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Bill Culhane and Jim Ward, a couple of government procurement pros, discuss the B2G world. News, analysis, tips, and more. A lot more.

Bill Culhane and Jim Ward, a couple of government procurement pros, discuss the B2G world. News, analysis, tips, and more. A lot more.
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Austin, TX


Bill Culhane and Jim Ward, a couple of government procurement pros, discuss the B2G world. News, analysis, tips, and more. A lot more.






How Has Drones Industry Ascended and What Keeps Jim Grounded?

The unmanned aerial systems industry is booming worldwide, but particularly here in the United States. Marty Rogers, who is the Director, Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE), stopped by to cover a wide variety of topics related to the industry. He discusses ASSURE’s mission, safety, uses for the technology, opportunity and growth. With projections for $48.9 billion by 2023, it’s worth being in the know. What are your experiences with UAS and your opinions...


How Can Opioid Crisis and Legalize Marijuana Impact Your Brand, Costs, and Liability? - Quick Clip

Do you know the answers? Here, Nina French, from the Current Consulting Group, discussed how your business better be ready, have a plan. In terms of impact on business owners, recreational marijuan has created a "Wild, Wild West". Are you prepared for when you get sued? Per Nina, "The average cost of out of court settlement is roughly $90k. An in-court judgement, not including cost of defense, will cost you $165k."


How Did the Father of Crazy Bids Sail Into Season 4? - Quick Clip

He's back for Season 4. Jim Ward, better known as The Father of Crazy Bids, has returned from afar to deliver the first installment of Crazy Bids for Season 4. JW, who has been the Atlas of the show since the start, jabs at Bill, West Virginia, and British Columbians. This Crazy Bi...Tender will have you grabbing your life jackets.


How Have Opioid Crisis and Legalize Marijuana Affected Business? Season 4 #CrazyBids Off to Wet Start.

With two million people in the U.S. suffering from opioid addiction, the impact is severe on families, business, and government. Nina French, a partner and principal consultant with the Current Consulting Group, discussed the crisis, what is being done, and what businesses and governments can do to address the epidemic. Nina also revisits the legalization of marijuana and what’s being learned. Your opinions? Jim Ward, the founding father of #CrazyBids, went north of the border to identify...


How Does U.S. Infrastructure Suffer Because of Politics, Denial, and other Problems?

Mr. Barry LePatner, Esq., author of ‘Too Big to Fall: America's Failing Infrastructure and the Way Forward’, and established expert on U.S. infrastructure, helps us launch Season 4. Barry summarizes the laundry list of current infrastructure-related problems, evaluates the fledgling Trump Plan, and examines the obstacles caused by the game of politics. Jim, in Spain, Lauren, in Montreal, and still the team came together to get Season 4 on its way. Stay tuned for another informative and fun...


Jim Ward Buzzes the Tower in Crazy Bids - Quick Clip

How does Jim Ward close down season 3? With a stellar, buzzing the tower Crazy Bids, of course. Our most learned, incomparable, entertaining, maestro of the Crazy Bids shares his latest installment of zaniness. Ward Out!


How to Win Government Business - Quick Clip

Do you have two minutes to learn from a government purchasing expert on how to win government business? Jen Salts, Chief Administrative Officer, for National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), shares proven insight into what works, and what doesn't.


Government Purchasing in 2017. What Stood Out? - Quick Clip

In this Quick Clip, Jen Salts, from NASPO, looks back at a few of the highlights from government purchasing in 2017. What topped the list this year and why should those involved in Information Technology get ready for what's ahead?


Purchasing Expert Looks Back, Ahead, and Shares Tips to Win. Jim Ward Closes down Season 3 with a Crazy Bids to Remember.

Jennifer Salts, from the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), stopped by the show to help close down Season 3. Jen recaps highlights from state and local purchasing in 2017. She pulls out her crystal ball to look ahead to the year ahead and shares advice to help your business win government contracts. NASPO Exchange in March ‘18. Be there! In Crazy Bids, THE Jim Ward, a mover and shaker, a giant in the podcast world, shakes things up by talking short films - no...


Help for Veterans. Here's Who is Taking the Lead.

Quick Clip of our visit with Dr. Jeff Wenger, from the Rand Corporation. As we give thanks to our veterans on Veterans Day, Jeff highlights some of the groups and programs that are helping to lead the way in helping U.S. veterans. Thank you for assisting us in spreading the word about these important and exciting programs. Corporate America Supports You (CASY): Veterati: Call of Duty Foundation: Dr. Jeffrey...


How Can Veterans Get Assistance They Deserve? Jim Ward Invents a Word in Crazy Bids.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, our host and U.S. veteran, Bill Culhane, visits with Dr. Jeffrey Wenger, an expert on veteran’s employment issues. Dr. Wenger discusses what U.S. businesses and governments are doing to help our nation’s veterans. Included, Dr. Wenger reviews the somewhat unique, and in-demand skills, possessed by our nation’s finest. Jim Ward has finally returned from Burning Man and taken his throne in front of the Crazy Bids microphone. Jim is a complex person and shares some...


Quick Clip: Disaster Strikes. Do You Have a Social Media Plan?

Disaster strikes at your agency or business. Do you have a plan in place for communicating via social media? Does everyone know the plan? Is the plan outlined in your business continuity and/or disaster preparedness plans? Jenna Gross, CMO at Moving Targets, shares a quick tip in this Quick Clip.


Quick Clip: Jenna Gross on Importance of Goals for Content and Social

Quick Clip that asks the question, "Are you posting just to post?" Listen as Jenna Gross, from Moving Targets, discusses why it's critical to have a purpose for your content creation and social media activity. Otherwise, what's the point?


Raise Your Social Media Game and Jim Ward Being Social... Somewhere

Find Jim Ward! Before that, Jenna Gross, from Moving Targets, is an expert on all things marketing and social media. Jenna, from Perkasie (5 points if you can pronounce) PA, covers how social media is used to inform and educate, the importance of messaging and measuring the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Jim left for Burning Man and we're hot on the trail of trying to get him back. If you read this Jim, we watered your plant. JW did leave us this Crazy Bids, so there's that....


Quick Clip: Disaster Recovery Expertise from Erin Capps

Quick Clip with Erin Capps, VP of Operations, H2O Partners. discussing important aspects of disaster and Hurricane Harvey. Erin describes FEMA's role, how to prepare for a disaster, insurance, hazard mitigation, and other topics. Resources: 1-800-621-3362


Quick Clip: Dr. Rohde on Hurricane Harvey Public Health Issues

Here is our discussion with Dr. Rodney Rohde, from Texas State University. Dr. Rohde discusses the impact Hurricane Harvey could have on public health in Texas, and elsewhere. Dr. Rohde covers his personal feelings regarding the disaster, covers his article ‘Why do we Wait for a Natural Disaster to do what's right? Painful Reminders after a Hurricane in Texas - 2017’ (see below for link), and things we all need to consider as recovery continues....


Red Cross On Hurricane Harvey and How to Help - Quick Clip

During last week's episode, Bristel Minsker, Area - ‎Communications Director at American Red Cross, Central & South Texas Region, took a few minutes to discuss the situation in Houston and South-Central Texas. Bristel also shared a few suggestions on how people can help. To donate: Text “Harvey” to number: 90999


Quick Clip: Ryan Nichols and Mike Oonk Saving Lives in Houston

In addition to our conversation with Mike Orakpo, we also interviewed Ryan Nichols and Mike Oonk, who were involved in rescue efforts in the greater Houston area. The guys describe the situation, some difficulties, and offer suggestions on what is needed. To help Ryan and Mike in their efforts: Facebook: @thewholesaleguy.


Quick Clip: Mike Orakpo on Hurricane Harvey Rescue Efforts

Quick Clip from our recent episode. As part of 'Hurricane Harvey. What Now? What Next?', Bill Culhane interviewed Mike Orakpo, Houston native, to discuss his efforts and observations as the Hurricane Harvey disaster unfolded. To help Mike, his team, and the citizens of Houston. Thank you. When All Else is Lost Faith Remains. Facebook: @Michael.Orakpo


Hurricane Harvey. What Now? What Next?

The title says it all. What is happening right now in Houston and elsewhere? What's important to know in the coming days, weeks, and months? Our co-host, Bill Culhane, leverages his 25 years of broadcasting experience and stellar efforts by Lauren and Braedon to assemble an amazing list of guests. From rescue efforts, on the ground in Houston, to the impressive list of experts, this episode helps to bring you much more on the Hurricane Harvey story. Mike Oonk, Ryan Nichols. Houston heroes....