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EP 48 - Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones discusses "Ballet Kanye", why she is completely in love with dance and how she has developed her resiliency muscle over time in this episode. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 8:48 - Why Ashley chose Political Science & Business Administration as her major at USC. 11:35 - Where does her strong work ethic come from. 16:56 - What skills did Ashley learn at Northrop that she uses in her current life. 20:40 - "When you don't make the right decision in life, the decision is made for...


EP 47 - Vinay Shah

Vinay Shah discusses performing with Phillip Bailey, why you should be creative and not competitive and the importance of "keeping your feet on the ground."Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 4:08 - Why Vinay selected Berklee School of Music 7:20 - When did V-Fresh start Dj'ing. 8:31 - Performing with Phillip Bailey. 10:20 - Teaching at Scratch Academy. 11:51 - "I am always a student ..." 14:27 - "Be creative and not competitive ..." 20:10 - How did VFresh learn how to DJ. 29:31 - "The...


EP 46 - Liz Zeigler

Liz Zeigler talks to us about her leap from being a lawyer at a big firm to her own mobile dog grooming business, her perspective on competition and why you shouldn't follow the expected path. Show Notes: 6:50 - Why Liz decided to take the leap from a successful law career. 8:11 - Crying on the train every morning. 10:47 - What was the draw/attraction to mobile dog grooming. 19:45 - How Liz sticks to her prices and the lessons learned about pricing. 24:40 - How does Liz manage the...


EP 45 - Lisa Aihara

Lisa Aihara talks to us about the valuable lessons she learned while working in corporate America, why love is earned every day and what the quote "If want beautiful eyes, look at beautiful things..." means to her. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:42 - Why Lisa decided to get her MBA. 10:09 - The most valuable lessons learned at Sirius XM, Disney, and Hulu. 14:18 - Lisa learned photoshop at age 10! 17:58 - Where does the name Fiber & Dye come from. 27:54 - "a jack of all trades who is a homebody...


EP 44 - Cindee Rood

Cindy Rood discusses her non-profit Formidable Joy, how she gained the trust of the people in Malawi and how she is "the balance of opposites". Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:21 - Cindee's first job in Los Angeles 8:00 - "The balance of opposites." 8:37 - The beginning of Cindee's non-profit journey. 11:24 - How did Formidable Joy come to fruition. 14:10 - What did Cindee do to gain the trust of the people in Malawi. 17:12 - Why it was important for Cindee to see a refugee camp. 21:10 -...


Episode 43 - Jeannette Ceja

Jeannette Ceja talks to us about how she knew at age 12 she wanted to be a travel writer, some of her most memorable interviews and why travel in a mindset. Enjoy! Show Notes: 10:47 - Jeannette was a Chips Quinn Scholar. 12:04 - "Other people can see your potential before you can ... " 16:12 - Jeannette had a dream about moving to Rome that came true. 22:17 - How Jeannette got a job offer to work in Australia. 23:42 - Where was Jeannette's favorite place to live? 25:56 - "You have...


EP 42 - Dawn Dafgek

Dawn discusses lessons learned from her mom, why she loves the country of Morocco and how her self-confidence has grown through travel. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 7:55 - Dawn discusses her return to retail and being a buyer. 10:31 - Dawn first started making jewelry for herself. 16:15 - The story behind how Dawn added hats to her business and sold out immediately. 19:15 - "Always stay positive and trust the process" 21:26 - "I have complete creative freedom" 23:35 - How Dawn...


EP 41 - Anna Braff

Anna Braff discusses how to track a vintage object's authenticity, pricing strategies, and how she nurtures her creativity. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 6:15 - Why Anna has a love for power tools. 8:37 - We have an "Elle Woods" reference. (Legally Blonde) 17:02 - How Anna nurtures her creativity. 18:45 - A Hebrew naming ceremony launched her business. 21:45 - Where the name Provenance Rentals came from. 24:10 - How do you track an object's authenticity. 29:28 - Thoughts on pricing...


EP 40 - Colette Brandenburg

Colette Brandenburg talks to us about grit, consistency, her "The Artist's Way" practice, and deciding to read more in this episode. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 7:42 - How did Colette learn how to belly dance? 10:53 - Why Colette still loves "The Nutcracker". 13:30 - Colette's experience with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. 19:21 - "When I am working on my business, I am working on my art." 23:01 - Lessons learned from starting 'The Federation'. 28:40 - How Colette draws inspiration...


EP 39 - Peter Nelson

The award-winning author and screenwriter Peter Nelson discusses why you must be malleable for what you are doing, how happiness isn't a place that you can arrive to but rather a verb and why you just need to consistently "chop the wood." Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:01 - The story behind Peter's famous high-school award-winning essay. 7:15 - The fateful evening when Peter discovered that you can get paid to write sitcoms. 11:12 - "Leave-behinds" for pitches. 13:43 - Peter's favorite...


