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Be smart enough to get out of your own way! | BCP-139

Be smart enough to get out of your own way! Get out of your own way! Past failures, comparison culture, and failure to implement can keep business owners stuck in their ruts. Tune into today’s episode with Jerry Isenhour to find out how to get out of the weeds and get back to what you do best. This episode is brought to you by Closing Commander! Close more business with practically no effort! Get 1 month free with our special BCP discount! Shout out to John Ceaser of Ceaser Chimney!...


Good leadership isn't just part of business - it's the whole game! | BCP-138

Good leadership isn't just part of business - it's the whole game! If you aren't actively curating your culture, it's left to run wild on its own. Ignoring your leadership duties can ruin your company in the end, just like poor operations or uninformed bookkeeping decisions. Today on the show we talk to Trevor Flannigan about his booming chat service business and how monitoring the company culture is contributing to his success. What steps are you taking to make sure you have an active,...


How To Have Culture-Building Events That Don't Suck | BCP-137

How to have culture-building events that don't suck Are you taking the time to bond with your team? Jasper Drengler joins us today to talk about a very unique culture-building experience he had with his team. Not every culture-building opportunity has to be quite so extravagant, though. Carter and Taylor review some low-effort, high-return social events they have with their own crew. What do you do with your team for fun? Let us know in the BCP Facebook group! This episode is brought...


Communication is Worth More Than You Think | BCP-136

Communication is Worth More Than You Think Are you communicating thoroughly with your customers? With your employees? With your business partners? Tim Reed joins us in the studio today to talk about the real money value of communication and how it may be unknowingly affecting your bottom line and customer lifetime value. This episode is brought to you by Closing Commander! Close more business with practically no effort! Get 1 month free with our special BCP discount! Tim...


The Recipe For Growing Your Business | BCP-135

The Recipe For Growing Your Business Growing your business takes vision, but it also takes great leadership, great culture, and a great mindset. Are you looking for the secret to growing your business and having the life that you want? Listen up because our guest, Mark Stoner, is sharing the recipe that gave him the good life. Closing Commanderhere001026120AshbustersSirVentBlue Collar Gold UniversityBlue Collar Gold: How to Build a Service Business from the Dirt UpThe 21 Irrefutable...


Women in Blue Collar Businesses | BCP-134

Women in Blue Collar Businesses Are you giving women the same consideration as men when hiring? So many companies discount female technicians in blue collar trade industries, but check out our interview with Brandi Biswell and find out why this half of the population can be a valuable asset to your company, especially in a technical capacity. Closing CommanderhereFluesbrothersAll-women mechanic's companyAnd their sister company salon!BCP Proud Nation Facebook GroupBlue Collar Proud:...


Are you celebrating the small things? | BCP-133

Are you celebrating the small things? We all know to celebrate the big things - big business milestones, new clients, new trucks - but are you encouraging your team to celebrate the small things, too? Each well-done job should be celebrated, all the good hires, and each the this-day-just-went-well. Not only do you get the warm and fuzzies, according to *science* you'll actually be more successful in the long run if you're celebrating the small wins along the way. Are you celebrating the...


Closing Commander Special Episode | BCP-132.5

Closing Commander Special Episode Welcome to today's special episode featuring Closing Commander, a new system designed to help you close more business with less effort. Follow along (visuals here) to learn how the Rule of Seven Touches can make or break your bottom line. Be sure to stick around until the end to learn how BCP listeners can take advantage of a special offer. After years of working with home service businesses through Spark Marketer, we've realized what an ongoing...


Closing the Gaps in Your Sales Training | BCP-132

Closing the Gaps in Your Sales Training We've covered how important it is to have standardized operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure a smooth and productive system, but are you applying that standard to your sales process, too? Let's hear what Alan has to say about the importance of systemizing your sales process from the initial quote through the invoice. TogglTrackingTimeHarvestand more!hereRushProfits.comFREE BCP Show app BCP Nation Facebook Group Connect with...


Sales Training Is About So Much More Than Meeting Quotas | BCP-131

Sales Training Is About So Much More Than Meeting Quotas Is your sales approach about tricking customers into spending as much money as possible with you, or truly helping them? Sales isn't just about meeting quotas, it's about helping your customers solve their problems. If you do what you can to really reach out and help, you'll find more people want to have that sales conversation with you. RushProfits.comFREE BCP Show appBCP Nation Facebook Group Connect with...


