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Dave Sather, Sean Stannard-Stockton, and Felix Narhi on Compounders (with Shai Dardashti)

Latticework New York 2018, September 6, 2018, The Yale Club of New York City


Tom Russo on the Evolution of Quality Investing, with Robert Hagstrom

Latticework New York 2018, September 6, 2018, The Yale Club of New York City


Shareholder Value Creation According to Henry Singleton

Shareholder Value Creation According to Henry Singleton by The Latticework Podcast, presented by MOI Global


Ed Wachenheim on Investing with a Contrarian Mindset (with Saurabh Madaan)

Latticework New York 2018, September 6, 2018, The Yale Club of New York City Ed Wachenheim is Vice Chairman of the Board of Central National-Gottesman Inc., and sits on the board of the Museum of Modern Art, where he is Chair of the Finance Committee and a member of the Executive and Investment Committees, and the New York Public Library, where he was former Chair of the Executive Committee and former Chair of the Investment Committee (of which he is still a member). Ed is Trustee Emeritus...


Tom Russo on Global Investing and Mental Models in a Changing World

Thomas A. Russo joined Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC as a partner in 1989. In 2014, he became the Managing Member of the firm. Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC is a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, and is not associated with any bank, security dealer or other third party. Mr. Russo serves as Managing Member of Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC and of Semper Vic Partners GP, LP, which oversees two “global value”, long-only, equity investment partnerships, the first...


Elliot Noss on Intelligent Investing in a Changing World

Under Elliot Noss, Tucows challenged how software was distributed in the 1990s and how domain names were offered and managed in the 2000s and is challenging how mobile phone service and fixed Internet are provided today. For nearly twenty years, Elliot has loved and championed the Internet as the greatest agent of positive change the world has ever seen. Through his role at Tucows, his involvement in ICANN and his personal efforts, he has lobbied, agitated and educated to promote this vision...


David Pakman on Disruptive Innovation and Mental Models in a Changing World

David has been a Partner at Venrock since 2008 and focuses on early stage consumer and enterprise internet companies. Before Venrock, he spent 12 years as an internet entrepreneur. David was the CEO of eMusic, the world’s leading digital retailer of independent music, second only to iTunes in number of downloads sold. Prior to joining eMusic, David co-founded Myplay in 1999 in Redwood City, CA, which introduced the “digital music locker” and pioneered the locker category. In 2001, Myplay was...


Amit Wadhwaney on Global Intelligent Investing in a Changing World

Amit Wadhwaney is a Portfolio Manager and Co-Founding Partner at Moerus Capital Management LLC, and the founding manager of the Moerus Worldwide Value Fund. Mr. Wadhwaney has over 25 years of experience researching and analyzing investment opportunities in developed, emerging, and frontier markets worldwide, and has managed global investment portfolios since 1996. Prior to founding Moerus, Mr. Wadhwaney was a Portfolio Manager and Partner at Third Avenue Management LLC. Mr. Wadhwaney founded...


Robert Robotti on the Role of Active Management in the Modern World

Robert Robotti is the President of Robotti & Company. Prior to forming Robotti & Company, Incorporated in 1983, Bob was a vice president and shareholder of Gabelli & Company, Inc. He worked in public accounting before coming to Wall Street and is currently an inactive CPA. Bob holds a BS from Bucknell University and an MBA in Accounting from Pace University. Some of Bob’s areas of coverage include Special Situations, Energy Industry, Property-Casualty Insurance and Banking. Bob is the...


Adam Schwartz on Intelligent Investing and China

Adam Schwartz is a Senior Managing Director of First Manhattan. He joined the firm in 2001 to work with Bob Gottesman, First Manhattan’s CEO. Together, Adam and Bob manage assets for individuals, families, partnerships, and family and charitable trusts. Adam is a value-oriented, long-term investor who is focused on preserving, sustaining, and growing his clients’ capital. Adam tends to invest in companies that are led by seasoned management teams that have a proven track record of generating...