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The Art of Construction is a weekly podcat presented by Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window & Door in Denver, Colorado that explores the world of construction for contractors and architects.

The Art of Construction is a weekly podcat presented by Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window & Door in Denver, Colorado that explores the world of construction for contractors and architects.
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Denver, CO


The Art of Construction is a weekly podcat presented by Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window & Door in Denver, Colorado that explores the world of construction for contractors and architects.






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125: How Your Employees’ Efficiency is Driving Your Bottom Line

Corey Philip, President of Gulf Coast Aluminum and founder of Home Pro Success, joins us on the Art of Construction podcast to share how he uses employee efficiency to grow his business. As a business owner, Corey discovered that the way to increase revenue is not to nitpick costs to your overhead, but rather to make sure your team is running efficiently with all the tools and resources they need to do the job right. Devon and Corey also discuss other business tools like The E-Myth Revisited...


124: SBL Series: The Ageless Home™ and Universal Design

Valerie Jurik-Henry, Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), joins us on the Art of Construction SBL Series to share why home-builders and architects need to be considering Ageless Housing concepts in their designs. From baby strollers to wheelchairs, shorter people to taller folk, houses serve the needs of many ages and abilities. Universal Design concepts like master bedrooms on the ground floor, open living spaces, and kitchens without upper cabinets benefit all walks of life....


123: Sustainable Building Made Easy for Professionals and Clients

Matt Daigle, CEO and Founder of Rise, joins us on the Art of Construction podcast to share how his digital platform helps professionals and clients build sustainable projects. After Matt renovated his own home, he realized there wasn’t an easy way to figure out how to build or remodel in ways that would save money AND lower project footprints...and so Rise was born. Rise helps professionals showcase their portfolios to potential clients interested in sustainable building. Take a listen as...


122: SBL Series - Going to Modular Construction School

Lance Cayko and Alex Gore, principles at F9 Productions, join us on the Art of Construction SBL Series to play Modular Construction Jeopardy. After eight episodes of SBL, how good is your knowledge of all things modular? Play along with Lance, Alex, and Devon as Audree quizzes these construction experts on their system build know-how. This episode is jam-packed with facts and tidbits that will make you a System Build Lifestyle Expert!


121: Sound Control - Architectural Acoustic Solutions for Your Project

Wilson (Wil) Byrick, Director of Technical Services at Pliteq Inc., joins us on the Art of Construction to share how his company is revolutionizing the sound control world with recycled tires. Pliteq offers a number of architectural acoustic products that are rigorously tested by 3rd party labs to ensure they meet building code requirements. These products solve impact and airborne sound problems common in multi-family buildings and fitness centers. Not only does Pliteq produce gold standard...


120: SBL Series: System Builds – The Evolution of Construction

Jason Davis, President of Colorado Modular Homes (CMH), joins us on the Art of Construction SBL series to talk system builds. CMH has been producing high-quality custom modular homes since 2005\. Not only does CMH have off-site construction mastered, but they have also developed a four-step Road Home process to guide the homebuilder through the design and building process. This episode also explores how modular home construction is following a similar evolution to window systems. A hundred...


119: Rainmakers - Investing in Your Customers

Sarah McDaniel, Rainmaker for BAC Appliance Center (a Ferguson Enterprise), joins us on the Art of Construction to talk relationships. As a rainmaker, her career is built on cultivating and maintaining client relationships. Sarah shares how her employer has a unique events center that happens to sell appliances and the magic that happens when customers feel connected and appreciated. Does your business need a rainmaker?


118: SBL Series: Contractors - How do the trades fit into Modular Building?

Travis Newton, Owner of Evergreen Electrical Services, joins us on The Art of Construction SBL series to talk about owning his own company and how he’s approaching off-site building as a contractor. Travis shares some tools Evergreen Electrical Services uses, like Jobber and Trade Craft, to grow his business and become more efficient and cost-effective. He shares how the trades fit into the modular building world; these houses are built in a factory, but contractors are still needed to pour...


117: Is the Entrepreneurial Operating System Right for You?

Richard Palmer-Smith, President of Peak Traction, joins us on the Art of Construction. As a Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Implementer, Richard is an expert at helping companies overcome barriers to becoming successful. Learn what the EOS is all about, and how it can help your business solve the issues and frustrations that are keeping you from reaching your goals.


116: SBL Series: Manufactured vs. Modular - How different are they today?

