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Modern Branding Strategy - How to build strong relationships with your customers | Special Guest - Mitch Duckler

In this episode we are joined by our special Guest, Mitch Duckler, Director of the US-based Branding Agency Fullsurge, to explore the ways in which Brands can build sustainable, meaningful relationships with their customers in the modern age. We are going through the following: - Four ways to establish meaningful brand differentiation (i.e., beyond a benefit) - How to effectively use brand positioning as a guidepost for digital activation - How to reflect a differentiated brand positioning...


Content Marketing Trends for 2019 | Special Guest: Taylor Ryan, | The Marketing Innovation Podcast Show

In this episode we are analysing the latest Content Marketing trends and the impact of changing customer behaviour in regards to different types of content consumption on Content Marketing effectiveness. Our special guest on this episode is Taylor Ryan - Serial Entrepreneur, CMO of the fast-growing DanishStart-up Valuer and guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School.


How to market a SaaS / B2B Software business

As the subscription-based business models have grown in popularity together with technology applications for company services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms have become increasingly popular in the B2B & Tech Startup space. Nevertheless, with the spike seen in this sector, traditional Marketing has suffered a number of changes — given the purchasing behaviour of the decision-makers on the “prospect” side has altered, many sales and marketing concepts need updating in order to...


Ecommerce Marketing tips for Black Friday

We’re days away from the biggest shopping event of the year. By now, you probably have all your promotions ready to go already, your partners and logistics in place to support a high growth in demand and already “praying” for no technical or website unexpected “Surprises” — or maybe not, and you have left everything to the last moment. If the case is the latter, no worries — you are not alone! We have spoken to a handful of clients in the past three days that are in the same situation, and...


What is the Facebook Portal and why Marketers need to pay attention

Last week Facebook unveiled their first hardware products marketed under the Facebook brand: Portal ($199) and Portal Plus ($349), two smart displays that are laser-focused on video chatting through Facebook’s Messenger platform . The products are in direct competition with Amazon’s Echo Show and Google’s Smart Displays, but are bringing features we haven’t seen yet in the other assistants, such as wide angle cameras, auto zoom, facial tracking and AR. In addition, the Portals can stream...


How to use Instagram for growing your business in 2018 and beyond

It’s no doubt Instagram is amongst the Top 3 most popular platforms in the world at the moment — with users, Businesses, Personal brands and Influencers all in the fight for attention, the latest popular Hashtags and “The Perfect Feed”. Nevertheless, as a business, most of us can’t help but wonder and try to figure out what the best way of using this platform in their favour is, while fighting the changing algorithms and stretching their patience to the extremes. If you are still pondering...


Do Consumers Want to Hear Ads from Alexa and Google Assistants?

As Voice technology and adoption are progressing at a very high pace, marketers are increasingly exploring opportunities to drive brand engagement and awareness through voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. However, as this is a new communications channel which has already had a degree of controversy surrounding its very fast growth and home penetration, are people already prepared to be exposed to data-driven advertising through Voice Devices?


Digital Marketing Trends for this Autumn - The 3 most effective ways to raise Brand Awareness online for B2C Companies

As customers are bombarded with advertising and messages from companies almost every minute of every day, ensuring your brand gets heard, noticed and most importantly — recalled — is currently the biggest challenge for marketers in the fight for Brand Awareness. In this episode we are analysing the most effective tools and tactics you can take advantage of this Autumn.


How to market a small business in 2018 — Cost efficient ways of gaining customers fast while growing your brand

Here are our latest tactics to seize the opportunities technology is opening for dramatically increasing your marketing results while optimising cost, so you only pay for quality traffic and engagement, that can lead to the conversions your business needs!


The Secrets of Voice SEO — and how your brand can win in the next big Digital Marketing Revolution doing it right

The way people search for information online is changing. Increasingly, people are using voice search on their mobile devices and smart speakers to search for quick information on the internet. Voice tech is just making it easier than ever for people to simply ask a question and get rapid, on-demand information. This is enabling the creation of a new paradigm in computing, a more natural way to interact with machines, a voice-first user interface. Further in this episode, we're analysing how...


The 3 reasons why “Marketing to Millennials” will kill your business

A marketing strategy episode, analysing the right ways in which brands can target and engage with Millennial audiences, as well as stay away from the common mistakes many companies do when dealing with this demographic.


Today’s Top Trends in Voice Search Adoption — and how brands can take advantage of these

Thinking back to the past few days, when was the last time you have seen someone speaking to their phone in the office or to their kitchen speaker asking for a different song while pouring cocktails? That’s right — probably not very long ago! Interacting with devices through Voice commands and integrating these into our day-to-day lives is becoming more mainstream every day, in America more than one in four mobile searches being done through voice, while Amazon Alexa interfaces are on an...


The №. 1 Reason why Voice is becoming the next Online Interaction platform [Episode 1]

If you have been part of the business world, you have certainly seen a very deep transformation in the past few years in regards to the way in which audiences consume media, interact with brands and integrate devices and software in their lives. The first big transformation happened when the Internet became widely available, followed by the evolution of Mobile & Social Networks, as well as technologic innovation which enabled people to be much more interconnected, have on-demand access to...