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Jen Boschma [Jewelry Designer]

From designing wedding rings to helping put girls in Bangladesh through schools, Jen Boschma is a resilient, talented and pure soul. Enjoy this interview that explores her journey and why Rachel Zoe is paying close attention to her. Show Notes: 5:25 - What inspired Jen to leave the corporate/non-profit world. 6:48 - How a car accident changed her career. 9:12 - The meaning of "Love Verite". 11:33 - Jen's definition of "love". 13:53 - Winning on the game show "Let's Make A Deal". 18:03...


Brian Ralston [Composer | Musician | Producer]

I am excited to share this next episode with you. Brian is an extremely talented and wise composer, musician and producer who has worked his way up from the bottom. In this episode, he shares numerous tips on being successful as a creative, the importance of networking with your team of tomorrow and why artists need to be more entrepreneurial. Show Notes: 6:40 - Why trumpet became Brian's main instrument. 10:22 - Making the decision to pursue music. 14:31 - "Artists need to be...


Nicole Redd McIntosh [Pastry Chef]

I was so excited to sit down with Nicole (EP 90) who is a pastry chef that can make some amazing cakes with various colors and designs. She has skills and I thoroughly enjoyed our interview. Let me know what you think! Show notes: 5:31 - The one dessert Nicole would prepare if her life depended on it. 6:35 - What inspired Nicole to start her own business. 7:50 - "Never stop learning ... " 11:18 - Competition scares Nicole. 15:55 - Making a cake in the humid Ohio weather. 20:25 - Why...


Shinah Chang [Calligrapher]

Shinah Chang (EP 89) gives her definition of crooked, shares why calligraphy is the perfect combination of art, creativity and boundaries and shares why it is important to get to know fear. Show Notes: 5:43 - Going to Japan after college. 10:40 - Missing birthday dinner and a cake delivery. 14:03 - Crooked. 18:15 - Calligraphy is the perfect combination of art, creativity and boundaries. 21:14 - "The belief that you can do it ... " 24:23 - What inspired Shinah to invest in a life...


Laura Clausen [Vintage Dishes]

In EP 88, Laura Clausen discusses her unique business, struggles with social media and why "better done than perfect" is a mantra she is following. Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:11 - What inspired Laura to start her own business. 10:52 - "If I had known it was going to be a business, I would have talked myself out of it ... " 13:20 - "Building and growing ... " 14:02 - Struggles with social media and advice on managing social media. 17:51 - "I love the creative part of it ... " 19:55 - Printed...


Sam Thompson [Event Planner]

In EP 87, Sam Thompson talks to us about taking risks sooner, having more confidence and what a long and storied career with Marriott taught him about business. Show Notes: 4:43 - Sam's career with Marriott 7:54 - What inspired Sam to "retire" from Marriott and pursue his own venture. 13:36 - What are Sam's daily responsibilities. 14:52 - Moving his family from Oakland to Palm Springs. 17:18 - Shifting the perspective from competition to collaboration. 22:35 - "We are our worst...


EP 86 - Jen Bergmark

Jen Bergmark shares how she got over a major car accident, why the quality of events is more important than the quantity of events and the lessons learned from getting fired. Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:25 - The experience of working the Super Bowl. 9:52 - The effect of getting fired from a job. 13:38 - Why Jen watches "Friends" every day. 16:00 - "I always equated success with more weddings..." 19:53 - "Don't look at other people ..." 27:10 - They forgot to order the napkins! 31:55 -...


EP 85 - Judi Holler

Judi Holler talks to us about working through fear, her love of hip-hop and why none of this works if you don't work. #FearBoss Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:51 - Judi's first job in the hotel industry. 10:29 - "It's uncomfortable to be uncomfortable ... " 11:43 - Judi's definition of fear. 16:47 - How to have a relationship with fear. 18:30 - "None of this works if you don't work ... " 23:13 - The first time Judi signed up for Second City Improv. 29:00 - "We have to be who we are ......


EP 84 - Adam Gubman

Adam Gubman talks to us about winning a Golden Globe & Oscar award, a potential meeting with Dave Matthews and why being irrelevant scares him. Enjoy! Show Notes: 6:58 - Working with Carole King & Michael Bolton. 14:07 - "I am in a period of rebuilding, rebranding and regrowth." 15:50 - How has Adam been able to be patient with his career. 20:21 - How to not let personal finance get in the way of your creativity. 29:38 - Adam's top three favorite video games. 31:53 - "Being irrelevant...


EP 83 - Jenna Nation

Jenna Nation discusses why "the music industry" scares her, being selfish and nourishing ourselves first and R&B artists she loves. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:47 - Studying piano and alto sax as a kid. 7:34 - Winning her first competition at age 8. 15:47 - "A creative being ... " 17:18 - R&B Artists that Jenna (and Amani) love. 18:35 - How the piano is a writing tool for Jenna. 21:06 - Why the "music industry" scares Jenna. 23:04 - Self-worth. 33:24 - How Jenna has been able to...


