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Episode 259 - Excuse Me, Is This Newsletter Organic?

What do you think of the “in-depth” episode? Avoiding contests and list-building ads may help you to preserve a more organic email list, according to author LJ Shen in a post on the Self Publishing Formula blog. Shen says she spends a “good amount of time,” on social media, feeling that her time is not any more valuable than her readers’. She gathers newsletter followers organically and does not run contests or advertisements to gain new subscribers. She asks for followers on Amazon, BookBub...


Episode 258 - ReedsyDiscovery, Box Set Success, and Supreme Court Decisions

How has the new copyright law impacted your decision to copyright (or not) your work? Jim and Bryan celebrate the thaw. Bryan is holding a “deep dive” into simplifying Amazon ads, click the link below to sign up. This week’s Happy Books Review Winner is Darren Sapp. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons: The Unknown Devil, A Turn for the Worse, and Leading Effectively: Proven Leadership. The Top Tips include what new channels Draft2Digital added, why it’s important to examine the reasons behind...


Episode 257 - Chirp, Amazon Ads, and the Nebula Controversy

Episode 257 - Chirp, Amazon Ads, and the Nebula Controversy What does the new audiobook world look like for you and your titles? Bryan is excited to report on what is happening in the author community right now! Jim discusses the effects of Mercury in retrograde. This week’s Happy Books Review winner is Crissy Moss. Our Featured Patrons: Shadow Raiders, Strings of Subversion, and Fighting to Survive. The Top Tips this week include how advanced reader feedback can improve your standalones,...


Episode 256 - Plagiarism, Target Readers, and Customer Avatars

Do you have a strategy to deal with plagiarism of you books? Bryan is back and recovering from his soccer-related concussion. Jim gives an update on the progress on synthetic audio books. This week’s Happy Book Reviews winner is William Oday. The featured Patrons for this episode include Gone, Inharmonic, and Kept In The Dark. The Hot Tips for you are why dictation could be the productivity tool you need, why you should put your phone in airplane mode when you’re on the ground, and how...


Episode 255 - Superfans, AI, and Choose Your Own Audio

If you wrote a choose your own adventure style book, what format would you choose? Jim welcomes guest host Mark Lefebvre from Draft2Digital. This week’s Happy Book Reviews winner is RJ Beam. Jim thanks our Featured Patrons: The Thing Speaks for Itself, The Cordova Vector, and Somebody's Darling. The top tips include how to get the most out of your Author Central profile, what steps you can take to grow an email list from zero, and why the superfan is a myth. The news stories that matter most...


Episode 254 - Echo Reminders, Creative Joy, and Shifting Your Mindset

What question would change your author business forever? Listen in as Jim and Bryan share the latest in publishing and marketing news. If you have yet to leave a review, then now is the perfect time to review us on iTunes. Thanks so much for listening!


Episode 253 - International Success, Thumbnail Covers, and a Million on Scribd

How are your books selling internationally? Jim and Bryan experience a little technical difficulty with the audio at the beginning of the podcast, and Bryan’s Relentless Authors Advertise update is missing. Pop over to Bryan’s Friday podcast to get all the details on the RAA project. This week’s Happy Books Review winner is Milissa Story. Jim thanks our featured Patrons: Write! Shonen Manga, Star Flame: A Story From the Meclauks, and More than Monsters. The Hot Tips this week include how to...


Episode 252 - Return on Investment, B&N Ads, and WattPad Publishing

If you have a Return on Investment number that you consider “good” - how did you arrive at that figure? Bryan and Jim report on the effects of the Polar Vortex in the Midwest. Bryan gives an encouraging update on the Relentless Authors Advertise podcast and thanks all the listeners who are joining the experiment. This week’s Happy Book Reviews winner is Rebecca Markus. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons: Awakening Forever, Guardian of the Grail, and The Reluctant Detective. The Hot Tips...


Episode 251 - Matchmaker, ARC or Bribe, and Epic Success

Is there an unspoken agreement for only positive feedback when a reader accepts an advance copy for review? Bryan shares progress on the launch of his new podcast - Relentless Authors Advertise, which soft-launched two weeks ago and is gaining momentum. Jim reports that in his consults with authors through the SmarterAuthors platform he is seeing the positive effects of paid ads for his clients. This week’s Happy Books Review winner is Jonathan Small. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons:...


Episode 250 - Facebook Pixels, Story Secrets, and Going Woo-Woo

What’s your take on “new age” concepts that may or may not help you progress toward your goals? Have you? Would you? The guys celebrate their 250th episode by presenting their 250th episode! Big thanks to all the listeners and subscribers who have, and do, support the show. Click on over to iTunes and leave a rating or review to congratulate Jim and Bryan on this milestone. This Thursday, Jan 17, Bryan will be hosting a genre-specific class for Mystery/Thriller/Suspense writers to reveal...


