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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.

UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.
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UNTETHER.tv gets behind the business of the mobile industry. Mobile veteran Rob Woodbridge interviews the leading mobile companies and mobile thinkers in the world and offers strategy and tactics to help you bring mobile into your business or create your mobile business.






The 5 reasons you can't ignore SMS marketing

SMS marketing can be misunderstood. It seems complex to get up and running and goes against the traditional view that marketing should reach as many people as possible all at once (which, in hindsight, seems absolutely ridiculous no?). The thing is that when you do SMS marketing properly and in context it is one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. Period.


The 3 things you should never do when using social media to market your mob

Marketing is an art when it comes to getting the word out for your newly-minted mobile application and there has never been a more affordable means to market than social media. The problem is that most app developers either ignore this opportunity to engage with their community or are doing it terribly wrong. That's why we are here. This episode focuses on the reasons social media marketing is so important for your mobile app business and the 3 things you should NEVER (and we mean NEVER as...


Macy's goes all in on beacons

In a first of what will likely be many companies diving headfirst into beacons, Macy's has announced a huge rollout of 4000 beacons across their stores in the United States. They are doing it in partnership with Shopkick and Chuck has all the details of this monster initiative here.


Macy's, ex-cons and Verizon's new business + The Location Score Index updat

Welcome to episode #200. On the show: Google Outside expands; Geotargeted ads to help The Times Newseum; Weve is dead; Pigeonly's Photopigeon; MoodMedia rolls out presence; Macy's commits to Shopkick and 4000 stores; Futur Heritage pushes Remy Martin; Verizon to enter car sharing; The Drink Up fountain; Urban Airship pushes iOS' interactive push notifications. Special guest is Eli Portnoy of Thinknear on their latest Location Score Index. Full show notes can be found here:...


How to accelerate app store payments to fund your business - with Pollen fo

Money. There is not a more precious commodity for app developers than the earned dollars staring at them. The problem is that it is often stuck in app store purgatory - earned but not released. You can stare at it, watch it grow, but for a set amount of time, can not touch it, spend it or re-invest it in your business. Basically, it is useless. Unless... Martin MacMillan saw this problem first hand and decided to do something about it. His company, Pollen, accelerates earned revenues still...


The top 5 iOS 8 features that marketers need to know about

Greg and I jump into the iOS 8 discussion by highlighting the top 5 enhancements that marketers should know about. We talk Apple Pay, Spotlight, Widgets, MAC addresses and action notifications (with a few detours around Apple Watch, iBeacons and Twitter?). The goal here is to demonstrate the possibilities that the new OS brings to the mobile marketing world. Will you use all/any of these? Perhaps not right away but to be aware of them is a requirement and we do our best to bring them to...


How to use emotions to make mobile ads more effective

We've all seen an ad on television that has had an impact on us - made us laugh or cry or think or donate or buy or repulse. Mobile ads should be no different. The key is to understand when to display the appropriate ad with the appropriate message and being of the appropriate length. This is what InMobi calls "Emotional Monetization" and Peggy walks us through an incredibly simple process to understand when to use what type of ad for maximum revenue generation. I.E. When to place the...


X is getting closer to the spot - with Thinknear's Eli Portnoy

Eli Portnoy's company Thinknear made waves earlier this year when they released the very first Location Score Index - a report that graded the overall accuracy of targeted mobile ads. Needless to say, the results left much to improve on. They recently released their second Location Score Index and the impact a quarter has made on the numbers is very impressive. Eli is back to tell us about the good news and where he hopes balance will be achieved. If you sell or buy location based targeted...


Praise the beacon, mobile marketing has its muse

Hallelujah the beacons are coming! A huge study by Adobe shows us what mobile marketers think of beacons and it is (mostly) good. There is tremendous interest in using beacons these days and this study encapsulates the state of acceptance as a marketing tool. Chuck summarizes for us here.


Apple Pay, Jafflechutes and the digital drum beats for Uganda

Welcome to episode #199. On the show: Apple's big event; Into the Storm's augmented reality street sign; Unicef's Digital Drum Project; Budweiser brings beer to your Facebook friends; TalkLocal raises and rebrands; WhatsApp and Skype add location sharing; Twitter brings buying to your stream; Jafflechutes drops grilled cheese sandwiches; iScent thinks we want to smell our emails; T-Mobile becomes the UnCarrier. Our resource of the week is a map of all the connected devices in the world....


