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The Property Management Models of Today: Fiona Blayney

How many property management models are out there today? It’s an interesting question because most people in PM only think in terms of one model - the traditional, full-service approach to managing properties for clients. But there are more options on the table for our customers now, with the vast array of technology available and…


Reading the crowd and maximising the final bid: Damien Cooley

Damien Cooley is without doubt one of Australia's most recognised and booked property auctioneers. Starting in real estate 20 years ago in property management, Damien is now relied upon by his many blue chip clients for his intimate style, professionalism and unsurpassed calibre of service. Many of you have probably seen Damien working his magic…


10 ideas that will make you more successful in real estate sales: Alex Mintorn

Over the past nine years, Alex Mintorn has become one of the leading agents on Sydney's Upper North Shore. He is also one of the top four agents in the McGrath network of more than 900 agents Australia-wide. Along with his partner, Maddie Stock, they have been involved in more than 79 sales, worth almost…


How to sell a property every 1.7 days: Tom Hector

At the age of 28, Tom Hector is already a veteran in the industry. He got his big break when he was still a teenager, winning the 2008 South Australian Auction Idol competition, and has never looked back. Having pressed pause on the plumbing apprenticeship he took up after leaving year 12, his success in…


Episode 88: Balancing leadership, management and family – Melanie Laing

In this week’s edition of The Leadership Diaries, our special guest is Head of Connectnow, Melanie Laing. Melanie (Mel) boasts an impressive resume as a leader, having held senior roles AGL and HSBC - and learned from one of the best in Jack Welch during her time at GE. In this episode she, of course, gave Sam the scoop on some of Connectnow's exciting new developments. But in addition to that Mel also gave us a very frank and honest account of how she balances a senior leadership role in a...


Episode 87: Securing the transaction with Lee Bailie

In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast, Samantha McLean sat down with InfoTrack General Manager of Product and Innovation, Lee Bailie. Sam and Lee had a chat about the biggest cyber threats facing real estate businesses right now and how the company's latest offering - Securexchange, can help keep you and your clients protected.


Episode 86 Chris Hanley OAM: How to remain optimistic while planning for challenges

In this week's edition of The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean sat down with First National Byron Bay Principal Chris Hanley OAM. Chris had just come back from New Zealand soon after the Christchurch attacks and in this podcast Chris talks about what's happening with Rise conference, the 80/20 rule in real estate, effective delegation and how you might plan for a crisis in your business should one occur.


Episode 85: Adam Bryant and Bobby Reynolds – Behind the suits

In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast, Samantha McLean catches up with the boys from Agency Central, Adam Bryant and Bobby Reynolds. Adam and Bobby share their real estate journey so far, their philosophy behind social media, digital marketing and the making of their successful podcast.


Episode 84: John McGrath – What it takes to win in 2019

In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast, it's a warm welcome back to John McGrath. Samantha McLean caught up with John to talk about this year's AREC conference, winning in the current market, the future and what's changed since he wrote the classic You Inc. back in 2003.


Episode 83 Owen Wilson: ‘Stay the Course’

In this week's special edition of The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean sat down exclusively with the new CEO of REA Group, Owen Wilson. With the industry currently in a fluctuating state, Owen shares his immediate goals for REA Group, where he sees the opportunities for growth in the industry and what the future might look like. He also shares some of his best advice for leaders and aspiring leaders.


Episode 82: Dave Stewart – Transparent and time saving transactions

In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast, Samantha McLean catches up with industry gamechanger Dave Stewart. Dave is the AREA award-winning brain behind Market Buy, an online offer management system that is making it as easy for consumers to buy houses just like they're buying their groceries.


Episode 81: Kul Singh – The latest rental research and The ‘Real Ideas’ Prize.

In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast,’s General Manager of Rent, Kul Singh joins Samantha McLean to analyse landlord habits that may surprise you, share his tips on how you can stand out as the go-to property manager of choice and he also gave us an exclusive look into The Real Ideas Prize.'s groundbreaking new competition that aims to reimagine the rental experience with $100, 000 up for grabs!


Episode 80: Tom Panos – Advice for the current market, Whats happening at AREC19, The Leadership Diaries

In this weeks edition of the Elevate podcast as part of our series, The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean talks to real estate coach Tom Panos about AREC 2019. The two-day extravaganza is not far away and we got Tom, who is once again hosting this year, into the studio to give us the inside scoop of what you can expect from the event happening on the Gold Coast.


Episode 79: How to growth hack your business like Uber and Facebook with Anton Babkov

Want to hack your way to growth like the big guns of Silicon Valley? In this week’s edition of the Elevate podcast, Anton Babkov, CEO of Rexlabs, explains the mechanics of how to use the measurement tool they use - The North Star Metric or NSM.


Episode 78: Pancho Mehrotra on motivation and how your mindset determines your outcome

Having the right mindset can either make or break your chance of success at achieving your goals. In this week's edition of the Elevate podcast, Pancho Mehrotra, CEO of Frontier Performance, breaks down the science of motivation, decision making and the difference between the wrong kind of stress and the right kind of stress to help you achieve whatever you set your mind to.


Episode 77: Reducing waste in your business – John Knight

In a changing market, you might be thinking you need to cut costs. But that’s not necessarily the case, says Business Depot CEO, John Knight. It is better, he says to think about cutting waste and getting as productive as possible.


Episode 76: How’s the market? With special guest Nerida Conisbee, Chief Economist at

“How’s the market?” It’s a question agents get asked a lot, not just by clients but by friends, family and the community. This week REA released their Demand Index for the last quarter of 2018 showing clearly that different areas are experiencing very different conditions. Our guest this week is Chief Economist at Nerida Consibee who is the author of the report. In this podcast, we unpack the market trends in various areas and what is happening at a macro level on current...


Episode 74: Christmas special with Rik Rushton – 2018 in review and thriving in 2019

2018 is a year that has delivered winds of change travelling as fast as a Glenn McGrath Bouncer - cricket metaphor intended! It started in January with John McGrath ‘getting the band back’ together and this week’s guest Rik Rushton at the same time released a book called “The Power of Connection”. In this podcast, Samantha McLean takes Rik along through a whistlestop of the months, hits and misses of 2018 - including some cautionary tales, tributes and advice and inspiration for the new...


Episode 73: Cameron Nicholls – Setting up and succeeding in a competitive market

One of the questions we get asked most at Elite Agent is about how much it costs to go into business in real estate on your own, Cameron Nichols of Nicholls and Co did just that about four years ago, at the age of 27. Although he’s had his ups and downs along the way, Cameron has carved himself a niche in the area, along with a tribe of exceptionally loyal clients.


Episode 72: Keller Williams – From Training Company to Tech Company with Angie Ponsell

This week our guest, Angie Ponsell is from Keller Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. Angie Ponsell has been with the company for all of her 17 years in real estate and she says Keller Williams has always been more of a training company than a traditional real estate ‘franchise’. But under the stewardship of industry legend Gary Keller the company is making deliberate changes from training company to tech company - so that his team of 180,000 agents worldwide can meet the changing demands of...