EP 82 - Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez talks to us about keeping your eyes on your lane, her potential second career in sketch comedy and how she is learning to say no. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 4:35 - What happened when Adriana took a photography class in college. 10:49 - A message to Ahmed. 13:15 - What inspired Adriana to return to the US from Mexico. 15:26 - Adriana's desire to have a second career in sketch comedy. 16:29 - "Keep your eyes on your lane ..." 21:01 - How will Adriana avoid burnout in...


EP 81 - Vincent Bragg

Vincent Bragg discusses how 5 years, 1 month and 22 days in Federal prison changed his life, why collaboration over competition is crucial and how he leads with his failures. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:19 - "A humane warrior" 5:44 - What is ConCreates? 8:53 - Five Years, One Month, and 22 days in federal prison. 11:02 - Why self-awareness was the biggest lesson learned in prison. 13:33 - Why reading is so important to Vincent. 16:23 - "I can put 1,000 minds on one problem." 18:16...


EP 80 - Gil Nevo

Gil Nevo talks to us about working on"South Park" for over 100 episodes, the importance of having mentors and making your brand unique by using your personality. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:20 - Enlisting in the Israeli Air Force and being a bomb technician. 8:46 - Working on the show "South Park" 11:24 - The mission of Brand School 12:37 - How Gil can save entrepreneurs years of work by working with them for one to two days. 14:57 - "Live by design, not by default." 19:03 - Creatives that...


EP 79 - Lizzie Alberga

Lizzie Alberga talks to us about why you should say yes to a coach, why money is not linear and the impact of momentum. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 7:00 - Lizzie's early career experiences. 10:34 - "A go getter who understands the urgency of life" 17:10 - Why Lizzie hired a coach. 23:45 - Why momentum is your biggest ally. 26:12 - "We are getting something from being stuck ..." 31:58 - "The hardest part to coaching is saying yes..." 39:01 - Lizzie's first moment of surrender and...


EP 78 - Rockwell Felder

Rockwell Felder discusses the transition from the accounting world to the entrepreneurship world, why he loves studying history and a lesson learned from "The Bronx Tale". Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:05 - When did the idea for starting Squadcast come to be? 11:00 - Where did the name Squadcast come from? 16:01 - Getting through the down times as an entrepreneur. 19:12 - “There is no hiding in this game … “ 20:41 - “The most exciting and scariest thing I have ever done …” 27:04 - Failing the...


EP 77 - Jamie Jay

Jamie Jay talks about being a paratrooper in the Army, maintaining a positive mindset and how "you can only control what you can control." Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:39 - Being a paratrooper in the Army. 9:19 - “Someone who longs to learn … “ 15:17 - Losing his creative real estate agency. 16:34 - Surviving another potential economic downturn. 21:37 - “Failure is in your mind and your mind alone … “ 26:02 - FOCUS - Finding opportunities by creating uninterrupted strategy. 29:04 -...


EP 76 - The Best of The Amani Experience Podcast - Part 2

Part 2 of our Best of The #AEXPodcast series. Clips from Carissa Woo, Kate Wright, V Torres, Charlie Jordan Brookins, Damona Hoffman, Cachita Hynes, Cristina Morara, Molly McCauley, Amaris Davidson, Katie Nesbitt, and others. Enjoy! Show Notes: 1:05 - Carissa Woo - “I’m on a budget too …” 3:22 - Kate Wright - “Love your people …” 4:26 - Molly McCauley - “It shouldn’t be easy …” & discussing the comparison trap. 7:04 - Charlie Jordan Brookins - “Don’t go the easy route …” 9:10 - Peter...


EP 75 - The Best of The Amani Experience Podcast - Part 1

We have our very first "The Best of #AEXPodcast" with my favorite clips from the past 74 episodes. Featured guests include Chris Pardal, Crystal Washington, Jamie Horgan, Rohitash Rao, Colette Brandenburg, Z-Trip, and Sekou Andrews and others... Enjoy! 1:40 - Chris Pardal - “Take The Right Risks” 4:50 - Crystal Washington - “There is no one right way.” 6:00 - Jamie Horgan - “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” | “Spend more time with your people.” 8:56 - Rohitash Rao - “Time...


EP 74 - JP Morgan Jr.

JP Morgan Jr. talks to us about his perceptions of Los Angeles vs. the reality of Los Angeles, the difference between being a master and a student and why passion is grown, not discovered. Enjoy the show! Show Notes: 5:02 - JP worked in corporate America for only two weeks! 7:49 - “I’m the happiest guy I know ….” 11:39 - “Focus on what is different each day … “ 12:52- The perception of LA vs. the reality of LA. 18:10 - “Passion is grown, not discovered…” 21:05 - “Fear is gold caked in...


EP 73 - Amaris Davidson

Amaris Davidson talks about being patient, seeing the seeds she has planted in life begin to bloom and why perfection is not real in this episode. Enjoy! Show Notes: 5:40 - What “inspired” Amaris to move to Houston and attend TSU. 8:23 - Going on tour as a trampoline dunker. 10:26 - Working and being a part of Lady Lux. 16:10 - A discussion about Brian McKnight. 19:33 - “You have value as a creative …” 21:38 - Working on ‘The Young & The Restless’. 26:00 - How has Amaris been able to...