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Ep #015: Examining Your Relationship with Money with Leslie Juvin-Acker

My guest today has over ten years of experience as a career development and emotional intelligence expert for global industry leaders, including IBM, Adidas, and Facebook. President and Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc., Leslie Juvin-Acker has coached hundreds of individuals and helped them overcome divorce, career transitions, and debt. As a survivor of working poverty herself, Leslie believes that everybody is capable of financial abundance, and she has grown a loyal following...


Ep #014: Body Language and Conflict Management with Sharon Sayler

When it comes to being a better leader, manager, teammate, coworker or employee, good communication skills are incredibly valuable. Sharon Sayler stops by to discuss the importance of understanding body language and how we can use that understanding to better communicate with those we work with. She also shares some top notch advice on how to find a mentor who is invested in you and why reciprocity is so important to your success in business and in life. You can find show notes and more...


Ep #013: Sharing Your Message with the World with Patty Farmer

Patty Farmer is an award-winning marketing and media strategist, international speaker, radio host, magazine publisher, event producer, and bestselling author. Specializing in marketing and business growth strategies, Patty works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients. She believes we all have a message, and her mission is to help all her clients master, market, and monetize that message in a way that creates transformation for both...


Ep #012: Living and Communicating in a Meaningful Way with David Norrie

Communication is changing constantly and most of us struggle to find meaningful connections. David Norrie has a lot to say about communication and how you can pivot the way you think, live and communicate in order to lead a successful and impactful life. He shares his own journey from a young age to find significance and meaning in work and life and how he has overcome obstacles and flaws to find a passionate and purpose-filled life. David talks about his own mental and spiritual evolution...


Ep #011: Setting Goals and Turning Them Into Reality with Jeramy Freeman

My guest today is a highly motivated and accomplished individual, and I know he will inspire everyone who listens to this interview. Jeramy Freeman is a professional athlete and trainer who has been highlighted, promoted, and published in every major health and fitness and muscle magazine in the world over the last ten years. The most photographed bodybuilder in the world from 2000 to 2001, Jeramy now provides fitness and nutritional guidance for countless athletes—including NHL hockey...


Ep #010: Recognizing God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Life with Pastor Mark Anderson

The best definition I’ve heard for sin is the violation of God’s purpose for your life and mine. My guest today rose to meet God’s call for him to serve the church, and I'm honored to have him on the podcast to share his story. Pastor Mark Anderson has been a personal mentor in my life and the lives of many people I know. He served as Pastor of Lynwood Baptist Church from 1994 until 2000, and after eight years of pastoring at Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi, returned...


Ep #009: Finding Success While Loving Life with Michelle DeNio

As a business owner or entrepreneur of any kind it can be hard to confuse success with things that don’t actually add value and joy to your life. Michelle DeNio joins us on the show today to share her story and the breakthrough she had when it came to redefining success and finding happiness in all areas of her life. She sheds light on what it takes to truly succeed and the importance of being independent but also willing to ask for help and learn from others. You can find show notes and...


Ep #008: Making Hiring Easier and More Effective with Brad Owens

The hiring process has become overcomplicated and overwhelming for the job seeker as well as those doing the hiring. Brad Owens is an incredible HR and hiring expert who joins us and shares why this process needs to be simplified on all sides and how you can make steps to do that. He shares some truly valuable advice that will help you avoid common hiring mistakes and attract the talent (or job) that is the perfect fit for you. You can find show notes and more information by clicking here:...


Ep #007: Overcoming Personal Hangups and Learning From Others' Mistakes with Charmaine Hammond

Today’s guest has been in the business of transforming lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years. A correctional officer turned corporate dispute resolution expert and bestselling author, Charmaine Hammond now travels the world teaching the principles of cooperation, partnership, and sponsorship. She has developed sponsorship relationships with more than 40 sponsors and 60 business partners, and her recent speaking and book tour, A Million Acts of Kindness, saw more than 40 businesses...


Ep #006: Serving Humanity and Becoming the Leader That the World Needs with Ben Gioia

My guest today is a two-time bestselling author and international speaker who makes mindfulness and service central to everything he teaches. The president of, Ben Gioia partners with entrepreneurs, leaders, consultants, and coaches to bring their vision, message, and impact to the world. After his experience trekking—and almost dying—in the mountains of South India, Ben discovered a fire inside to serve, and today his teachings are used by more than 20,000 people...


Ep #005: Following Your Passion and Making an Impact with Angel Ribo

Research has shown that everyone views their work in one of three ways: as a job, a career, or a calling. While employees who see what they do as a job view each day as an inconvenience, and those who have a career work out of necessity and for the opportunity to succeed and grow, those who view work as a calling see it as fulfilling because it contributes to a greater purpose and brings meaning to their lives. My guest today is a perfect sample of someone who has followed his passion to...


Ep #004: Striving for Success and Finding Faith with David Limbaugh

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome David Limbaugh to the show today. A lawyer, nationally syndicated columnist, conservative political commentator, and author, David has appeared on hundreds of national and local television and radio shows, including CNN’s Crossfire, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, and many others. His New York Times bestselling titles include The Emmaus Code, Jesus on Trial, The Great Destroyer, Crimes Against Liberty, Bankrupt, Persecution, and Absolute Power. In...


Ep #003: Taking Responsibility In Order to Take Control of Your Life with Adam Lamb

I am responsible. Those are three of the most powerful and transformative words a person can say, as personal responsibility—or lack thereof—is often the key difference between success and failure. And while it’s true that we can’t control what happens to us in most circumstances, we can and must control how we respond to and progress through inevitable adversities. My guest today is a living testament to that fact. Adam Lamb is a speaker, author, and relationship guide for men of all ages,...


Ep #002: Setting Goals and Recognizing the Potential Within with Donny Beasley

If you could do better, should you? This moral consideration really makes you think, and in the end, it comes down to whether or not you strive to reach your full potential. And while it does take work, one of the greatest gifts you can give your children, loved ones, those you lead, and yourself, is the gift of recognizing the potential within—by developing your own potential to the fullest. Here to give his inspiring perspective on that concept is CEO of Tri-State Water, Power, and Air,...


Ep #001: Creating Your Ten-Year Vision Plan with Joel Brown

Where do you see yourself in ten years? It’s such a commonly asked question, but have you ever really stopped to map out exactly where you want to be? My guest today did, and he now runs the number one motivation website in the world. Joel Brown built from scratch and turned it into a huge success, with over 100 million views and over 50 million unique website views from his worldwide audience. Not to mention, his Addicted2Success Podcast has reached over 1.2 million...