Calling All Electricians | BCP-130

Calling All Electricians IDEAL Electrical, titan of the electrician world, is hosting their national competition in Disney World this December. Do you have what it takes to beat the rest and show them who's the best? IDEAL Electrical Competition detailsspeaking page!Blue Collar Proud: Ten Principles for Building a Kickass Business You Lovefree BCP Show appBCP Nation Facebook Group Connect with us Facebook|Instagram|Twitter


Managers to Leaders | BCP-129

From Managers to Leaders What's the difference between management and leadership? Find out the finer points of both management and leadership from our guest this week, Kenny Chapman. There are so many benefits to realizing the key differences between both aspects of being a business owner, and learning in which areas you and others on your team can really shine. Kenny Chapman Blue Collar Success Group | 126 * Free gift * Text the word SECRET to 480-842-5337 to get Kenny's 4-hour...


Getting Your Techs Field Ready | BCP-128

Getting Your Techs Field Ready Today on the BCP Show we talk with Chuck Roydhouse. Setting your techs up for success in the field goes beyond technical training - it requires systems and organization. In our opinion, there's no better person to talk to about systems, organization, and what's needed to get techs field ready than the master, Chuck Roydhouse. Chuck Roydhouse 011|112|119 Clean Sweep of Anne Arundel County|Roydhouse Effect CVC CoachingBlue Collar Proud: Ten Principles for...


Is Your Company's Culture Hurting Or Helping? | BCP-127

Is Your Culture Hurting Or Helping? Today on the BCP Show we talk with Hope Stevenson. Culture is one of the most defining aspects of your business, but many business owners either overlook it or carelessly cultivate it. So what are the real benefits of intentionally creating and safeguarding your culture and how do you hire the right people for the culture you want? Let's talk to Hope to find out. Hope Stevenson 003|068|111 Reach out to Hope at Your Reactions...


What's In Your Library? | BCP-126

What's In Your Library? Today on the BCP Show we talk with Kenny Chapman. One of the many things we have in common with Kenny, a regular on the BCP Show, is that we believe readers are leaders. There's so much you can glean from the aha! moments, mistakes, and lessons of other business owners, but if you don't make time to read (or listen, thanks to audiobooks!), you're missing out on a wealth of knowledge. Listen up as we go through some of Kenny's top reading recommendations. Kenny...


Financial Basics: Part 2 with Ellen Rohr | BCP-125

Financial Basics: Part 2 Today on the BCP Show we talk with Ellen Rohr. Ellen's back for Financial Basics: Part 2 and this week she's talking about cashflow, debt, tax season, how and why you should involve your front line people in the financial side of things, and more. If you haven't listened to last week's episode, be sure to check it out. Ellen Rohr |002|016|036|102|124 Zoom Drain For more great advice from Ellen, check out Where Did the Money Go? Accounting Basics for the...


Financial Basics: Part 1 | BCP-124

Financial Basics: Part 1 Today on the BCP Show we talk with Ellen Rohr. Ellen is always a lot of fun, and today's no different. In this episode, she's going to be talking about the numbers you need to know and understand if you want to win at the game of business. So listen up as Ellen talks financial basics, and shows us that numbers don't have to be intimidating, they can be empowering. Ellen Rohr |002|016|036|102 The Great Game of Business For more from Ellen, including her book,...


What Marketing Can and Cannot Do For You | BCP-123

What Marketing Is & Isn't Today on the BCP Show we talk with Tom Smodic. Tom is the Operations Manager at Spark Marketer, our marketing agency for service contractors, and today he’s here to talk about what marketing is and isn’t, and what it can and can’t do for your business. Tom Smodic | 110 BCP Show appBCP Nation Facebook Group


Allocating & Tracking Marketing Dollars | BCP-122

Allocating & Tracking Marketing Dollars Today on the BCP Show we talk with Tim Reed. The options for marketing your business are virtually limitless today, but throwing dollars into different marketing avenues without evaluating and tracking results is a great way to waste money. If your marketing strategy is to "spray & pray," listen up because Tim's going to give you some tips on how to more effectively choose where you're investing your marketing dollars and what/how to track so you...


Why Your Credit Score Matters | BCP-121

Why Your Credit Score Matters Today on the BCP Show we talk with Patty Lawrence. As business owners, our relationships with credit can greatly impact our options and the financial health of our businesses. But what's the healthiest way to think of credit and how much does credit really matter? Who better to give us the rundown than CFO and co-founder of TurboExecs, Patty Lawrence? Patty Lawrence|089 TurboExecs Reach out to Patty at or (717) 925-3270 Free Credit...