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The most interesting restaurant podcast on the net!

The most interesting restaurant podcast on the net!
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The most interesting restaurant podcast on the net!




Brett Payne Explains FoodCst Price Comparing IOS App

Brett Payne, Co-founder and my partner in FoodCst explains how we met and through that meeting how we created the first IOS App that instantly compares vendor pricing for Chefs, restaurant owners, managers, Hotels and caterers. For more information or to schedule a free, 10 minute demonstration, visit us at or send me a note here on The Restaurant Guru site. Looking forward to helping operators grow their profits by shrinking their costs! Brett Payne, Creator; FoodCst


1st Amendment Rights in the Workplace

Many people believe (wrongly) that they can say whatever they want in the workplace because their free speech is protected by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. In today's podcast I talk about free speech in the workplace and why you can't say whatever you want while working!


Service Tip of the Day: Learn to Become a Good Listener

Listening is a critical life skill for anyone entering the work force, especially if you want to work in a restaurant!


Service Tip of the Day; Learn to Receive Instruction

Learn to receive instruction If you are unable to receive instruction you are of little value to your company. Those who are unwilling or unable to listen to what someone else is trying to teach them will not succeed in life. None of us are born knowing everything and even if you say, have waited tables in fine dining for years and you have just secured a new job at a new restaurant, your past experience may not be applicable to or in conjunction with what your new employer is trying to do...


How To Get a Job as a Restaurant Server

Season One, Episode 9 James Clary, The Restaurant Guru, tells you why you might want to consider a job waiting tables in a restaurant; Servers can makereally good money! Most restaurants hire many part time workers, allowing someone with a full time job to make supplemental income. Restaurants can offer flexible schedules for people with other jobs and responsibilities. He then goes on to explain how a person goes about landing a good job waiting tables in a restaurant: Decide the type of...


Restaurant Owners, Managers, Servers: DOUBLE YOUR $$$

When I owned 3 restaurants, I was constantly looking for ways to increase sales without spending a fortune on advertising. I soon came to realize that the secret to increasing sales AND my server's tips was right in front of me. It was mySALES STAFF.I realized that many of my servers were simply taking orders and NOT selling! When I applied the principles I learned in a sales seminar to my staff, my net sales increased 25% inONE MONTH! So, I wanted more. I searched the internet for a book...


Free Copy of My Plan for Losing Weight!

As a thank you for your support, I am offering my listeners a FREE copy of my detailed plan for losing weight and getting healthy. I wroteLive Long and Prosperat a very low point in my life. By following this simple, easy to follow program, I was able to lose 60 pounds! The program includes recipes and exercise programs that can be done without special equipment in your own home! If you would like to receive a copy of my healthy lifestyle program,Live Long and Prosper, email me at...


The Restaurant Rockstars Interview

Roger Beaudoin from Restaurant Rockstars ( and myself discuss my career, hospitality and the importance of craft, attitude and how to open a restaurant. Lots of great tips for those wanting to open a restaurant or for those currently working in one. Here's the link to the original podcast: Visit for more...


The #1 Key to being a fast and efficient server!

Are you a restaurant server, bartender, bus person or manager? Do you struggled to keep up with the pace when it is busy? If so, you probably have never been taught the single most important tool in being fast and efficient. I break it down for you in this short, easy to understand podcast, "Make Your Trips Count". Thanks for listening!


Want to work? Just show up!

The key to getting, keeping and advancing in a restaurant job is to just show up! Sounds silly, but the first quality restaurants are looking for is RELIABILITY!


Dr. Francis Ogbolu-“Waiting tables gave me my dream”

Tonight’s edition of The Restaurant Guru podcast is one for the ages. I had the honor andprivilegeto interview an old, dearfriend, Dr. Francis Ogbolu. We talk about his childhood inNigeria, his Father’s wrongful imprisonment after a coup d'etat, and the struggles he and his family endured. He eventually found his way to America on a student visa and how we met at one of Tulsa Oklahoma’s finest eateries, LaCuisine. We talk about a young immigrant working his way through school, waiting...