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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.

UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.
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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.






A little comfort by the side of the road

Welcome to episode #274. On the show: Sodimac lets you sleep on the side of the highway; Crimtan partners with Primesight; The Rappi App for simple grocery shopping; LiveNation gets into location with their own LBM platform; Deliv partners with UPS; Yahoo! Japan partners with IndoorAtlas; ASDA + Clear Channel UK; xAD launches MarketPlace; PlaceIQ and LiveRamp work together for TV ads; Geofeedia and Dell partner. Our resource is from ODUM and focuses on the proximity payment market.


In case of emergency call your nearest...WaffleHouse?

Welcome to episode #273. On the show: Poster in motion for the film Creative Control; Web.com acquired Yodle; Alibaba invests in Groupon with them knowing; Mitsubishi's mid-air display - it's like magic; In case of emergency call your nearest WaffleHouse; Walgreens gets deeper into beacons; Kontakt.io raises $5M clams; Foursquare + Delivery.com; Exterion pulling O2 customer data for OOH targeting; Yoose + Telkomsel case study. Our resource is from the Samsung Keynote presentation and...


Holy Fook!

Welcome to episode #245. On the show: Anonymous proximity messaging with NOD; Visor let's you see what's happening around the globe; Michigan University opens up MCity to test driverless cars; Beacons + WeChat test from Chow Tai Fook brings in $16m; Hipcamp's landsharing services. Member news from Canadian Tire, Placed and Wendy's.


Sony ushers in Drones as a Service (DaaS)

Sony announced they are entering the drone business - not to sell them but to rent them out as a service to other companies. Are they becoming the Hertz of the drone industry? That's for another episode. Today we focus on how this announcement fits into the Internet of Everything ecosystem - which involves sensors and robots...


TWiLBM #244: For Doug Bain wherever he may be

Welcome to episode #244. On the show: Monetizing ears; UberMedia launches Location Visit Optimization; The world's first virtual reality theme park called The Void; The world's first artificially intelligent ad; MotorMood's emoticons for drivers; Audi, BMW & Daimler acquire Nokia's Here; xAd's Global Location Snapshot; Nordstrom's rooftoop Instagram installation. Our resource of the week is social video sharing app Beme. Full show notes can be found here:...


Chrysler has 1.4 million reasons to embrace the Internet of Things...quickl

Chrysler ran into a PR nightmare this week with the controlled hack of a Jeep while it was cruising along the highway. They managed to mess around with the air conditioning and stereo and then shut down the engine - all while the helpless driver panicked. The significance cannot be overlooked as we enter a new world of connected everything AND as congress looks at controlling the messages (read: advertising) and data that can infiltrate and be collected while we drive our cars. This surely...


TWiLBM #243: Groceries are hot + Ian Dallimore of Lamar

Welcome to episode #243. On the show: Location-based soundtrack on the Williamsburg Bridge; The Great Escape; Google's Eddystone beacon initiative; Spotify's musical map of the world; Enplug's digital signage app marketplace; CrispMedia partners with Taste Of Home for hyperlocal content in grocery stores; Swrve and Plot Projects partner; NTT DoCoMo helps us shop with our eyes; 800 Square Feet is Canada's first shopping apartment; the GPS turns 20 and so does Amazon. Our special guest is...


What shoppers want from a retailer’s mobile app – a checklist

It isn’t complicated. In fact, it comes down to 2 things. These two simple things that customers want inside a retailer’s mobile app are defined in the most recent UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper report done by Comscore. In this episode, Chuck extracts the most important mobile pieces from the report and hands us a checklist of the things retailers need to start doing right now in order to succeed with their mobile strategy. You are welcome…


TWiLBM #242: Go on take the money and run

Welcome to episode #242. On the show: AOL/Verizon may be Millenial Media; Shape-changing interfaces; Big Gay Ice Cream uses beacons; Gimbal's new U-series beacon; Rubicon Global's quest to be UBER for your trash; Bulmer's #livecolourful bar; MakersCafe; Spark's Women on the map; Waze's RideWith ride sharing; Hands-free Tinder for Apple Watch. Chuck Martin visits to talk about mobile and flying. Full show notes can be found here: http://untether.tv/2015/go-on-take-the-money-and-run/


Mobile commerce around the world – not a small number to be found

Mobile commerce is getting big. How big? Great question. Chuck takes us around the world to give us the answer. First to the UK, then Korea, Italy, China and the US. Lots of “billions” being tossed around in this episode…


bv02's The Brief #4 - Mobile Strategy with Rob Woodbridge

This is one that I'm very proud of. A great conversation about mobile strategy with BV02 CEO Andrew Milne. This time the roles are reversed and I'm being asked the questions. We discuss why companies aren't grasping the mobile opportunity, where mobile fits into EVERY SINGLE organization (small and large) and why mobile is foundational - the very core - of business going forward.


