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Ep 57: Moving A Website From http To https

Welcome to Episode 57 of the Digital Marketing Tips podcast where we’re talking about moving a website from http to https, making it more secure and hopefully getting a little boost in Google’s rankings. During the podcast I mention a number of website and services that will help you make the move. Here’s the list […]


Ep 56: The Google Interstitial Penalty & What To Do About It

Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the latest Google Penalty which can effect websites that use Interstitial Ads or pop up boxes on the mobile version of their website. This penalty only effects the mobile search results and Episode 56 of The Digital Marketing Tips Podcast looks […]


BLOGCAST #003: Social media tips for introducing a new brand into UK

This weeks BlogCast inspiration comes from a question I was asked after a trade show talk last week. "What kind of [social media] strategy would you use to introduce an overseas brand to the UK?" The text version is available at: My audio BlogCasts are easy to digest versions of my blog posts that you can find on my website


BLOGCAST #001: Ignore the social media snobs. Scheduling posts is NOT bad!

Welcome to BlogCast #001. This new feature will hopefully make some of my blog posts easier to digest so instead of having to read 600 words you can listen on the train or in the car. I'm always interested in feedback so hit up the comments or get in touch on twitter @JonTromans. The written version of this podcast can be found here: Enjoy!


SEO Social Media Tips 31st July 2015

Here's this weeks SEO & Social Media tips to help you create a better website and more 'social' media. Feedback is always welcome in the comments. 1. Twitter usernames can be up to 15 characters long. Keep them short, memorable & easy to speak. 2. The Google Panda update has started. Watch your stats but it could take months to roll out. 3. Schedule social media posts. Not all of them though, and be there to respond. 4. Don't copy & paste manufacturers product descriptions into your store....


SEO Social Media Tips 24th July 2015

Here's 10 more tips! Listen to an in-depth look at the weeks SEO & Social Media Tips that you can find on my Twitter Page every day. Download for later or listen live now. Just click the links above. 1. Turn old blog posts into Linkedin content but give them a quick edit first. 2. Watch your rankings over the next few weeks. Google could be updating the Panda algorithm very soon. 3. Social media engagement is great but don't worry if you don't get it. People are still looking. 4. Don't be...