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EP 69 - Matteson Perry

Matteson Perry discusses winning The Moth Grand Slam, his writing process and why it is ok to ask for things in this episode. Enjoy! Show Notes: 8:41 - Matteson’s writing process in the early morning. 9:38 - The double rejection of MBA school and the girlfriend. 13:10 - The chocolate heart story. 15:07 - Valuable lessons learned during his year of being single. 20:05 - How writing an essay that was placed in the New York Times ended up being a big break. 22:08 - “The best thing about...


EP 68 - Charlie Jordan Brookins

Charlie Jordan Brookins shares some excellent advice, discusses her "5 Mores" and talks about why you should not go the easy route. Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:57 - Why Charlie decided to play tuba in elementary school. 11:41 - Advice for college students who want to follow in Charlie’s footsteps. 14:54 - The impact that Robert Townsend made on Hollywood. 16:27 - What inspired Charlie to take the leap. “Can anyone else do this job?” 20:20 - The “Five Mores” 23:28 - “Honor you calling and...


EP 67 - Lisa Song Sutton

Lisa Song Sutton discusses her unique networking strategy while on a plane, why you should be willing to speak up and take a seat at the table and the value of dreaming and thinking big. Show Notes: 5:02 - How playing the flute prepared Lisa for her future life. 8:34 - How many businesses does Lisa have a stake in right now? 13:53 - Why the quote “Hard work beats talent when doesn’t work hard” resonates with Lisa. 19:33 - The fear of failure in the back of her mind. 22:39 - Lisa’s...


EP 66 - James Brown Jr.

James Brown Jr. talks to us about how his career in track (including running against Carl Lewis) prepared him for life, why you should treat everyone you meet like a customer and explains why you should not be afraid to be great. Show Notes: 5:20 - Running against Carl Lewis. 8:37 - “Do you do voice-overs?” 12:35 - Crystal Washington, Chris Gardener, Simon Bailey, Kaplan Mobray, Karen McCullough. 17:25 - “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” 18:42 -...


EP 65 - Dina Feldman

Dina Feldman talks about changing the world one salsa at a time, how she is "very, very flawed" and why life is not meant to be endured ... it is meant to be lived. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:15 - What Dina wrote on her college entrance exam. 9:49 - “Life is not meant to be endured … it is meant to be lived.” 13:52 - What does ABA mean? 14:40 - How was Feel Good Salsa born. 18:25 - “Don’t American Idol Me!!” 21:27 - The book “Let My People Go Surfing” by Yvon Chouinard 31:02 - “I love to...


EP 64 - Jereshia Hawk

Jereshia Hawk talks to us about how entrepreneurship is the economic equalizer, her baby bird experience and why you should challenge yourself to see beyond what you currently know as reality. Happy 1-Year Anniversary to the show! Enjoy. Show Notes: 4:52 - The video game “The Sims” and 4,000 piece LEGO sets. 9:30 - Lovestruck. Jereshia’s first business. 15:24 - “People are buying the promise … “ 16:45 - Try not to let ego affect your self-worth. 20:29 - “Entrepreneurship is the...


EP 63 - Sekou Andrews

Sekou Andrews talks about being a trailblazer in the poetic voice space, being a back to back National Slam Poet Champion and whether or not you want your art to be a commodity. Enjoy the show! 🔥🔥🔥 Show Notes: 5:20 - A Sekou summary in poetic voice. 9:45 - The CD called “Afrodeezjacks/The Mumblings of a Madman” 14:25 - Winning back to back National Slam Poetry Championships. 16:42 - Less ‘Love Jones’ and more ‘8 Mile’. 21:17 - “The innovator has the machete shaped eyes of a...


EP 62 - Latifah Al-Hazza

Latifah Al-Hazza discusses the comparison trap, how she keeps a tight bond with her mom and gives excellent advice for people who work remotely. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 6:02 - What inspired Latifah to go out on her own. 10:01 - How Latifah maintains such a tight bond with her mom. 15:52 - “Don’t compare yourself to other people…. “ 25:31 - “I love waking up happy and I love going to bed happy … “ 32:53 - The story of how Latifah become so resilient. 36:27 - Latifah’s breaking...


EP 61 - Diana Elizabeth Steffen

Diana Elizabeth Steffen discusses her career as a lifestyle blogger, why becoming irrelevant scares her and how a called off wedding changed her life. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 7:35 - “A creative entrepreneur at heart … “ 13:!5 - How Diana earns revenue as a lifestyle blogger. 19:41 - The type of networking that Diana did early on to grow her business. 21:35 - The beauty of thank you cards. 23:12 - Diana’s burnout experience and how she works to prevent future burnouts. 26:55 - The...


EP 60 - Juan Carlos Obando

From working with stars such as Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Frida Pinto and Shakira to initially wanting to be the person creating the Coca-Cola logo, Juan Carlos Obando talks to us about all that and why "the eye must travel" in this episode. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:48 - Growing up wanting to be the person making the Coca-Cola logo. 7:28 - Why Juan Carlos loves Los Angeles. 10:15 - "An observer of cultures ... " 13:18 - Why fashion? 19:27 - The turning point was in 2013. 21:16 - "In...


