaker for events around the world, like Marketed.Live in the UK (Sep 2018), and runs online courses that teach people how to best...


E2: Joh Kohler talks redundancy, copywriting and profit first

Joh Kohler is an Australian freelance copywriter and marketing specialist from Adelaide, and the owner of Compelling Copy. In this episode, Joh tells us about her early experiences of attending high school on a 300-acre farm and how that helped prepare her for working in the corporate world, and ultimately running her own successful business. Guest: Joh Kohler Host: Heather Woods Guest website: www.compellingcopy.com.au Guest profile:...


E1: I'm Heather and I'm new, be gentle!

I'm Heather Woods, and in episode 1 I talk about why I'm doing this podcast, why I started my own business and how I had my passport confiscated in Prague. I can't even remember how many times I've said to myself "Damn, I wish I knew that sooner." And that's really where the idea for this podcast started. Sharing personal stories to help people get smarter, quicker. Do you know someone that has an inspiring story? Maybe you know something that could really help someone else? I want guests!...