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An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.

An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.


Cape Town, South Africa




An archive of each full weekday episode of the award-winning program presented by Bruce Whitfield.




SA's Government gives up majority stake in state airline to Takatso Consortium

Tshepo Mahloele, Chairman of Takatso Consortium and Chris Christodoulou, Aviation & commerce director of Christodoulou & Mavrikis analyse the decision of SAA being majority owned by a private equity company See for privacy information.


Government allows private energy producers to generate additional 100 megawatts of electricity. Corporate SA rolls out support for the elderly to register for the Covid-19 vaccine

André de Ruyter, CEO of Eskom says government's announcement of additional power to the national grid is what the doctor ordered, and it will help the utility with its challenges to keep the lights on. Corporate SA speaks on their involvement to support over 60-year-olds to register for Covid-19 vaccines. Then Warren Ingram, personal financial advisor and executive director at Galileo Capital explains why the growth on your investment is always different from the growth published in the...


Personal Finance: Growth on your investment vs the growth published in the marketing material by financial institutions

Guest: Warren Ingram | Personal Financial Advisor and Executive Director at Galileo Capital See for privacy information.


Small Business Focus: How to use debt and equity funding to grow your business

Guest: Pavlo Phitidis | Founder at Aurik Business Accelerator See for privacy information.


Corporate SA rolls out support for over 60s to register for the Covid-19 vaccine

Guest: Martin Kingston | Leader of the Economic Intervention work group at Business for South Africa (B4SA) See for privacy information.


Side Hustle - three side hustles

Guest: Nic Haralambous | Entrepreneur and author of How to Start a Side Hustle See for privacy information.


MultiChoice Group's profits shoot out the lights

Guest: Tim Jacobs | CFO at Multichoice See for privacy information.


Market commentary

Guest: Rudi van der Merwe | Portfolio Manager at Adviceworx See for privacy information.


Why are performers dying poor? Sygnia's feud with the JSE

Veteran actress, Lizz Meiring explains why most performers die poor even though they have been working most of their lives. Magda Wierzycka, executive chair of Sygnia discusses their failed bid to get the JSE to allow the company to list a bitcoin EFT. Then co-founder of Ramtsilo Trading Kedibone Tsiloane is The Money Show 's Shapeshifter. She talks about the journey of her innovative company , which manufacturer bricks from plastic waste. See for privacy information.


First quarter GDP grows by 1.1%. How badly run municipalities affect businesses

Industry experts reflect on whether the first quarter GPD growth results are a sign that the country's economy is out of the doldrums. The Money Show scrutinises how terribly run municipalities can affect businesses that operate in them. Investment School, with David Shapiro looks at ten simple rules to follow if you want to be successful in the stock market See for privacy information.


SA banks 'trading updates hint that economy might be headed to pre-pandemic levels. Rocco de Villiers, pianist, composer, and musical director on his philosophy towards investing.

Kokkie Kooyman, executive director and portfolio manager at Denker Capital, explains whether the positive trading updates from banks is a sign that the country's battered economy is improving. Kim Potgieter, certified financial planner talks to Bruce Whitfield about her new book, Midlife Money Makeover. Then pianist, composer, and musical director Rocco de Villiers discusses his relationship with money and investing on Other People's Money. See for privacy information.


SA’s energy crisis going from bad to worse?

Clyde Mallinson, Independent energy analyst takes Bruce Whitfield through a slew of SA’s energy crisis and the power utility’s response to them. Eskom has implemented stage 2 load-shedding and there are fears it might go to stage 4. Moliehi Mafantiri, Co-founder & Operations Director of Barali discusses luxury and high quality throws. See for privacy information.


The rand hits a two-year high against the US dollar. Prosus buys Stack Overflow for R24 billion

Mike Keenan fixed income, and currency strategist at Absa Capital explains forces that caused the rand to strengthen against the greenback. We look at why tech giant, Prosus paid a whooping R24.4 billion to acquire a question-and-answer website, Stack Overflow. Then Warren Ingram, personal financial advisor and executive director at Galileo Capital discusses environmental, social, and corporate governance investing. See for privacy information.


Competition Commision put Grand Parade's plan to sell-off Burger King on ice. Why?

Experts explain why the Competition Commission, which normally examines acquisitions based on business competition, refused Grand Parade's plans to sell Burger King on another factor, BEE. Business Unusual looks at how the demand to build skyscrapers has been shaken by the pandemic. Bevan Ducasse, co-founder, and CEO of Yoyo share his stories of running start-ups See for privacy information.


South Africa's youth unemployed hits all-time high. And why can't fund managers admit when they make investment mistakes.

Youth Employment Services's CEO, Tashmia Ismail-Saville discusses another pandemic that the country is facing - youth unemployed. The expanded definition, hit an all-time high of 74.7% while the official unemployment increased to 32.6%. Mduduzi Luthuli, co-founder and executive director at Luthuli Capital explains why fund managers cannot admit their mistakes with your investments. South Africa's largest life insurers saw an increase in death claims between 50 and 60% during the second wave...


A deep dive into SA’s long and twisted history of corruption and why one economist would repeat his guilty pleasure anytime!

Nick Dall, journalist, and co-author of Rogues’ Gallery: An Irreverent History of Corruption in South Africa, from the VOC to the ANC talks to Bruce Whitfield about the long history of corruption in the country. Isaah Mhlanga, Chief Economist with Alexander Forbes shares his early money lessons and philosophy towards investing and saving money. See for privacy information.


Competition Commission on the prohibition of the acquisition between Cashbuild and the Building Company. Friday File : Ardmore Design

Feé Halsted, founder of Ardmore Design was our Friday File. She spoke to us about the beautiful ceramics they make and her work of mentoring a group of artists — with the hope of assisting them to find their self-worth and confidence in making captivating artworks. Then the Competition Commission spoke to us about their decision to prohibit the acquisition between CashBuild Management Services and the Building Company. See for privacy information.


Share investing is about dividends too. Top executives of three companies talk about their financial results

Why dividends are crucial to making you rich, and the CEOs of three outperforming South African companies on how they are flying in a tough economy See for privacy information.


Could the courts clampdown on SA's biggest polluters? Is it extortion when real estate agents ask for an application fee?

A court in the Hague has ordered Royal Dutch Shell to cut its global carbon emissions by 45% by the end of 2030 compared to 2019 levels, in a landmark case brought by Friends of the Earth and over 17,000 co-plaintiffs. We asked executive director at Just Share, Tracy Davies to discusses if we can see the same thing happening with companies such as Eskom and Sasol. Former journalist at Business Day and Financial Mail, Nick Hedley was asked for an application fee of R950 for an apartment in...


Spar's turnover increases by 7.5% to R64.2 billion. Digital Currency: What is the future of money?

Spar's turnover increases by 7.5% to R64.2 billion. The growth was mainly driven by its operations in Switzerland and Ireland, instead of its significantly larger operations in Southern Africa. The supermarket's group CEO Brett Botten, joined Bruce Whitfield to discuss. The South African Reserve Bank has embarked on a study to investigate the feasibility, desirability and appropriateness of a central bank digital currency. We look at the future of money with fintech entrepreneur, Simon...