Ask a VC with Moe Kermani of Vanedge Capital

In this installment of our "Ask A VC" segment, we sit with Moe Kermani of Vanedge Capital from Vancouver, Canada. Moe has roots as an entrepreneur having co-founded a company that he ran for 11 years before selling and moving into the venture capital world. Moe's advice is balanced, succinct and very valuable to any entrepreneur on the hunt for investment today. Some of the key takeaways echo previous guests - especially the "no asshole" rule - but much of what Moe says is incredible...


The marketer's guide to the mobile web vs mobile app debate

This debate has raged on endlessly: Mobile app versus mobile web site. Finally, some straight answers for marketers on how they should approach each and why. From the "one web" concept to the difference between a mobile web customer and a mobile app customer, Greg highlights some key strategies and questions that good marketers are asking and implementing. You probably should watch this...


Why the enterprise is ripe for mobile disruption

Are you a developer for hire or a company involved in mobile development? Have you looked at the enterprise as an opportunity to build a business or your portfolio? You see, larger companies are struggling both internally and externally which makes the opportunity incredibly large. They need to satisfy their own internal requirements for CRM and employee optimization while at the same time satisfy their customers that fuel the business. Good thing for you that Peggy lays out the...


Is today the day mobile payments gets respect thanks to Apple?

There is so much speculation around Apple's event today but there are a few things we are sure of and I'm not talking about the new phones. Mobile payments are coming to - and through - Apple's ecosystem with huge partners and even greater clout. Chuck explores the impact that a mobile payments-enabled Apple means to the industry.


The misguided agency, tweet to eat and Lynda Smith of Twilio

Welcome to episode #198. On the show: Heineken's location-based loyalty rewards for small bars; AVG acquires LocationLabs; xAd and IndoorAtlas raise rounds; Walkers chips tweet to eat; Nordstrom & Target powered by Curalate; InMobi partners with Factual on mobile ads; McDonalds trades cans for food in Sweden; Magnum and NewAer partner on beacon engagement; Marriott teams with MIT to create matchmaking table through LinkedIn data; FUZ design brings us the bluetooth-enabled Noke padlock; MCX...


How this mobile dead-man switch has saved 4 lives - with LifeLine Response

Most entrepreneurs are driven individuals. Sometimes they are driven by divine inspiration, other times it is as a result of personal experience. Some entrepreneurs are focused on changing the numbers in their bank accounts while others are set on making a long-lasting contribution to humanity. For Peter Cahill, founder of LifeLine Response, he can check them all off and his company is just at the start of its run. LifeLine Response is a personal safety service that has already saved 4...


Our favourite mobile marketing resources

We both receive a lot of requests about the resources we use to stay on top of the mobile marketing world. Here, in a single episode, are the books, podcasts and websites that Greg and I use to keep up to date.


How to use video to sell your mobile app

Video has always been an important part of the mobile app marketing process and is getting a huge boost on the iPhone platform when Apple introduces the use of short videos in the next version of its App Store. Peggy summarizes some incredible advice from Apptamin co-founder Sylvain Gauchet to make your app video standout amongst the crowd.


What the Mobile 500 tells us about global mCommerce habits

There are some stark differences when it comes to mobile commerce adoption around the world and they are detailed in a new report by Internet Retailer called the 2015 Mobile 500. Chuck dives into the key stats from the report. One of the key findings is the difference in revenue growth between retailers that have an app versus those that don't...Not sure you can afford to skip this episode.


Location data as art, marketing nostalgia and Peter Cahill of Life Line Res

Welcome to episode #197. On the show: Sprooki rolls out beacons in Singapore malls; Philipp Schmitt's location based light painting project; Comcast thinks EverBlock and Philadelphia are a good combination; Magpi's cloud-based mobile data collection; Google brings local ads to the desktop; Runkeeper partners with KIIP; PitneyBowes' location start-up incubator in India; 7Eleven rolls out Belly to 2600 stores; QR codes to help Alzheimer sufferers from getting lost; Pumpipumpe goes old-school...