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Take your Business to the Next Level with Sue Tiong

Sue Tiong joins us from Malaysia to talk about her passion to improve people’s lives by helping them start and explore the business world. She works not only with big corporations, but also with startup owners to find the right strategy to grow their business, optimise opportunities online, and maximise profits. Sue’s always tells her clients, “You are always one decision away from a totally different life.” Visit for more stories and interviews about leadership, business,...


What Salesforce CRM Is And Why Businesses Need One

SalesFix CEO, Jason Lawrence, answers the most common questions asked about Salesforce CRM and why businesses need it: > What is CRM and why does a business need one? > What are the problems encountered when information is kept on spreadsheets? > Why does SalesFix works exclusively with Salesforce? > What can a business expect to do better if they have a system like Salesforce in place? > What packages does SalesFix offer to businesses for Salesforce implementation? > Examples wherein...


Recognise the True Measures of Success with Craig and Jenny Dumnich

We all deserve to live an extraordinary life. Craig and Jenny are devoted to help individuals break out of their current mode to find their ultimate vitality, wealth and freedom. They discuss the concept of improving one's entire success matrix to achieve optimal results by evaluating eight areas in life: business, family, friends, health, nutrition, fitness, finances, and self-care. Craig and Jenny are both internationally recognized transformation experts, who guide highly successful...


Business Transformation Solutions - Contributing to a Better World

Clim Pacheco, Director of Business Transformation Solutions (BTS), recalls how he started his career as a business consultant. Clim is dedicated to make a difference in the world, make it a better place, and to enable others to enjoy life to the fullest. About six years ago, he decided to give up his corporate life to pursue his passion of speaking with people from various walks of life about leadership, risk management, and strategic business planning. Years later, he has successfully...


AI and its Impact on Sales and Marketing

Peter Gillett, CEO and Founder of Zuant, talks about advancements in AI (think facial recognition) and the impact on sales and marketing. Peter Gillett is CEO of Zuant where he’s responsible for driving product development and client roll-outs of the company’s award-winning mobile lead capture app across US corporations. He is also CEO of Marketpoint Recall, a global recall and crisis management company. To view the transcript of this interview, visit


SalesFix: Australia-based Salesforce GOLD Consulting Partner and Salesforce MVP

SalesFix: > What is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner? > What does the rankings mean for Consulting Partners? > Why would a business engage a Salesforce Consulting Partner? > What type of work does SalesFix deliver? > What is a Salesforce MVP?


Reading Tracks: Improving Literacy of Indigenous Children In Australia

Margaret James joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to tell us about the Reading Tracks, a series of learn-to-read books she designed for the indigenous children aged 12 years and above. She wrote the books with the hopes of providing fun-filled and engaging stories about the First Australian’s ancient ways of food gathering - tracking and hunting in the central deserts and fishing on the coast.


The Gig Economy & Gig Employees

Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor at CareerCast, talks about the "Gig Economy" and who the Gig Worker is. A Gig Worker refers to someone who works in a non full-time capacity or on a contractual basis. These type of modern workers have the freedom in their contracts to work for more than one company or organisations at the same time.


The Crucial Need to Eradicate Germs In Public Places

Irwin Stromeyer, Owner of Sterile Space Infection Defense, shines a light on the crucial need to eradicate germs in public places. Sterile Space provides unique solutions that provide a safe environment for homeowners and businesses, from infants to the elderly with infection prevention, control and eradication services.


Jo Muirhead: The Ultimate Business Coach for Health Professionals

Purple Co’s Director and Principal Consultant Jo Muirhead joins Talkers.FM, where she discusses her background as a rehabilitation counselor and promotes her company Purple Co. that helps healthcare professionals establish and grow their own successful allied health consulting practice.


Wealth Enhancers: How Millennials Can Increase Their Finances

Finn Kelly, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Enhancers joins Talkers.FM host Wayne Bucklar in conversation where he promotes his millennial financial advice and coaching company. He also shares his insights on how Millennials can properly manage and grow their finances.


Achieving Peak Performance thru Exceptional Executive Coaching

Caroline Bonpain joins Talkers.FM to share how she helps C-suite executives become a better leader thru their exceptional executive coaching, training and development. Caroline Bonpain is an IECL Certified Executive Coach, consultant, trainer, keynote speaker and the founder of Core Fusion Executive Coaching. She has been recently recognised as a CXO Marketing Leader of the year and included within the CMO Top 50 list.


The Journey of Transformation: Creating the Best 10 Years of Your Career

Mark Hodgson joins Wayne Bucklar in a conversation about his expertise in helping organisational leaders undergo transformation and reinvent themselves to create the best years of their career.


Marketing and Storytelling Through Architectural Design

Andrei Dolnikov, founder of Binyan Studios, is here on Talkers.FM to talk about his business of creating 3D imagery and animations that tell a compelling and meaningful story. Andrei Dolnikov is an Interior Architect and Founder of Binyan Studios, a leading Architectural 3D Rendering & Animation Studio. After working as a visualiser in the U.S., he has since guided Binyan to its place as a leader in the field. The team of more than 110 artists and producers is currently working on projects...


IVCM’s Trusted Retirement Solutions

IVCM Regional Sales Manager, Mike Lewis joins the program to talk about their company’s pension solutions, where they primarily help their clients manage their retirement funds and plans. Check out the whole interview, visit Connect with us: Website - Email - Facebook - Linkedin - Twitter -


The Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Seth Adler talks about Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Network, which help businesses administer AI technologies and build the intelligent enterprise of the future. Seth Adler is a moderator and current editor of AI and Intelligent Automation network (AiiA). He is also the host of both podcasting network - the B2BiQ Network and Cannabis Economy. The AiiA ( is an online community focused on establishing the intelligent enterprise. They help business executives...


Working Within Your Connections Using A Services-Finding Platform

Ray Bartell, founder of B2me, can provide you with easier choices by focusing your options around quality rather than quantity so you can start working with your network and community-based connections.


Growing Your Business Using The Bizversity App

Dale Beaumont, an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, talks about his revolutionary learning platform, Bizversity that is called the ‘Netflix for Business.’ It provides access to the world's best business training anywhere, anytime, through an app that gives people access to thousands of videos created by leading business experts from around the world.


The Rugby Mindset: Acquiring A Competitive Edge For Your Business

Katrina Wilson joins Wayne Bucklar in a segment about having a “Rugby Mindset” that helps CEOs get a competitive edge in business. Katrina Wilson is an international author, business and process administration specialist who demonstrates a keen focus towards evaluation in both her personal life and business. She is the founder, creator, and author of the RUGBY Mindset & Quality Review. To find out the advantages of having a Rugby Mindset in business, visit


Achieving Positive Change with Samantha Chambers-Skegg

Business and career change consultant Samantha Chambers-Skegg shares her insights on the various types of transitions that companies go through and how she can help business owners and employees cope up with these transitions.