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Inspiring and actionable insights on how to start and grow your business.

Inspiring and actionable insights on how to start and grow your business.
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Inspiring and actionable insights on how to start and grow your business.






#119 How to better lead and serve with Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

When it comes down to startups, organisations and businesses, it's great to have a set of values and a mission statement, right? Especially when you actually believe in them and live by them. Problem is, the vast majority of organisations today still use these vital ingredients as mere condiments, and this negatively impacts team moral and overall performance. But what if I told you that the secret to fixing this and becoming the best leader you can be, and install a winning culture in...


#118 How to pitch to win with David Beckett

Here's a question for you. If all you had were three minutes to share your idea with the world, would you be confident in your ability to pitch it? If not, you're not alone. Whether you’re a solopreneur, startup founder or business leader, if you can’t pitch, you can’t survive. That’s why when it comes down to learning how to harness the power of pitching your business in a compelling way to potential customers and investors, I couldn’t think of a better guest to bring on the show than...


#117 Why sharing your truth can change the world with Philip McKernan

I'm so excited to share with you this week's episode, as we've done a world first here at Unconventionalists HQ! That's right, this week we’re going to do a little something different. You see, although I’m always doing my best to think of new ways to serve you, I’ve had pretty much the same format of The Unconventionalists show for the last four years now, so I thought it was about time we experimented a little. To give you a bit of background on today’s unique episode, a couple of months...


#116 How cooking for Bill Gates sparked a food revolution with Saima Khan

What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Obamas, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Bradley Cooper (to name a few) have in common? They've all had the pleasure to sit down and taste Saima Khan's unique middle-eastern inspired food that tastes as delicious as it is beautiful. That's right in today's episode I sit down with Saima Khan, Founder of The Hampstead Kitchen who after bumping into one of the world's most foremost business magnets ditched her career as a six-figure banker to become a...


#115 How to do your best work with Aaron Dignan

Let's face it, the way we work is broken. Frederick Taylor and his concept of scientific management was invented over 100 years ago on a factory floor for a world that no longer exists. In fact it’s safe to say that the majority of organisations around the world are obsessed with the idea of maximising efficiency and minimising productivity friction, at all costs. The crazy thing is that despite the ever growing number of tools and technology available to us - that all promised to make us...


#114 Why being yourself is good for business with George Bettany

What if I told you there was a mental health startup, here in the UK, who after just three years of starting, are on track to generate seven figures of revenue in 2019, without having the need to make ANY outreach sales calls, emails or cold messaging. Who not only don't have a sales team but who also don’t pretend to be bigger than they are, and aren’t afraid to tell a potential client, “actually, we don’t know” to a question they don’t know the answer to. Oh, and who call “clients” ,...


#113 What stand-up comedians can teach us about speaking our truth

When you think of stand-up comedians, who first comes to mind? What do you like most about their humour? Their style? Their stories? Their way of delivery? What makes them special? What makes them stand out? What makes them so compelling? Take a moment to think about it. You see, I believe whoever you thought of holds the key to understanding what you want more of in your life and at work, especially when it comes down to what kind of leader you aspire to be. As weird as this may sound, I...


#112 How to make 2019 your best year yet

Welcome to 2019! That's right people, you know how the saying goes, New Year...New You...or at least that's what marketing headlines would have us believe. Indeed, it's that time of the year again, when most of us look back over the last 365 days and reflect on what we accomplished, and more often than none, reflect on what we didn't end up doing. Even though we were so sure that this year would be the year we'd get it done. Now, like most people, each year you might also come up with a long...


#111 What men should ask woman every day with Vix Anderton

When it comes down to gender equality, we still have a long way to go. But thankfully, as you'll hear from today's powerful conversation, there are people like Vix Anderton who are on a mission to make our world a fairer and better place for all. Indeed, Vix helps organisations build more diverse and inclusive cultures and is an advocate for social and policy change. She started her career in the Royal Air Force, serving for nearly ten years as an intelligence officer, where she gained an...


#110 Why businesses who do good do better with James Routledge

"I wish everybody could get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." Jim Carrey On the surface it's easy to think that becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate gateway to happiness, fame and success. It's no surprise then that Visa Europe found that one in three people dream of starting their own business. But in reality, only one in ten actually take the leap. If you've seen my TEDx talk then you'll know how I feel about the need for...


