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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.

UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.
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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.






Sirius, Cicret and Samsung kick off an epic start to 2015

Welcome to episode #215. On the show: Danish sensors; PlaceIQ + Starcom partner on SMGMaps; VIPLocum; TempleRun in virtual reality; LuceX3 builds your conscience into a vending machine; SiriusXM targets the connected car; Red/Green app helps plan your social life; Cicret bracelet moves the screen to your skin; Favoire supports social good; Ubudu powers bluetooth mesh network. Plus, the killer app for virtual reality & why beacon data is hard to quantify. Full show notes can be found here:...


Chuck Martin’s CES preview show

Chuck is heading to CES and gives us a comparison of what it was like last year and what he expects it to be like this year. Plus, he highlights some of the things he will be focused on while in Las Vegas.


The future of smartphones: Will we still be using them in 5 years

This is one of the greatest questions any entrepreneur and business person can ponder: Will the smartphone still be the form factor of choice in 5 years? Or, if you are an opportunist, the question would be what is the NEXT opportunity after smartphones? This is the question that Greg asked me as he took over the show. We'd like to know your answer. What will you be staring into in 5 years?


The grand 2015 location based marketing predictions show

Welcome to episode #214. This is our annual predictions show - a look ahead at the key trends and companies to watch in 2015. We tap into key trends that will emerge in the industry, companies that will thrive and, of course, the companies that will struggle in 2015. Full show notes can be found here: http://untether.tv/2014/grand-2015-location-based-marketing-predictions-show/


Beacons make the McDonalds McChicken fly Edit

In late October, McDonalds got into the beacon game. Not all McDonalds, just 17 of them in the Columbus, Georgia area. The results were good enough to prompt them to expand the rollout to another 263 locations. Chuck summarizes the results from the first 17 stores and answers the question about why beacons and why not just hand out coupons instead.


In sickness and in health

Welcome to episode #213. On the show: Factual adds dashboards; State Farm helps identify cars; StreetPong while you wait to cross; Real-time trading platforms from Lamar and Posterscope; Is Foursquare working with Twitter?; Get to orbit with PocketQube; Scandic brings the hotel room to you; RoyalMail gets into 3D printing; MA news from TuneCore, Qualcomm and Movido plus our resource of the week is the Simon Venture Group accelerator. Full show notes can be found here:...


The Product Show: 3 mobile products to help you keep healthy in 2015

It is that time of the year again - the dreaded new year's resolution. Our resolutions usually hover around 3 things: Health, wealth and relationships. Today, we are tackling health and we highlight 3 mobile apps and services that can help you watch what you eat, move more and get fit.


How mobile brings private coaches and athletes together - with CoachUp foun

Inspired. That's how I left this episode. Completely inspired. Jordan Fliegel is the founder of CoachUp, a company that helps match athletes (or wanna be athletes) with professional coaches. Not just any type of coach but some of the most elite athletes-turned-coaches in the United States. His company has attracted over 13,000 coaches and they are all available to help you achieve your athletic goals. With the growing popularity of coaching applications strewn across mobile - where the...


How to use SMS to increase basket size while giving a discount

There isn't a business on earth that isn't trying to increase the amount of money their customers spend with them. Well, maybe there are but they won't be in business for long. The thing is, there are so many tools that can be used to do this that give value to the business AND their customers and leave both feeling great at the end. SMS is one of those tools and Greg walks us through something he calls the "Cash Back Formula" that works to help increase the average spend while giving a...


The Take makes shopping a part of the movie-going experience

If you've ever been watching a movie and wondered what brand of watch the lead was wearing or what car they were driving or where they were eating lunch then The Take is for you. Chuck explains how this app brings you a little closer to being a part of the movie experience while cataloging and selling the brands found inside a film.