The OTHER 10 smartphone sensors you aren't using

Perhaps it is true that we only use a fraction of our human brain because we haven't mastered how the rest work. The same could be said about the sensors inside our smartphones as well - until now. Former Thinknear founder Eli Portnoy has launched his latest startup, Sense360, and he wants to help developers tap into all the sensors that are already live inside of our smartphones. Chuck helps us understand why that's important and how it could be used for good.


The summer vacation show

Welcome to episode #240. On the show: We take a look at tools, services and technologies that will make your summer vacation better - no babysitting included. We feature stories about: Google Photos; Mr. Everything; PayPal and Uber; Foursquare's mayor mea culpa; the KeepTrax app; Google's Sidewalk Labs; Trending places on Instagram; Samsung's safety truck; the Space Case 1; Piano, Push, Play + a bonus Pizza story. Full show notes can be found here:...


Wearables AREN’T about getting ads to the wrist

Wearables can be a confusing world. On one hand (punny) we wear them in hopes that they streamline our lives, make us healthier and bring our eyes away from the constant glow of the smartphone screen. On the other hand we are all trying to figure out how they can and should impact our business. There is a fine line between helpful and annoying – especially when it comes to something that we choose to wear on our bodies. Have no fear, Chuck sat down with Travis Bogard of Jawbone to get his...


Would you believe we are twins?

Welcome to episode #239. On the show: Parkour Method; Roku & Innovid team up; VenueLabs acquired by Groupon; Amazon testing On My Way delivery service?; Ted Baker launches online virtual store with 360 degree panorama technology; Reachi uses a mesh network to help the Red Cross; Snapchat's Geofilters become ads; Lanes for texting in Antwerp; AdTile launches the Motion Store; NASA is getting into air traffic controlling...for drones. Full show notes can be found here:...


Mapping the magnetic genome

Welcome to episode #238. On the show: Thync's digital drug; Google's Location Aware Search; Indoor Atlas partners with Aisle411; Marriott and Netflix Travel Brilliantly together; Nomadic Gifts brings back the carrier pigeon; Verve Mobile acquires Fosbury; Facebook gives away beacons for free; Le Petit Chef entertains on your dinner plate. Our resource this week is The Meaning of Local from xAd. Full show notes can be found here: http://untether.tv/2015/mapping-the-magnetic-genome/


Is mass transit the key to mass mobile commerce adoption?

Adoption for mobile payments happens when it hits on something that lots of people do every single day. Buying a chocolate bar or a lottery ticket doesn't cut it, neither do groceries. Starbucks has nailed it and so to has the Mass Bay Transportation Authority. Lots of people take the bus every single day. Could the bus be the tipping point for mass adoption of mobile commerce? Watch on to understand why we think so.


Connected fabric, Jurassic promo and Wearables for Good

Welcome to episode #237. On the show: Samsung & Jurassic World offer Best Buy exclusive content; Pinterest's "buyable pins"; Alibaba tests new QR codes for a nifty idea; Periscope's map view; Zopper raises $20m; Google's connected fabric Project Jacquard; Geotraq's patent for Cell-ID module; Facebook Messenger turns off location; Baidu invests in VisionMedia and rolls out Indoor Atlas; Wearables For Good by UNICEF. Full show notes can be found here:...


mCommerce, not apps, dominate mobile revenue and investment

If you are wondering where all the money is being invested into and earning from in mobile we have the answer: mCommerce. It has taken in almost 50% of all investment money and is slated to dominate earnings for years to come. Just how big is it? Chuck answers that question based on a new Digi-Capital study. Hint: It's big and getting bigger.


The 3 obstacles to mobile payment adoption are...

We highlight the top 3 monstrous obstacles to mobile payment adoption in this episode based on the results of a study by the Mercator Advisory Group. However, there is a fourth obstacle and it is something Chuck says as the final word of this episode – it starts with the letter “v”. Watch on to find out.