Jay Sclonick, President and CEO of Premier Community Homes, joins us on the Art of Construction SBL series to clear up misconceptions about manufactured homes. We have said on System Build Lifestyle that modular construction is not manufactured housing, but what are the real differences? This episode covers the evolution of manufactured housing from the early days of trailer parks to the affordable housing options of today. Have a listen; you may find that manufactured housing is not at all...


115: How Building Relationships can Grow your Business

Joshua Downing, CEO of Direct Movement Group, joins us on the AOC to share how he’s made his company successful by focusing on relationships. Before starting a project, Josh takes time to fully understand what problem the homeowner is trying to solve, and if the budget expectations match reality. By taking the time to develop a relationship with the homeowner, Josh is able to deliver quality work and grow his business. It hasn’t been smooth sailing the whole way and Josh explains how he’s...


114: SBL Series: Modular Construction - Creating More Options for the Building Industry

Greg Krom, President of 303 Development and Construction Manager with Modular Sure Site, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle series to share how he’s diversifying his company with modular construction. With a traditional stick-and-bricks background, Greg shares how he is approaching the off-site construction trend. Learn how modular construction can provide faster, cheaper and better options for the building industry.


113: Differentiate Yourself at the Peak of the Market

Frank Wickstead, Director of Project Delivery/ Client Representation at Jones Pierce, joins us on the Art of Construction to explain why you need to differentiate yourself at the peak of the market. By defining your sales process now in a market that doesn’t require much beyond returning a phone call, you can set your current projects up for success and be ready for a market downturn. Frank offers tips on how to get subcontractors and vendors to deliver on-time products and work, negotiate...


112: SBL Series: Mortgages - Factors about Financing Your New Home

Owen Taylor, Area Sales Manager for New American Funding, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle series to help us get over the fear of securing a loan for a modular build. Owen explains that the lending process for traditional sticks and bricks onsite construction is the same for modular off-site construction processes. Both onsite and modular new housing projects require the same steps - securing a loan, purchasing the land and hiring a builder. Find out what you need to know to...


111: Coworking for Contractors

Brian Watson, Director of Community Development at Proximity, joins us on the Art of Construction with host Devon Tilly and guest host Tom Reber of The Contractor Fight. Brian shares how coworking can benefit all industries - including construction! Proximity provides the coworking software for Junction Station (JXN) in Grand Junction, CO, an innovative new company that combines design center/showroom space with coworking to create an Experience Center. Whether you are a contractor on the...


110: SBL Series: Title Companies - What You Need to Know to Make a Safe Real Estate Transaction

Robert Lindley, Chief Visionary Officer of Canyon Title, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle podcast series. Robert clearly explains the role of title companies in real estate transactions and why you need a great title provider on your building team. This podcast covers how title companies act as a neutral third party intermediary to facilitate private party financing, how you can secure funding safely and with insurance, and how mechanic liens can play into the lending process.


109: Experience Centers - How One Designer Found a Home at JXN Station

Cindi McMurray, owner of CP Designs, joins Devon Tilly on the Art of Construction to share her decision to move her design business to Junction Station (JXN). With over 26 years in the design world, Cindi has survived several ups and downs of the construction industry. After being hit hard by the recession in 2008, Grand Junction’s economy is finally on the upswing and Cindi’s growing design business found a perfect home in the innovative Co-working meets Experience Center JXN. Learn what it...


108: SBL Series: Modular Builds - How Does it Work?

Ken Semler, founder and President of Express Modular, joins us on the AOC System Build Lifestyle podcast series to teach us about the modular building industry. Misconceptions about the industry abound - modular building is neither mobile nor manufactured housing, but rather a type of construction process. Instead of the traditional sticks and bricks onsite building model, modular units are fabricated offsite, then the pre-made pieces are assembled onsite by a company like Express Modular....


107: EOS - Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System to Grow your Business

Kevin and Devon share how the Art of Construction and Mountain View Window & Door are growing and evolving, thanks to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Devon bought a $300K window and door company 6 years ago and has grown that business to a projected $10M in sales this year. This success was not without a few growing pains, many of which were solved by implementing the EOS. Learn what’s involved with the EOS and if it’s the right tool to help you grow YOUR business.


106: SBL Series: Insulated Concrete Forms - Building Your Foundation

Pat McMahon and Trevor Brown of Amvic Building System join us on the Art of Construction SBL series to teach us about foundations. Amvic is a designer and manufacturer of several insulated products and specializes in Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), an innovative system for building foundations and walls that are green, sustainable and resilient. Every great building project starts with a strong foundation, learn if ICFs are right for your next building design.