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Can AI outperform the raw art form of trading with Graham O’Brien

20 years ago, computers were being introduced at the Australian Stock Exchange, as the transition from paper slips to digital transactions revolutionised the trading floor.The manager of Equity Derivatives Sales at the Australian Stock Exchange in Sydney, Graham O’Brien, witnessed the transformation of the trading world, and the risks and rewards that come with it. As the rise of algorithmic trading continues, cyber security remains an increasing risk, and a millisecond’s difference in...


Applying the science of psychology to the art of trading with Brett Steenbarger

How are emotions involved in the decision making process of a trader? Do traders set aside their emotions or analyse them to make better decisions? Dr Brett Steenbarger is a psychologist and a performance coach who counsels traders and hedge fund portfolio managers in the US, Europe and Asia. He wrote the first definitive book on The Psychology of Trading, along with The Daily Trading Coach, and his latest offering, Trading Psychology 2.0. He discusses the need for traders to have...


A pioneer’s journey to the top with Peter Cruddas

What was involved in the creative thinking that could predict the potential business opportunity of the internet? In this episode, Michael McCarthy interviews one of the pioneers of the industry - CEO of CMC Markets, Peter Cruddas. Hear from the pioneering entrepreneur who transformed the trading landcsape by spotting an opportunity in the internet. Find out how Peter Cruddas defied the odds to transform £10,000, one desk and one phone into a cutting edge, global organisation, and why...


The Aim of the Game. Trading like an athlete with Linda Raschke

Can the game of trading be compared to an elite sport? What does it take to win? According to Linda Raschke the similarities are more than you’d expect and yes - she believes sleep, diet and exercise are also important for the trader to stay relaxed, focused and consistent. Linda has been trading for over 35 years, starting out in the pit before running her own top-ranking hedge fund. In this episode, Linda Raschke takes CMC Markets Michael McCarthy step by step through her training...


Introducing The Artful Trader

Successful traders strive to make measured, strategic decisions – but what really goes on in the minds of the experts behind the trade? In this original interview series, we talk to the traders who’ve been through it all, the big wins, the big losses and everything in between. Join us as we unlock the secrets behind the industry’s experts, and discover their journey to mastering the art of the financial markets. ​Episode 1 launches this Thursday October 12.


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