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Episode 228 - Free Books, Amazon Videos, and Squeeze Pages

What is a promotional technique you’ve used in the past that you're willing to give a second shot? Bryan and Jim talk about the importance of family time. This week’s Happy Book Reviews feature winner is StoryHack. Bryan thanks our Featured Patrons How to Drive Your Next Car Deal, A Christmas Gift, and The Last Verdict. Some great self-publishing tips include why frugality and creativity are a winning combination, how to make the most of squeeze pages, and which Gmail hacks can save you...


Episode 227 - Market Research, Other Income Streams, and Focus vs. Diversification

Will you actually take action on the information you gather from free info, books, or webinars or do you need to pay for training to make it a priority? Jim is back from vacation and he is having great success with his new clients on Bryan has an informative Amazon Ads webinar coming up tomorrow - don’t miss out! The Happy Book Reviews winner this week is Steeven Orr. Bryan takes a moment to thank the featured Patrons Unfrozen, 31 Days of Wisdom: A Daily Devotional...


Episode 226 - Authors Direct, Community Support, and the Walmart-Kobo Partnership (with the Best Page Forward Team)

Do you think Authors Direct can provide Amazon with serious competition, and would you use them? Bryan is joined by four co-hosts as the Best Page Forward team takes over the podcast. The Happy Books Review Winner is Jim Heskett. Our featured Patrons are Plain Talk About Marketing Blog Tours, Blogging for Authors, and What Sells Books. Bryan gets into the Hot Tips which include how to usage issues with stock images, why self-doubt will take a toll on your creativity, and which promo sites...


Episode 225 - Audible Bounties, Book Description Keywords, and Make or Break Moments

What’s your do or die author strategy to get the money you need for your business? Jim tells us a little about and how it can benefit authors with a big bundle of helpful services including one-on-ones. The Happy Book Reviews winner is Allen Alright. Bryan thanks our fabulous Patrons - Email Lists Made Easy for Writers and Bloggers, Sanyare: The Last Descendant, and The Ten-Year Turnaround: Transform Your Personal Finances and Achieve Financial Freedom in The Next Ten...


Episode 224 - Marketing to Market, Also-bought Updates, and the Golden Age of TV Adaptations

How will you adapt your advertising strategy to accommodate Amazon’s shifting policy on also-boughts? Bryan and Jim are both on hand this week and Bryan has a no-pitch webinar coming up and you get to choose the topic! Last week’s winner of the Happy Book Reviews feature is Laura Martone. Bryan thanks the awesome featured Patrons The Author's Guide to Ebook Bundling, More Than Monsters, and A Band Director's Guide to Everything Tuba. Three useful tips include how to effectively bend...


Episode 223 - Author Mindset, Silly Surveys, and Expanded Distribution

If you could design a survey for the author community, what information would you gather? Jim is back on the show this week and he and Bryan had a great July 4th. Bryan announced the Happy Book Reviews winner Will Brown and the guys thank their iTunes reviewers for the great feedback. Bryan thanks the wonderful Patrons Nightblade, Gone, and The Cordova Vector. The fabulous weekly tips include how to get creative about your writing time, which tips can save you tons of time during the edit,...


Episode 222 - Renaming Awards, Building Your Backlist, and the Dome of Silence

Do you think the Association for Library Service to Children made the right decision in their attempt to airbrush history? Should history be rewritten? Bryan Cohen is flying solo this week, but the sound effects king Jim Kukral will be back next week! Our fabulous featured Patrons include Slow Burn: Zero Day, The Final Arrangement, and Wanderer’s Escape. This week’s Happy Book Reviews Feature winners are Darren Sapp and Franki Kidd. Get ready for hit tips including how to use the Dome of...


Episode 221 - Sharing Drafts, Direct Taxes, and Scrivener to Vellum Conversions

If you could have a “do-over” on launching any of your titles, what would you change? Bryan’s voice is back and Jim survived a horrendous landscaping accident! Remember to take advantage of the payment plan for the Sell More Books Show Summit tickets before it disappears on July 4th. Bryan thanks this week’s wonderful featured Patrons: How to Fight Fair in Your Marriage, Divorced Dad, and Somebody's Darling. This week’s Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Steeven Orr! Some great tips...


Episode 220 - Rapid Fire Releases, Gifting Multiple Copies, and Price Point Testing

When you hit the big time how do you plan to be smart with your money and protect your financial future? This week's Happy Book Reviews Feature winner is Randy Green! Bryan is a little under the weather so Jim takes a moment to thank this week’s wonderful Patrons: Guild of Tokens, Planet Dead One Shot, and Gold Frankincense and Myrrh. This episode’s tips include how to compare KDP Print and Createspace, why you want to control your Also Boughts, and what price points will actually hurt...


Episode 219 - Relaunching, Going Wide, and Audio-Only Stories

How confident are you that Amazon will keep current pricing with Audible? Bryan and Jim marvel at 219 straight weeks of podcasts and remind listeners to get Summit 2019 tickets before they are sold out. Bryan calls for indie author success stories and announces the QOTW winners. The guys thank ALL wonderful Patrons at Bryan and Jim have some helpful tips like using the right credit card to get points from your ad spend, how to re-invigorate your New Year’s...


