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The Thrive! Podcast: Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship with guest Jason Weimer

After graduating from college, Jason Weimer wanted to be intentional about integrating his faith and work in a holistic way. His entrepreneurial interests have led him to starting two businesses, Espresso Partners and Gratus Capital, LLC. Jason and Bob Willbanks discuss the service driven business model in this episode of The Thrive! Podcast. For Jason, social entrepreneurship is all creating a culture that values people. Listen to the episode to hear Jason unpack some ways he seeks to value...


The Thrive! Podcast: Money Management with guest Troy Noor

Troy Noor is the father of eight children and a partner at Boulevard Wealth Management. He joined Bob Willbanks on The Thrive! Podcast to discuss the topic of money and wealth. Troy talks about the common misconception that money is evil. He notes that the Bible says "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" in 1Timothy 6:10. If we love money more than God then we have placed money on the level of an idol, and then problems arise. Money is a tool we use to provide for the needs of...


Season Two Launch with host Bob Willbanks

Host Bob Willbanks identifies three themes from season one of The Thrive! Podcast: Mindset: In this culture of negativity, a positive mindset is critical. Various guests on season one discussed tools for cultivating a healthy mindset. Destination: If you want to get somewhere, you need to be specific about how you will do so. Goals are key to growth in all areas of life. Resiliency: When life gets hard, how do you keep going? Building resiliency through gratitude was another key takeaway...


The Thrive! Podcast: Working Women of Faith with guest T.J. Tison; Part 2

T.J. Tison, author, business owner, and founder of Working Women of Faith, discusses identity, leadership, and time budgeting with host Bob Willbanks in this episode of The Thrive! Podcast. Learn more about T.J. and her work: Working Women of Faith: "Killing Wonder Women": T.J. Tison Propels: Special Guest: T.J. Tison.


The Thrive! Podcast: Working Women of Faith with guest T.J. Tison; Part 1

When T.J. Tison started her business over a decade ago, she noticed a lack of resources for women about working in a godly way. As she followed God's call to write about book to help fill this gap, she noted differences in the challenges men and women face in their work lives. Women most prominently struggle with guilt in regards to work. When women are at work they feel guilty that they aren't at home, and when they are at home, they feel guilty that they aren't working. In her book,...


Episode 19: The Thrive! Podcast: The Community of Christianity with guest Jeff Hagen

"Christianity is a community experience." - Jeff Hagen Jeff Hagen, founder of Hill Cities, Inc., writes interactive Bible curriculum and facilitates small groups in the Twin Cities, MN metro area. Jeff is passionate about nurturing Christians in the marketplace. Jeff guides dedicated followers of Jesus Christ as they dig deeper into the Word of God. Some of the steps involved in deeper study of the Bible include: Developing a process of how to approach Scripture including an understanding of...


Episode 18: The Thrive! Podcast: The Ambassadors for Business Transformation with host Bob Willbanks

Intro: A fulfilled life is a result of filling our mind rightly. In this episode of The Thrive! Podcast, host Bob Willbanks shares the process of transformation that Ambassadors for Business has undergone in the past 18 months to reach the current mission and vision. Bob, along with his board and trusted advisors, realized that Ambassadors for Business was truly a leadership organization focused on EQUIPPING Christians in the marketplace to make an impact in their spheres of influence. Join...


Episode 17: The Thrive! Podcast: Using God's Word to Bridge the Gap with guest Chris Fleck

Chris Fleck, Directory of Business Relations at North Central University, spends a lot of his time building connections in the marketplace. From his observations in the marketplace, Chris believes a deeper knowledge of God's Word in the marketplace would resolve many issues in the marketplace. Chris has seen several key areas of focus in the current status of the marketplace: Huge vaccumn of retiring employees Talent, recruitment, and career planning Company culture - consistently reading...


The Thrive! Podcast: Outperform the Norm with guest Scott Welle

Scott Welle, speaker and founder of Outperform the Norm, joins Bob Willbanks on The Thrive! Podcast. Scott takes principles from sports psychology and shows business professionals and athletes how to apply the principles to their life. Scott shares three key pieces of performance, and Bob shares a Christian perspective on each of them: The Importance of Mindset - develop an anchor or power phrase that allows centers you and brings peace Set Goals based on Outcome, Performance, and Process -...


Episode 15: The Thrive! Podcast: Discover Your Gift with guest Thom Winninger

What is the thing God really wants you to do, and what is the one thing He gave you to do that thing? Start with discovering what God gave you: in other words, find you purpose and that will bring you to your passion. Read more about this episode on the Ambassadors for Business blog: Visit Thom Winninger's website: Find the book Your True DNA: Special...


