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Ep 214 - Airbnb Rentals and Teaching Online in Chiang Mai

Bob Pruss has been working online teacher while listing rooms on Airbnb in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Starting will little to zero knowledge about either path he has been able to truly earn a proper living. During this episode, Bob will share how he was able to obtain quick success with his online teaching and Airbnb rentals. Find out how he legally rents out units and ways you can start your own listing with a very low cost. Listen to some of the terrible booking stories and compares other...


Bonus Episode - 2019 Nomad Summit FAQ - The Digital Nomad Conference

This is the FAQ for the upcoming 2019 Nomad Summit, the conference for Digital Nomads, Location Independent Entrepreneurs and those who travel the world while being their own boss! Get tickets and more info at: RSVP on the Facebook Event at: Join the Chiang Mai Digital Nomads Facebook Group: Hope to see you in Thailand this year or next!


Ep 213 - World's Best Places to Dive and Scuba Diving Liveaboards

Johnny FD, Andrew Lee, Katy, and Anke Westerlaken enjoyed a Blue Voyager Liveaboard experience in the Maldives. They’ll share some of the worlds best places to scuba dive including their liveaboard adventures. During this episode, you will hear about the incredible adventures under the sea. Learn about some of the major benefits of Liveaboards and dive sights you must completely avoid. Find out how dangerous it really is to dive with sharks and the harm we are doing to our...


Ep 212 - Surfer to Online Business, Passions vs. Reality

Chapin Kreuter is the founder of Surf Pro Techniques which helps motivated surfers who want to progress but aren't seeing the results they want. Chapin has been surfing for over 30 years and is super passionate about the sport yet it took a ton of hard work to get where he is today. During this episode, Chapin will share how was able to take his passion for surfing to an online business. You’ll be inspired to find a passion for something that you already can do and develop your skills...


Ep 211 - Freelancer to Passive Income with Online Courses

Sean Dalton is a photographer who also teaches others how to be a better photographer. He is inspired by the countries he travels, the people he meets, and incredible coffee. During this episode, Sean will share how he Incorporated sponsorships and courses into his business since his last appearance on the podcast. He will talk about ways to improve your Instagram page in order to drive business to your brand. Expect to hear the strategies that led Sean to generate up to $7,000 a month...


Ep 210 - Dropshipping Mum from Australia (Mother of 3 Business Owner)

Carla Cecchi has had massive success in dropshipping over the past few years. She went from zero to over six figures in such a short time. What’s most inspiring is that she did it as a Mum of three! During this episode. Caria will share the ups and downs of creating a successful drop store. You’ll hear about everything from her first sale to her now helping others to win. Learn how she overcame those who haven’t supported her and how her family reacted to her commitment. Expect to also...


Ep 209 - 711 Employee, Truck Driver, from India to Australian Entrepreneur

Amrit Atwal is the ultimate example of somebody who worked towards their dreams despite all odds. Whether it was people doubting his method, working day and night to save the cash to even failing the first time he started. His journey on how he went from a $10 an hour employee to a 6 figure Australian drop shipper will inspire you! During this episode, you will hear about all the difficult times Amrit faced when starting up his dropship store. You’ll learn how he overcame all his issues and...


Ep 208 - Dropshipping Partnership and the $44,000 Store Sale!

Sebastian Wolff is a digital nomad from Germany who spent his $900 on a dropshipping course that changed his life. He is now living in Thailand, enjoying the benefits of living in a cheap place while earning much from his dropshipping business. He is a part of the dropshipping partnership Johnny FD assembled which sold its store for $44,000. This episode is a fun and entertaining conversation about the dropshipping business and its fundamentals. Sebastian shares his experiences in the...


Ep 207 - Meeting Digital Nomads and Making the Move to Thailand

Howard is a digital nomad from Los Angeles who sold everything he owned to move to Chiang Mai, Thailand. He got tired of the same daily routine, made a crucial decision, and hopped on a one-way flight across the world. He had so many doubts with this decision when he first came to Thailand; but one month later, he realized he made the best choice in his life! During the episode, Howard shares his experience during this big move from Los Angeles to Thailand. This is an exciting conversation...


Ep 206 - Podcast Listener to Making Six Figures Profit from Ebay Dropshipping

Joanne Bhaloo and Jonathan Lien are entrepreneurs and digital nomads who found online success through eBay dropshipping. Through David Vu’s course, they ventured into this online business and made thousands of dollars in profit. They built a community, eDropship Empire, to create a place to give help, support, and motivation for all the dropshippers. Also, Joanne and Jonathan are both listeners of this podcast! During the episode, each guest shared their own personal journey on how they...