Episode 218 - Tiffanygate, Bonus Content, and Fight Club

What can you do to avoid getting derailed by stories of scammers on Amazon? Bryan returns from his trip to Virginia and he and Jim have a fantastic announcement about the Sell More Books Show Summit 2019. There’s a quick clarification regarding Reddit, a shout out for SMBS Bingo and then on to thank the Patrons, including Awakening Forever, Character Sketch & Color, and Twins of Prey. This week’s hottest Tips cover how to prevent procrastination with a daily routine, how to design a quick...


Episode 217 - Disappearing Reviews, RNA Indies, and Reddit with Leo Petracci

Are you taking steps to get more legitimate reviews on Amazon? Jim is back from fishing and he and Bryan both have great sales this week there’s the Happy Book Reviews summer deal from the Author Marketing Club. And it is the LAST day on Bryan’s book descriptions sale. The guys offer up a big thank you to this week’s Patrons - The Awakening, Carnal, and Twisting Fate. Also, Leo Petracci joins the fellas for their first lab segment in ages! There are three Hot Tips in this week’s show...


Episode 216 - Kindle Worlds, Shopping Actions, and Social Media Stories

Is something sinister afoot with the recent ending of Kindle Worlds or simply poor ROI for Amazon? Bryan welcomes his guest cohost Rachael Herron and offers listeners a heck of a summer deal on book Happy Book Reviews from the Author Marketing Club. And Bryan is still running his sale on book descriptions through May 30th. Rachael and Bryan offer up a huge thanks to this week’s Patrons - Angelborn, Dad’s Girls, and Black Shadow Moon. Hot tips of the week include how to get more reviews,...


Episode 215 - Summit Recap, LitRPG Sneak Attack, and the Trademark Rebellion

Are you prepared to handle something like having your KDP account suspended? Jim and Bryan discuss the fabulous feedback from the Summit and Bryan offers a Book Description coupon to give folks a chance to get in at the lower price before the increase at the end of the month. Jim shares an update on his journey into the fiction world. The guys offer up a big thanks to the Patrons - Prometheus, The Dragon Rustler, and Monkey Justice. This week's “must try” tips include Rachael Herron’s...


Episode 214 - Title Trademarks, Jami Albright, and Escape Artists

How can we avoid picking up torches and joining the mob in the future? Bryan and Jim give a delightful summary of the fantastic Summit. It’s always a pleasure to thank our Patrons - Removed, Thawed, and the Hat Trick Series. This weeks hot tips include how authors can use ghostwriting to quit their day job, what authors should do to prepare for self-publishing 3.0, and which apps writers should download before their next conference. This week’s news is filled with HOT topics and surprising...


Bonus Episode - Live from Chicago on May 4th, 2018

We're back from the 1st Annual Sell More Books Show Summit! On night #1, we recorded a live bonus episode of the show featuring tips from all of our speakers. Also, Jim is not intimidating and Bryan is exactly like you think he is. Enjoy the extra episode and the killer room noises!


Episode 213 - Romance Retracted, Spotify, and Monkey Selfies

What is your top pick for the location of the 2019 Sell More Books Show Summit? Jim and Bryan started things off by thanking their wonderful patrons - The Outline Book, A Curse upon the Saints, and The Last Days. The guys have some great tips this week, including how to banish author burnout, why connecting with other indie authors through social media can build a better community, and what is the secret to success with Facebook groups. This week in news the guys dive into who can claim...


Episode 212 - KU Pirates, Rugby Co-Authors, and the Rise of Nonfiction

Do you have to write nonfiction to make it as an author? Is nonfiction a more steady earner? Bryan and Jim are both a little under the weather but the excitement of the upcoming Summit in Chicago fuels them on! They first thanked their generous patrons - Mayhem & Murder, Cubicle Jail to Laptop Lifestyle, and Where The Leaves Wither. Next the guys jump into some useful weekly tips, including how to cut editing costs, how making friends with the competition can payoff, and choosing the best...


Episode 211 - GDPR, Hacked on Createspace, and the Benefits of One-Star Reviews

How secure our your “author” passwords? Bryan & Jim are excited about the ramp up to the Summit and they took a moment to thank their generous patrons - Stalked by Flames, Sell More Books With Less Social Media, and Peaks of Passion: Pleasure Point Series Book One. The guys jumped right into this weeks tips, which include how to keep a long series profitable and when to end it, how to turn bad reviews into learning opportunities, and how to choose the right POV for your marketing copy....


Episode 210 - Missing Pages, Tacotron, and Great on Kindle

How would your life as an author change if someone posted all ebooks online for free? Jim and Bryan are back for more fun in the world of publishing. They start of by thanking their generous patrons: Shades of Treason: An Anomaly Novel, Ten Little Bridesmaids, and Time Code: The Best Collection of 52 Stories You Should Be Reading This Year. This week’s hot tips include why authors should use every tool at their disposal to promote their audiobooks, how authors can craft their marketing...