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BSlicksessful 003.5: Quick Tip On The Power of Reading, Speaking, and Listening

Episode 3.5 of The BSlicksessful Podcast! In this episode, I talk about the importance of effective reading, speaking, and listening. Although it's something simple, it's not something we really think about on a daily basis, and can really help us be more successful! Sponsor Info: The Bromingos, on Youtube and Mixer! If you have any questions,...


BSlicksessful 002: Get Organized With Google Apps and Trello, and Speed Up Project Completion Times

Episode 2 of The BSlicksessful Podcast! In this first episode, I tell you how much more productive you can be using the Google cloud apps, and Trello. I also tell you a super easy way to make completing projects fast, which you can implement into almost any of your projects and programs. If you have any questions, comments, or praise, please direct it to! If you would like to support this Podcast, as I run it on zero budget, please visit the Patreon page here:...


BSlicksessful 001.5: The Power of Good Sleep

On this first half episode snippet, BSlick talks about the power of good sleep, and how you can adjust your sleep schedule to help you be even more productive on a daily basis. Links Discussed In Episode: BSlicksessful Podcast Patreon: Ben Burnes Twitter: