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David Risley reveals the pathway to a successful, money-making blog. He reveals his online business and blogging strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and what's working now in the world of blogging.

David Risley reveals the pathway to a successful, money-making blog. He reveals his online business and blogging strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and what's working now in the world of blogging.
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David Risley reveals the pathway to a successful, money-making blog. He reveals his online business and blogging strategies, marketing tips and tricks, and what's working now in the world of blogging.






Lack of Tech Skills?

Sometimes we do have constraints that bump right up against our lack of skills. Common for many in this business is lack of technical skills. And this is often coupled with the habit of comparing yourself to others where you see other good looking blogs and you try like hell to make your own look that good despite not having the skillset to do it. You have two options here: Now, going the “do it yourself” route is a viable option for some, but I see some people basically grinding their...


Shiny Objects

In our last issue, we met Bob. Bob set out to start up his own online business, but ended up drowning in information and left himself overwhelmed and confused on what to do next. And when we left Bob last time, I talked about how Bob needed structure and order… and he needed to implement “just in time learning”. He needed self-imposed tunnel vision in order to weed out any incoming information that took him off his goal or simply was talking about something which isn’t yet relevant to...


Information Overload & Confusion

Information overload and overwhelm are two of the biggest constraints to people looking to build their online business. But, here’s the rub… Most people are doing it to themselves voluntarily! Let’s look at a typical person who is trying to start and grow an online business. Let’s call him Bob. So, Bob wants this. He has visions of making enough money online so that he can walk out of his day job. He is under no illusions that it will be an overnight thing. He knows it will take a lot...


Weekly Update - Thanksgiving Edition!

For #ASKBMA this week, I'm talking about what to do when you've been blogging for awhile, but it isn't working. Carl is in the personal development niche and is having a problem figuring out his unique selling proposition (USP). Also on the agenda... - Black Friday 2018 - The latest on The Daily - An update on the Coffee Break Blogging podcast. - What's new inside THE LAB Quick Links: - BLACK FRIDAY - - THE DAILY -...


The Painter Of Your Own Life

When we focus on what we don’t have, it will often lead to more of that. See… You get what you validate. And, when you validate your shortcomings by focusing on them, you’ll just magnify them. I’m about to get a little “woo woo” on you here, but I personally believe this… As beings, we imbue the world around us with energy. It is like we’re literally painting our environment with energy. That energy can either be positive or negative. And that “painting” is driven by our attention. Not...


Comparing Yourself to Others, The Folly Of Selfies

Man, they appear to be doing so well. What’s wrong with me?” This is a pretty common thought to a lot of people. You may see somebody in a bigger house than you have… then look at your own and wonder what went wrong. You may see somebody else with a nicer car and wonder why you’re driving around such an average vehicle. Or, let’s make this even more common… You’re scrolling through Facebook and seeing pictures of people’s parties, their vacations, their fancy meals. They seem to be...


Prison Rules And The Ease Of Having A Job

You ever seen the movie Shawshank Redemption? FANTASTIC movie. Hard to believe it was made 24 years ago now. Anyway… If you recall, Morgan Freeman’s character was in prison and he was afraid to leave prison. He saw what happened to some of his fellow prison mates when they were released. Free from the structure of the prison, they lost themselves and committed suicide in many cases. There’s that sad scene where the old man was released from prison, felt completely lost in the regular...


Re-thinking Podcast Norms

One thing I know from all my time in the business is that there are a lot of things that people just do. Almost out of habit. Because it is considered normal and they see everybody else do it. They might not ever question whether it makes much sense, but they will just do it in another case of “follow the leader”. After all, if the “big guys” do it, it must be right. You see a lot of it in the world of podcasting. I got to thinking about the intros. Everybody seems to want to get some...


Selling From Your Heels And The Fear Of Selling

The other day, I was reviewing somebody’s front-end offer. The central portion of the landing page for it was a video of him talking. And I noticed something… He was not portraying any confidence in his offer. In fact, he was practically apologizing for making it. He started off by saying he wasn’t trying to make a quick buck, saying it wasn’t a scam, etc. I mean, who puts forth a good offer by leading off with the fact that it isn’t a scam? I call this “selling from your heels”. It is...


Using Twitter in 2018

My relationship with Twitter has changed a few times. Like a lot of bloggers, I used it. Built up a following, and used it to interact with others in my marketplace. But, like a lot of people, I felt Twitter got to be super noisy. And my enthusiasm for the platform dropped. To be honest, I slowly shifted away from actually using Twitter. I barely ever used it… and almost all the posts that I made were automated. Essentially, I was link-dropping my latest stuff to Twitter and otherwise...