Location-based causes

Welcome to episode #212. On the show: Live deals on posters; TGI Fridays' drone attack; Health Insurance benefits with Misfit; Search as signal by Mindshare and Google; Leave your stuff at the Hyatt - in Australia; Maps on clothes with Monochome; Feed America with Jawbone and Quaker Oats; Pop-up Libraries; Smart screens by Photon and Panasonic; eBay Australia's 24-hour Christmas Windows. Full show notes can be found at http://www.untether.tv


The Product Show: 4 products to personalize your Christmas gifts

Stuck for great ideas for Christmas presents? Ian Klassen joins us from a Starbucks in Seattle to show us how 4 companies can help you find and personalize gifts that will be cherished, eaten or worn by your loved ones. Yes, eaten.


How app impact can make or break your mobile app

Do you know what the true cost is of your app? Not the baked costs - labour, assets, distribution, marketing - those are easy and visible. The costs we are talking about are the subtle ones that have the biggest impact. Battery consumption, data consumption, processor consumption. They are killers when it comes to the cost of experience and need to be part of your equation when looking to build a successful app. Here's why you should be considering these as you build and refine your app.


My first year in a mobile startup with Lowdown co-founder David Senior

David Senior doesn't hold back. He is the co-founder of a new kind of service that helps put your upcoming meetings in context called Lowdown. We get to that in this episode, as well as their newest app release called Here, but the real reason you NEED to watch or listen to this episode is for the truth. The truth about how difficult it is to find good advice that is worth listening to. The truth about how hard it is to build a company with staying power in this era of temporary companies....


Here is the 90/10 rule for mobile sales

Here is the definitive number for you in the ongoing "mobile app versus mobile web" battle being waged in retail provided by Skava: 90% of revenue comes from the mobile web. That is a crazy high number that really does show the importance of nailing that experience for your customers. The problem? If you are a retailer you still need both the mobile web AND a mobile app - unless you can afford to give up the other 10% of revenue (and 15% of visits) that come via the app. These numbers, and...


Disarming privacy with charity + Michael Provenzano of Vistar Media

Welcome to episode #211. On the show: Snapchat opens geofilters to everyone; Barclay's Bank enlists beacons to help customers with disabilities; Cab Share Canada launches; Girl Scout's launch their cookie-finder app; Proxama + Exterion bring beacons to the bus; KLM's "Cover Greetings" campaign; Location Guard for FireFox; The Neighbrhds app; Liberty Stores builds app on Instagram for customer loyalty; Target + Google's Art Copy & code program. Special guest is Michael Provenzano of Vistar...


The Product Show: 3 products that will ensure you get the best price this C

The countdown is on to Christmas - signalled by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you were out there you know that insanity that comes with it. Sometimes you win with great deals and sometimes you don't. We cover 3 products that you can use right now to help ensure you will receive the best price on your products. Shopping doesn't have to be war, these 3 products will equip you with the information you need to make the right tactical strikes and get home before the crowds descend.


How to use cross-promotion to increase mobile app installs

Cross-promotion, which involves the practice of setting up apps that promote each other to their audiences, is a wonderful, free way to promote your app. In practice, app developers advertise each other’s apps via advertising placements within those apps. It’s a perfect approach for app developers on a tight budget, And, although there’s no real currency being exchanged between the app developers using this model, the app downloads this promotion strategy can drive are certainly money in the...


How FUZdesigns Kickstarted their way to over $1.2 million in pre-orders - w

To succeed with one product on Kickstarter is a challenge but to do it twice is pretty rare - especially if it is two different products. What about 4 times? We've seen many companies bring a second or third version of a successfully crowdsourced project back for a second iteration but our guest today built 4 separate mobile products through Kickstarter within a year. Cameron Gibbs is the co-founder of FUZdesigns, makers of the EverDock, the beautiful Kickstarter-funded iPhone dock, and the...


This is how much you will spend from your phone next year

How much do you spend through your smartphone? Well, according to a recent eMarketer study that number is set to double by the end of next year. Chuck highlights the numbers that will see us breaking all kinds of mobile payments records this - and next - year. The biggest thing that will break, though, is your bank according to these numbers.