EP 38 - Katie Nesbitt

Katie discusses how her award-winning diving career prepared her for her current career, how she has been able to get through fear throughout her life and why you should "follow your dreams because they know the way!" Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:28 - Katie's award-winning career as a diver at Northeastern University. 11:05 - How her diving career prepared her for her current career. 17:08 - Katie's practice of writing her diving goals in a notebook. 19:09 - "I'm in the perfect flow" 20:25 -...


EP 37 - Nicole Leone

Nicole Leone discusses how experiencing burnout cause her to pivot in her business, knowing your value and not "listening to the little voices in your head" in this episode. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:23 - How Nicole ended up at Brooks Institute 9:07 - "I wanted to be in control of my own life." 10:01 - Knowing your value. 11:15 - "You Can't Do This Alone ..." 15:33 - "Don't Listen To The Little Voices" 18:04 - How Nicole stays balanced. 27:01 - How being burned out caused Nicole to...


EP 36 - Samantha Lavin

In this episode, Sam talks about why it is hard to make female main character driven films, writers that inspire her and "don't let your head stop your heart." Enjoy! Show Notes: 7:40 - How Samantha developed "In Memory of Me" 9:25 - Why it is hard to make a female main character driven film. 10:22 - The inspiration behind the movie "7 on 10" 14:46 - How Sam has found a strong tribe. 17:29 - Brenda from General Hospital. 19:40 - Writers that inspire Samantha. 23:46 - "haters can...


EP 35 - Chris Pardal

Chris Pardal talks to us about why "you are never ready", how his love for romantic movies was born and why Dr. Sybil Johnson told him that "he has to take the right risks". Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:18 - When did Chris realize he wanted to be a dancer and actor. 7:45 - Chris' hip-hop favorites. 11:36 - How Chris met Dr. Sybil Johnson. 15:40 - "You have to take the right risks ..." 19:10 - "There has to be a certain level of discomfort." 29:16 - "We go into it for the wrong...


EP 34 - Kelly Wilson

In this episode, Kelly talks to us about meeting Stan Lee, how failure gives you an opportunity to shine and why kindness will get you everywhere. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:25 - How did Kelly end up in Los Angeles. 9:18 - What happened when Kelly had the chance to work with Stan Lee. 11:13 - Thoughts on the evolution of TV & Film 16:40 - Most memorable projects. 18:45 - What sets apart the most successful people she has worked with. 22:58 - "Failure Gives You An Opportunity to...


EP 33 - Rohitash Rao

Rohitash Rao discusses how motion-graphics taught him patience, building your name and how "time gives you confidence". Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 4:05 - Why growing up in Rancho Cucamonga was the like the movie E.T. 6:32 - "You are by far the worst student I have ever seen in this class." 10:52 - How stop-motion graphics teaches you patience. 12:14 - "Build Your Name". 14:01 - The blog project called "Art For A Beer". 18:24 - Learn how to "concept" and "pitch". 22:15 - How his...


EP 32 - Chris Powell

Chris Powell talks to us about improving his "resilience muscle", what characteristics a great leader should have and why he knows less today than he did yesterday. Enjoy! Show Notes: 7:01 - Why Chris decided to leave corporate America. 13:28 - How Chris improved his "resilience muscle". 19:08 - "Imagine not having control." 22:38 - "Fear and trust" 24:12 - Chris discusses his definition of fear. 27:14 - Why Artificial Intelligence won't be taking over. 32:30 - What...


EP 31 - Cachita Hynes

Cachita Hynes talks to us about how networking has benefitted her career, what it was like working with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, and why "your worth is not what someone tells you it is." Enjoy! Show Notes: 4:04 - How Cachita made the decision to attend the University of Missouri. 6:34 - The story of Cachita's first on-air experience at NBC KMOU 8:02 - What it was like working with Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie. 12:44 - How did Cachita know she wanted to be an...


EP 30 - Kate Wright

Kate talks about being taken seriously as a planner, finding her crew and loving them hard and her obsession with Beyonce and The Office (TV Show). Enjoy! 5:34 - Kate is the only American in her family. 9:20 - How Kate found her way to FIDM. 13:50 - Where does the name Blue Door Creative come from? 18:51 - Kate has had a crush on her husband since the age of 14! 21:22 - "Don't sweat the small stuff" (Part 1) 29:04 - Why not being taken seriously scares Kate. 34:50 - Kate discusses...


EP 29 - Anthony Eisenhower

Anthony Eisenhower talks to us about narrowing your focus, working on "Alias" and the benefits of leaning on other people to assist you during your journey. Show Notes: 8:16 - How did Anthony manage triple-tasking three different jobs when he first opening Brood 9. 9:16 - Where does the name Brood 9 come from. 10:51 - What was it like working on the TV Show "Alias"? 15:34 - Advice to Anthony in 2014. 18:47 - "Going from a broad focus to a more narrow focus." 23:08 - "I love...