#109 Why you need to redefine your goals with Paul Jarvis

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." —E.E. Cummings I read this quote a few weeks ago and it went straight to my heart. As I honestly believe that it captures the essence of what we stand for here at team Unconventionalists. To have the courage to follow your heart, to stay true to who you really are and to never shy away from...


#108 How to launch a food startup from scratch that people will love with Carli Wheatley

When it comes down to starting a business, most people make up that what you need is to have everything figured out before you get started. And I’m not just talking about a clear plan on how you’re going to generate revenue. No. I mean most people think to start a business you need a great name, a perfect logo, a brand spanking website, shiny business cards, a catchy URL and of course, to secure all the social media profiles online, right? Actually, that’s not true. What you need in order to...


#107 How to be a modern dad with Han-Son Lee

Let’s be honest, when it comes down to out-dated preconceived ideas of how useless and hands off dad’s are, it’s time for a much needed update.I get it though, according to my mum, my dad changed a whopping three nappies in his life. And as a kid, I don’t remember him being around that much because he either was at the office or in his music room rehearsing with his jazz band. It doesn’t mean he wasn’t a loving father though. It just means he was living in a different era. And let’s face...


#106 The power of growth marketing with David Arnoux

If the words machine learning, blockchain, AI or Bots send you in a panic attack, then you're in for a treat. That's right, I sat down with David Arnoux, Co-Founder of Growth Tribe, Europe's #1 Growth Academy who operate in six countries and whose mission is to teach progressive digital skills to 1,000,000 students globally. David also happens to be a childhood friend of mine. Recording in the most unconventional location, we dived into David's rich story of how he spent the last twelve...


#105 How to overcome self-doubt (so you can finally put yourself out there!)

Here's the deal. In every story there needs to be a constant tension between the yearning for the Hero to win the day, with also the possibility of the Hero failing in the process. It's what makes stories interesting. It's what makes us, the audience, want to cheer the Hero on. And in someway, it's what keeps us paying attention and wanting to help the Hero achieve their goal(s). Because there's always a possibility that it may fail. But there's also a possibility that it may work. No...


#104 What everyone needs to know about relationships with James Sexton

What if you could reverse engineer relationships to a point where you could predict what is most likely to cost you your relationship? What if I told you that writing up a prenup before you got married was the most romantic thing you could do? Now what if I told you that THE best gift you could give a couple thinking of getting married was a consultation with a divorce lawyer... Would you believe me? Or would you think I'm crazy? Well, you're about to have an epic paradigm shift thanks to...


#103 How to live a fully expressed life with Bella Zanesco

If you've ever experienced a burnout at work, felt like you didn't belong or knew it was time for you to pack your bags and hit the road, you're going to love today's episode. That's right, I sat down with Bella Zanesco who in 2014 decided to pack her bags and leave her native Australia to engage in a career transition experiment and call London home for a little while, in hopes to find her tribe. But despite the change of scenery and the new found inspiration, Bella very quickly realised...


#102 Startup Confessions #3

This episode has been a long time coming. For the 3rd time since launching The Unconventionalists back in 2015, I sit down with nothing but a microphone and a willingness to open up and share with you what's been going on with my business and in my life. As you'll hear in today's episode, I'm also re-launching something that means a lot to me. Hope you'll be up for joining the ride. As always, let me know over on social media if you enjoyed today's episode by tagging me in your post...


#101 The gift of grief with Pascale Recher

What if I told you your story mattered and the world needed to hear it? Would you think I'm crazy? Or would you swing for the fences? If you've been with me for a while then you'll know that I'm a BIG believer in saying that everyone's story matters. That there is a true transformative gift in sharing your story with the world that you can only appreciate once you start letting your story out. Because you simply never know who you will heal or help by sharing it with the world. Today's guest...


#100 The future of work & health w/ David Baker & Thomas Olivier (LIVE)

WE MADE HISTORY PEOPLE! That's right! On the 12th June 2018 we made history by recording the 100th episode of The Unconventionalists podcast in front of a live audience at The Studio, in the heart of White City Place, London's newest and hotest media studio. If you've been asking yourself questions such as, "will robots take our jobs?", "is it the end of retirement" or "am I doing a shit job?", then you're going to LOVE our special guest for the evening. That's right, our very special guest...