Ep 205 - USA from Italy, Recorded in LA

Enrico Discolo is an Italian guest based in the United States. He is a graphic designer who found his passion, his love, and his life in America. He went through a tough process to get a work visa and live in the land of the free. He gives a new perspective on America as a person from across the globe. This episode basically talks about Enrico’s journey coming all the way to the United States. Leaving his home country to come to America, he discovered his love and passion. He shares his...


Ep 204 - Tony Robbin's $75,000 Platinum Partnership: Is it worth it?

Jennifer Teie is a Licensed Realtor of RE/MAX Gold who provides consultation to buyers and sellers in acquiring or disposing of residential real estate. She is the founder of Teie One On Productions which brings the community together by producing, promoting, and creating live music and events. She has been actively participating in several Tony Robbins’s events leading her to sign up for the $75,000 Platinum Partnership. The question is, is it worth it? This episode evaluates the...


Bonus Episode - Nomad Summit Q&A - What, Why, Where, When Digital Nomad Conference

This was a youtube live Q&A session for the Nomad Summit where we answered questions like "What is a digital nomad" what's the difference, do I have to travel, and why come to the Nomad Summit conference in Las Vegas and or Chiang Mai, Thailand. Get tickets and more info at


Ep 203 - Why Travel to Ukraine? Why Not Travel to Ukraine?

Damien McGuigan is an explorer and adventurer who wants to visit every country in the world. He is the man behind Chasing Penelope, a travel blog which tells all his travel stories and adventures. He works as an IT technical expert for a company that provides sports betting information around the world. He is a strong believer that people should do everything they want to do. Why not? On this episode, Damien tells his travel journey in the different countries he visited especially the...


Ep 202 - The Sheriff of Transnistria - Present Day USSR

Roman Maximov is a tour guide in Transnistria, a non-recognized state which is in between the Dniester River and Ukraine. The place is greatly monopolized by a guy whom they call “The Sheriff”. He has taken over almost everything in the area including restaurants, hotels, and gas stations. He is so huge that his birthday is celebrated like no other – and the story behind his rise in power is both intriguing and astounding. On this episode, Roman takes us on a mind tour on what the state of...


Ep 201 - Part 2 of Episode 200 - Answers to Listener Questions

In celebration of TLAB’s 200th episode, this is to give credits to all the listeners and provide a platform to answer questions directly from the audiences! In the past 200 episodes, Johnny has interviewed several digital nomads who love to explore and travel while working from anywhere in the world. Tons of travel hacks, tips, and strategies have been discussed during the entire duration of this podcast – but we can’t seem to get enough of it. On this episode, listeners from all around...


Ep 200 - Anthony Bourdain Tribute + Listener Q&A

Johnny FD, together with his co-host Aleksandra Bulatskaya, gives tribute to the American celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain who, unfortunately, took his own life at 61. Anthony has been an inspiration to many digital nomads through his travel documentaries where he shows what lies beyond his limits. He is one of the pioneers in the world of exploration and travel. This is a very special episode about Anthony’s amazing life as a tribute to him and the inspiration he has left behind. His...


Ep 199 - Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria - The Chiang Mai of Europe

Matthias Zeitler is a location independent entrepreneur who cofounded Coworking Bansko, a coworking space in Bansko and a home for digital nomads and freelancers. They provide a community for people who love working with others where they can meet new friends and learn new ideas. On the episode, you will learn so much about Bansko, a town in Bulgaria. Matthias helps nomads experience a new perspective of remote work as he opened Coworking Bansko. Here, he will talk about his journey in the...


Ep 198 - Traveling with Kristin, Costa Rica, Greece, College, and Creating Your Job

Kristin Wilson is the owner and founder of Poker Refugees which is dedicated to bringing you to your next poker home. After learning the term “digital nomad”, she began to discover that she is exactly how the term defines. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in International Business and took post-graduate studies in business administration. And from there, she embarked on a nomadic journey when she got offered a job in Costa Rica. This is a fun episode about...


Ep 197 - Film Producer, Adventure Photographer, Video Production Around the World, from Travel Blogging

Jannis Riebschläger is a passionate traveler and film producer who produced his first travel film, Hyperborea, and brought it to over 40 cinemas in Germany. His passion in film production has brought him to several countries, creating image films and commercials which boost his clients’ sales and achieving goals in their businesses. He also published a book called “Sud - eine Abenteuerreise nach Süden”, Jannis’s own travel stories and adventures. On this episode, nomad stories have taken a...