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The Goodbye Show

As you can probably tell, I'm not great at saying goodbye. Instead, when it comes to podcasts, I often just move on. Which is dumb and kinda sad since I had such a good time creating the NextMarket podcast and interacting with many of the listeners. Because of that, I thought I'd say goodbye, tell you why I've moved on, and introduce you to the Smart Kitchen Show where we're talking about many of the same things (like the future of media), only through a food lens. So take a listen. And...


From Skype to Sidewalk Robots: A Conversation with Starship's Ahti Heinla

Ahti Heinla brought the world closer together when he helped build Skype as the founding engineer, but now he's moved onto another way to shrink space and time: sidewalk robots. Mike walks to Ahti about how he got the idea to start a sidewalk robot company and asks how exactly the system works, how truly autonomous they are and how many robots Ahti expects to have on sidewalks a year from now. Check out Starship at Find more NextMarket podcasts at


#102: Mark Cuban

The NextMarket Podcast is back after a long hiatus! The guest for this episode is Mark Cuban, who joins Mike to discuss: -The state of the 2016 Presidential campaign -Why he decided to discuss Donald Trump's wealth -The efforts by political insiders to recruit Cuban to make a third party run -Whether he would consider running for president in the future -Hillary's weaknesses as a candidate -His work with others to create a possible new political party -His investment history and record on...


Special: Pie, Robot

Hey Everyone! I am pretty excited to announce a new podcast called Smart Kitchen Show. I know, I need to work on more original names, but I'm pretty proud of this new show. It's got great stories from makers in the foodtech and smart kitchen space and also will be the story of us putting together a little thing called the Smart Kitchen Summit. It's like the Startup podcast, but for smart home and food tech. If you like the deep dives we did for NextMarket, you'll like this show. Please check...