Episode 14: The Thrive! Podcast: Using F-Words to Drive Decisions with host Bob Willbanks

In this episode of The Thrive! Podcast, host Bob Willbanks unpacks a decision-making tool consisting of several "F" Words: Foundation Focus Filter Read more about this episode on our blog: Please follow us on social media, subscribe to The Thrive! Podcast, and share this resource with your connections!


Episode 13: The Thrive! Podcast: Feeling Lost with host Bob Willbanks

In a conversation with his father, Bob learned several principles taught to pilots for what to do when they feel lost while flying: Admit you are lost Radio for help Look for landmarks Confirm the landmarks with your instruments Reorient yourself Verify the reorientation Bob translates these principles through a biblical lens. This provides a framework for getting back on track when we feel lost in our spiritual lives. Read more about this episode on our blog:...


Episode 12: The Thrive! Podcast: "Livin' the Dream" with Guest Jerrid Sebesta

Jerrid Sebesta retired from Kare11 at the top of his television career. Although the public was shocked, and many people simple couldn't understand his move, the decision was an straightforward one for Jerrid. Why? He felt God calling him in a new direction. Bob and Jerrid discuss how someone can get to the point of leaving a successful career. Jerrid believes the answer is rooted in each individual's purpose. Jerrid asks his speaking audiences a series of questions to help them narrow down...


Episode 11: The Thrive! Podcast: Finding Margin in a Busy Schedule with guest Roger Thompson

People need spiritual, emotional, physical, and financial margin in their lives. Many business professionals have "border-less" jobs which can overtake all areas of life. Because of this, it is important to develop habits and principles of taking phsycial time and a mental break from work. Do you have something in your life that you loose track of time while you are doing it? Roger Thompson has learned the best way to create margin is to say "no." Take a chunck of time;, find a hobby, carve...


The Thrive! Podcast: Prioritizing Rest; The 4th Commandment

How often do you truly take time to rest? This is a question, among others, Bob Willbanks asked himself in a period of burn out a few years ago. He learned that God intended for us to still take a day to glorify God by resting in God. Bob invites Larry Kutzler, the producer of the Ambassadors for Business podcast, to join this conversation about making time for rest and being present in the moment. A study of the Old Testament kings - and how they spent their Sabbaths - provided Bob with...


Episode 9: The Thrive! Podcast: Interview with Larry Julian, Part 2

"Great wisdom comes from the defining moment when someone did the tougher right over the easier wrong." In this episode of The Thrive! Podcast, Larry Julian unpacks the importance of small group participation, especially for top leaders, as they navigate living for God in a bottom-line world. He shares how his organization facilitates round-table meetings for senior and emerging leaders, and principles that can be translated into a variety of small group settings. Find Larry's books here:...


Episode 8: The Thrive! Podcast: Larry Julian Interview, Part 1

Listen in as Larry Julian discusses common challenges to following God in a bottom-line world. He explores the tensions this can create while highlighting common practices he has seen in the CEO's he interacts with. Larry shares the personal habits he has implemented; these help to center him at the beginning of each day. Be challenged and encouraged to live for God this week - both on Sunday and during your time in the marketplace during the week! Find Larry's book here:...


Episode 7: The Thrive! Podcast: Interview with Vince Miller

What does it mean to be a man? This question proves to be a difficult one for both women and men to answer. It is not just about growing up. It is not just about being the opposite of a women. It is not just about pursuing virtue. Vince Miller believes the true answer to this question is found in Jesus Christ. How does this truth play itself out for men in the home, at work, and other areas of life? Paulette Kutzler ( joins the...


Episode 6: The Thrive! Podcast: Cultivate an Eternal Perspective

Dive into the core purpose of Ambassadors for Business with host Bob Willbanks. Learn key questions you can ask yourself as you lead yourself each day. These questions help keep the focus of decision making on an eternal perspective. Be reminded of the importance of having a core group of people around you as you grow in leadership. This helps to avoid drift in ares of personal, spiritual, and professional development. Ambassadors for Business provides encouragement in the marketplace for...


Episode 5: The Thrive! Podcast: Daren Klum Interview, Part 2

Daren's perspective on ministry shifted throughout his life as he came to realize the value of marketplace ministry. In this podcast episode, he discusses the importance of guarding his time as a husband, father, and business owner. In the various demands each new stage of life brings, Daren is committed to keeping his family first. As he works in a secular world, Daren focuses on fellowship and great conversation with people. He pays attention to the image he gives off to others, and seeks...