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Learn How to Focus, Improve your Skills and Become More Productive

Productivity Mentor Helen Bolger-Harris shares her story on Business Radio, discussing how she helps women become more productive. Helen supports women who are in small as well as corporate businesses, teaching them productivity methods, incorporating what she calls 'right-brain' ways or approaches around productivity using creativity, and intuition or non-traditional ways. She loves focusing on those who find that the traditional methods aren't working or they're missing...


Effective Facebook Marketing Campaign for your Business to Thrive and Shine

Facebook Marketing expert Phoebe Lay joins Bron Williams on Business Radio to inspire entrepreneurs to take control of their social media accounts and learn how to maximize the advantages of Facebook Ads and generate leads. Thrive and Shine Coaching offers teaches business owners how to set up their online marketing strategies in a way that enables them to do it themselves and it's much more effective that way. Visit for more information about Phoebe Lay.


Energise, Engage and Empower Your People with Lisa Fogarty

Lisa Fogarty, CEO and Director of Performance Circle, joins Talkers.FM to talk about her passion to engage the people within a business and make them feel empowered to bring the best they possibly can to maximise business profit. Lisa is a practiced speaking professional with a reputation for engaging an audience during and after the event. With a range of topics from customer engagement, selling-skills, strategy, innovation, presentation skills and relationship building, Lisa often shares...


Take your Business to the Next Level with Sue Tiong

Sue Tiong joins us from Malaysia to talk about her passion to improve people’s lives by helping them start and explore the business world. She works not only with big corporations, but also with startup owners to find the right strategy to grow their business, optimise opportunities online, and maximise profits. Sue’s always tells her clients, “You are always one decision away from a totally different life.” Visit for more stories and interviews about leadership, business,...


What Salesforce CRM Is And Why Businesses Need One

SalesFix CEO, Jason Lawrence, answers the most common questions asked about Salesforce CRM and why businesses need it: > What is CRM and why does a business need one? > What are the problems encountered when information is kept on spreadsheets? > Why does SalesFix works exclusively with Salesforce? > What can a business expect to do better if they have a system like Salesforce in place? > What packages does SalesFix offer to businesses for Salesforce implementation? > Examples wherein...


Recognise the True Measures of Success with Craig and Jenny Dumnich

We all deserve to live an extraordinary life. Craig and Jenny are devoted to help individuals break out of their current mode to find their ultimate vitality, wealth and freedom. They discuss the concept of improving one's entire success matrix to achieve optimal results by evaluating eight areas in life: business, family, friends, health, nutrition, fitness, finances, and self-care. Craig and Jenny are both internationally recognized transformation experts, who guide highly successful...


Business Transformation Solutions - Contributing to a Better World

Clim Pacheco, Director of Business Transformation Solutions (BTS), recalls how he started his career as a business consultant. Clim is dedicated to make a difference in the world, make it a better place, and to enable others to enjoy life to the fullest. About six years ago, he decided to give up his corporate life to pursue his passion of speaking with people from various walks of life about leadership, risk management, and strategic business planning. Years later, he has successfully...


AI and its Impact on Sales and Marketing

Peter Gillett, CEO and Founder of Zuant, talks about advancements in AI (think facial recognition) and the impact on sales and marketing. Peter Gillett is CEO of Zuant where he’s responsible for driving product development and client roll-outs of the company’s award-winning mobile lead capture app across US corporations. He is also CEO of Marketpoint Recall, a global recall and crisis management company. To view the transcript of this interview, visit


SalesFix: Australia-based Salesforce GOLD Consulting Partner and Salesforce MVP

SalesFix: > What is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner? > What does the rankings mean for Consulting Partners? > Why would a business engage a Salesforce Consulting Partner? > What type of work does SalesFix deliver? > What is a Salesforce MVP?


Reading Tracks: Improving Literacy of Indigenous Children In Australia

Margaret James joins Business Radio Talkers.FM to tell us about the Reading Tracks, a series of learn-to-read books she designed for the indigenous children aged 12 years and above. She wrote the books with the hopes of providing fun-filled and engaging stories about the First Australian’s ancient ways of food gathering - tracking and hunting in the central deserts and fishing on the coast.


The Gig Economy & Gig Employees

Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor at CareerCast, talks about the "Gig Economy" and who the Gig Worker is. A Gig Worker refers to someone who works in a non full-time capacity or on a contractual basis. These type of modern workers have the freedom in their contracts to work for more than one company or organisations at the same time.


The Crucial Need to Eradicate Germs In Public Places

Irwin Stromeyer, Owner of Sterile Space Infection Defense, shines a light on the crucial need to eradicate germs in public places. Sterile Space provides unique solutions that provide a safe environment for homeowners and businesses, from infants to the elderly with infection prevention, control and eradication services.


Dr. David Dugan Business Coach | To Love, To Lead and To Inspire

Dr. David Dugan, a world-class business coach, joins Talkers.FM to talk about his passion and commitment to helping business owners and entrepreneurs deliver outstanding results in their chosen careers. He shares his guiding principles in achieving success - that is to love what you do and always be an inspiration to others


DragonArm - Agile and Business Analysis Training throughout Australia and New Zealand

Steve Peacocke, CEO and founder of DragonArm, talks about his company and how they train people and organisations on using Agile for their business operations. DragonArm is a team of experienced speakers and ICAgile authorized trainers that operates in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, London, Dubai, Canada, and USA. Listen to our interview with Steve to know more about DragonArm’s Agile courses. You may also visit their website,


LifeID - Blockchain Technology In Business

Chris Boscolo, CEO of lifeID, discusses the benefits of Blockchain Technology Security and how it relates to identity privacy in the business world. Blockchain is a technology which serves as a secure point of coordination that allows for a network of computers to come to an agreement on information and share that information with other computers without owning or controlling that process.


Reducing Damage Costs thru Unique Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risk

Joining on Talkers.FM for the second time, Manage Damage founder, Jillian Hamilton talks about how they talk to CEOs and CFOs about risk dollarisation to see greater visibility to the true cost of damage. Manage Damage helps businesses reduce the cost of the damage by analysing a business’ risk portfolio and applying a financial approach to non-financial risk in business.


First Rock Consulting: A Leader In Information Communication and Technology

Managing Director and Founder of First Rock Consulting, Mitchell Filby joins Talkers.FM in a discussion about how his business got started, the type of clients he works with, and highlights the importance of innovation strategy.


Acquiring Legal Services From A Virtual Law Firm

Lawyer and entrepreneur, Jacqueline Jubb, joins the program to talk about her virtual law firm, J L Walker Law, that provides virtual legal services to its clients across Australia, giving them access to the services in a more cost-friendly, affordable and flexible fashion.


Understanding Emotional Intelligence and People’s Personalities

Andrew Hughes joins Talkers.FM to talk about his background as a coach and speaker, and highlights the importance of understanding people’s personalities. He also explains what is his definition of emotional illenegence and why is it vital in the business world.

Duration:00:14:42 The Best and Worst Jobs of 2018

Kyle Kensing, Online Content Editor of, joins Neal Howard on Talkers.FM to talk about the BEST and WORST Jobs of 2018 and their criteria for evaluating jobs. Kyle Kensing is an Online Content Editor in is an online career site for finding the targeted job opportunities by industry, function, and location. The site offers opportunities from the United States and Canadian newspaper, magazine, association, niche and TV station websites.