EP 59 - Latonya Slack

Latonya Slack talks to us about what makes up a successful non-profit board, the "non-profit mentality", and how she learned that people will pay you top dollar for the services they value. Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:40 - From UCLA law school to today. 9:30 - "Volunteering ... you never know what it will lead to ... " 12:17 - Why Latonya decided to go out on her own. 15:20 - What makes up a productive and successful non-profit board. 18:02 - The most important emotional intelligence...


EP 58 - Damona Hoffman

Damona discusses how she survived getting turned down for 17 different job opportunities, her most memorable moment from #Blacklove and why she feels it is so important to keep your commitments. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 6:53 - The story behind how Damona asked her two dates to prom in high school. 15:09 - The start of Damona's dating coaching career. 20:54 - Surviving getting turned down by 17 different job opportunities. 23:44 - How Damona met her husband online. 32:22 - Memorable...


EP 57 Z-Trip

Legendary DJ & Music Producer Z-Trip talks to us about why he loves Camp SpinOff, why being a comedian is similar to being a DJ and why you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Enjoy! Show Notes: 4:50 - Why Z-Trip loves Camp Spin Off 8:25 - That one time when Z-Trip DJ'd his prom. 16:56 - Marley Marl & Red Alert 20:25 - The "Return of the DJ" series with Bomb Records 23:34 - "I blend in ... but I also really stand out ... " 26:38 - Why being a DJ is similar to being...


EP 56 - Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon talks to us about how working in nightlife ate her alive, getting sober and where her fear of success comes from. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 8:52 - How nightlife ate Ruby alive. 13:16 - The response online when Ruby would publicly share her journey. 15:28 - How Ruby has stayed sober. 18:44 - Ruby's definition of courage. 21:30 - "No road worth traveling is smooth ... " 27:16 - Why it is hard for people to invest in themselves. 29:44 - Where Ruby's fear of success comes...


EP 55 - Michelle Pesce

Michelle Pesce talks to us about going from an ice cream scooper to an acclaimed international DJ, the impact of Woodstock 1999 on her life and why we must keep turntables alive. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 6:45 - From an ice cream scooper at Handel's Ice Cream Stand to Los Angeles. 10:48 - How does Ed O'Neil fit into the picture. 14:09 - Woodstock 1999 18:26 - Meeting DJ Spinderella 23:58 - How Michelle handles not getting gigs she wants. 32:28 - Good Morning America & her...


Ep 54 - Dr. Deena Brown

Dr. Deena Brown discusses why you shouldn't give fear a vote, how to manage the ego and why the fear of success is so common. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:28 - A Camp meeting in Mississippi 9:16 - “we all walk on the same journey but take different paths. “ 12:02 - Transitional Depression 15:21 - “50% of knowing who you are is knowing who you are not ...” 18:18 - Persistence is the most important characteristic for creatives. 19:31 - “Don’t give fear a vote!” 22:06 - why the fear of...


EP 53 - Alejandro Montoya Marin

Alejandro discusses how a breakup was a breakthrough in his career, our mutual love for the film 'Chasing Amy' and why patience was the hardest lesson for him to learn in this episode. Enjoy! Show Notes: 7:40 - Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Broken Social Scene and others. 9:23 - The play "Braveheart" 13:57 - The T.V Show "Atlanta" 18:42 - How a breakup woke up Alejandro and caused him to work harder. 20:52 - What experiences did Alejandro draw upon to create "Low/Fi" 22:17 -...


EP 52 - Ninette Wassef

In this episode, Ninette talks to us why you shouldn't look back, her 14-year law career, why there is no need to hurry and why "what you do is not who you are ...". Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 7:14 - How did Ninette decide that practicing law was no longer for her. 10:58 - "Law school did not teach me how to be a lawyer ... " 14:10 - Ninette has been spinning for more than 20 years. 18:07 - The story of how Chrome Cycle Studio and it's genesis. 23:42 - From 2014 -2017, it was a long,...


EP 50 - Amani Roberts (Part 2)

In part 2 of his interview, our host Amani Roberts discusses how an instant message changed his life forever, why you can't change people and how a Grammy Award fits into his future. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:01 - My brother sends me an instant message at work. 10:56 - "I admire your resilience..." 13:56 - How anxiety stops Amani right now. 19:47 - Celebrating the little wins as much as possible. 22:11 - How Mariah Carey helps Amani. 25:52 - "Don't wait 12 years to pursue your DJ...


EP 50 - Amani Roberts (Part 1)

In this episode, we learn about our host Amani Roberts!! In part 1, he shares why he started this podcast, the impact his experience at Scratch Academy had on his life and business and why the most beautiful people in the world have scars. Photo by Carissa Woo Photography Show Notes: 5:00 - How road trips led to Amani getting into the meetings & events industry. 8:00 - Where is the fourth plane? 10:16 - DJ Biz Markie at Quigley's Nightclub (DC) 13:58 - "One of the best decisions of my...