Episode 249 - New Ads Dashboard, Video Writing Sprints, and 100x Sales

Here's what you'll learn in Episode 249: - How authors can protect themselves when buying book covers - Why a calendar might be the most important writer’s tool - How using video chat can spark writing creativity - What advantages indie-publishers have over traditional - How an author turned around a dollar a month in sales into a part-time living - What Written Word Media thinks will happen in 2019 - What one author did to hit Trout status and fulfill a writing dream - How the new...


Episode 248 - The 2019 Predictions Show

Take a look at Bryan’s and Jim’s predictions for the coming year and give them a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down.” The guys have mixed things up for the first show of 2019 and are looking forward to your feedback. This week’s Happy Book Reviews winner is Isabel Peterson. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons: How to Sex Your Snake, Guild of Tokens: Initiate, and The Strange. And a huge “thank you” to everyone who supported the show in 2018! Play along as Bryan and Jim debate the likelihood of the...


Episode 247 - 2018: The Year in Review

What was the highlight of your indie publishing journey this year? Bryan and Jim review the highs and lows of indie publishing in 2018 through the 5 biggest stories of the past year. Bryan and Jim thank all the Patrons who supported the Sell More Books Show this year. There are a few more sponsorship opportunities available for the Sell More Books Show Summit in 2019. The Top news stories that affected indie authors in 2018: How did the GDPR implementation change our industry, what are the...


Episode 246 - Blurb Rewrites, Tidying Your Mind, and Succeeding in 2019

What’s the "sweet spot" number of rewrites before a blurb is ready to post on a retailer sales page? Jim welcomes Bryan back to the studio. Bryan reports on the benefits of being completely disconnected from the internet for three days. The Sell More Books Show Summit is officially SOLD OUT! The winner of Clark Chamberlain’s outline service is Chad Boyer. The Happy Book Reviews winner this week is Mary Hamilton. Bryan thanks this week’s featured Patrons: How to Become a Productivity Guru,...


SMBS #245 News: Meditation, Author Milestones, & Million-Dollar Dawson

When you examine your author career, how do you define success? Bryan is taking a mental health break this week and Jim welcomes his co-hosts J. Thorn and Zach Bohannon. Jim thanks our Featured Patrons: Rebel Song, Triumviratus, and Level Up. This week’s Happy Book Review Winner is Tory Element. The Top Tips include why Amazon Web Services could be your next email newsletter service, how meditation can help you access creative energy, and how to view your marketing strategy as a marathon—not...


Episode 244 - Slow Publishing, Swallowing Your Pride, and Writing What You Know to Market

If a genie could grant you one of the following, which would you want: Amazon Charts ranking, New York Times bestseller ranking, or 1,000 reviews on the book of your choice? Bryan encourages everyone to listen to the Self-Publishing Decisions Webinar Replay and set some goals for 2019. Long-time friend of the show Clark Chamberlain is currently running a sale for his outstanding outline service and Bryan is going to purchase one and raffle it off - listen to the podcast for details. Jim...


Episode 243 - Amazon Giveaways, Streaming Music, and 100 Pages of Research

What do you think the secret is to local indie bookstore survival? Bryan discusses the benefits of matching family snowsuits and Jim hopes all of you had a wonderful holiday. Thursday, November 29, Bryan, Jim, J. Thorn, and Zach Bohannon will be hosting a free webinar designed to help you achieve the sales and success you need. (Link in the show notes) Over on Author Marketing Club there is a fantastic sale in progress! The Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Holly Ostara. Bryan thanks our...


Episode 242 - KDP Reports, Pay to Play, and Help From Your Friends

What would be your perfect sales reporting software? After sharing their Thanksgiving plans, Jim and Bryan award Nathan Goodman the latest Happy Book Reviews feature. They also thanked their patrons Sales Success Stories, Nolan Walker and the Superiors Squad, and How to Self-Publish a Children's Book. The tips included creating a "to-don't list," writing with audio in mind, and why creativity may need a walk. This week's stories include checking your Createspace password, the latest on...


Episode 241 - Love, Tech, and Making It Happen

Do you have a financial plan to get you through lean months? Jim welcomes Bryan back from the 20Booksto50K conference in Las Vegas. This week’s Happy Book Reviews feature winner is Pete Bauer. Bryan thanks our featured Patrons: Doubt the Stars, A Turn for the Worse, and Born Under a Bad Sign. The Hot Tips for indies this week are how indie authors can be better indie publishers, why negative reviews can boost sales, and what a marketing education can do your for your titles. The News you...


Episode 240 - Live from Las Vegas

If you had one "author wish" what would it be? Our Happy Book Reviews feature winner this week is George Sirois. Bryan thanks our wonderful Patrons: Fighting to Survive, The Hunted, and Leading Effectively: Proven Leadership. This week, Bryan talked success stories with nine awesome special guests. Expect insights, entertainment, and wildly varying amounts of white noise. Enjoy! Question of the Week: If you could get a genie to grant you your perfect author success story, what would it be?...