List Building Challenge #10 – Building a Quiz

A quiz is a unique type of lead magnet to grow your list. Typically, creating an online quiz has been a real technical challenge. But, one of the more recent tools offered from Thrive Themes is the Thrive Quiz Builder. With Quiz Builder, you can create different kinds of quizzes. And here’s the best part… You can use them to create segmented email lists, offer them different lead magnets depending on their answers, and more. One of the biggest challenges can simply be coming up with an...


List Building Challenge #9 – Mobile opt-in forms

Mobile traffic is a really big deal these days. So many people are browsing our sites on mobile devices so it is VERY important that your site is mobile responsive to work on smaller screens. When I look at my own stats as of this writing, about 38% of my traffic over the last 30 days was on a mobile device. And, almost all of that was on a phone of some kind – not a tablet. We’re talking small screens. So, the question is… do your opt-in forms adjust properly and work well on such small...


List Building Challenge #8 – Opt-in form placement

Today, let’s talk about placement of your opt-in forms. We’ve already talked about running split tests on your opt-in forms. But, one of the things you definitely should be testing is placement of your opt-in forms. Most blogs have a primary lead magnet placed right in their sidebar. However, the sidebar is usually one of the worst performing locations for your opt-in.​ Typical conversion rates for this location are like 1%-2%. And frankly, that sucks. Most bloggers put that thing in the...


Blog Marketing Academy Weekly Update - 11/1/2018

For #ASKBMA this week, I'm answering: - Using other people's Youtube videos in your content. Is it OK? - Her email list isn't growing. What's she missing? - Offering private discounts to people who ask? Also on the agenda... - The latest on The Daily - An update on the Coffee Break Blogging podcast. - What's new inside THE LAB Quick Links: - THE DAILY - PODCAST - THE LAB - ASK BMA That's our weekly update for 11/1/2018. See ya next week!


List Building Challenge #7 - Reaching people who left your blog

All of us – and yes, you – have people who come to our blog who end up leaving without opting into our list. Sometimes it is because they’re not interested. Sometimes they just never saw your lead magnet. Sometimes, they’ve got such short attention spans that they could have the most awesome, relevant free download staring them in the face and they don’t see it. But, once they back away and leave, is that it? You’ll never see them again? Not necessarily. Bring in retargeting (sometimes...


List Building Challenge #6: Giving your list a big boost

Today, I’m going to share another strategy to build your list much more effectively. In fact, it works very, VERY well. It will, however, cost you a bit of money. But, the way I see it, if you’re one that is seeking to avoid any form of spending, you’ve already cut yourself off at the knees. My list growth trend was rather flat while I was out traveling in the RV all summer. I didn’t really have any major list building campaigns in effect. The business was just… coasting. But, as you can...


List Building Challenge #5: A Strategy For Using Your Squeeze Pages

A lead magnet squeeze page is like an island unto itself. It won’t have any top nav menu. No sidebar. No links to social media profiles. At most, it will have the typical boring links to your privacy policy and terms of service in the footer. At the top, it might have your logo. Also, most of the time, you would hide this squeeze page from your top blog navigation menu. You don’t HAVE to. You may want to try including it there. But, often these squeeze pages will just sit there and the only...


List Building Challenge #4: 10X Better Opt-in Conversions

In case you’re wondering, here’s some fairly typical opt-in rates for various types of forms: So, in this case, a squeeze page is the equivalent of using the electric drill compared to a screwdriver. It is simply FAR more efficient and converts far better than you’ll almost EVER see on a blog, regardless of location. Why is this? Well, the answer is pretty simple...


Blog Marketing Academy Weekly Update - 10/25/2018

Here's our weekly update for 10/25/2018. For #ASKBMA this week, I'm answering: Also on the agenda... Quick Links: THE DAILYPODCASTTHE LABASK BMAMEMBERMOUSE New Blog Post: Pricing Strategy: The Non-Marketer’s Guide To Figuring Out What To Charge For Your Digital Products


List Building Challenge #3: Split Testing Opt-in Forms

Building your email list is always a marathon, not a race. It is a constant effort and something that you’re always doing. And, if all you do it throw up an opt-in form with a single lead magnet and then waiting it out, you’re just not doing it right. We’ve already talked about how you can magnify your list building power by creating additional lead magnets and/or content upgrades. But, what about the actual opt-in forms? How do you improve those and make them work better? Split...