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#009: How to Easily Delegate Your Sales Funnel Creation

I have worked on many sales funnel creation projects for myself and for my clients. These are big projects with a lot of moving parts! Fortunately, I have worked with a team for years and have learned some valuable lessons on delegating tasks. Now, I’m sharing my five steps to delegating sales funnel creation projects with you! These steps will help you organize your project, finish on-time, free you to do the work you love, and be successful.


#008: How to Save Time with a Blog Writing Checklist

In this video, I’m going to show you exactly how to create a blog writing checklist that you can follow every time you write a blog post. But keep in mind that you don’t have to do it exactly like I do it! Simply use this as an example or inspiration, and then build your own checklist or system that will help you create blog posts faster and more easily! Read the post: https://www.mirandanahmias.com/blog-writing Grab the FREE content marketing idea spreadsheet template in the post above...


#007: How to Get Amazing Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content is crucial to engage your audience and keep your business relevant. Need help with content ideas? Here are 7 excellent idea generators to use for your content marketing strategy! Read the blog post + grab the FREE content marketing ideas spreadsheet template: https://www.mirandanahmias.com/content-marketing-strategy/ Join my Facebook group: www.growlikewoah.co Sign up for the FREE 5-Day Client Challenge, which will help you get your first or next client in 5 days or less:...


#006: How to Stop Being Taken Advantage of by Your Prospective Clients

I am a BIG believer in overdelivery. I want to give my clients as much value as possible, even before they sign a contract with me. This has become a signature feature of my business and my brand. However, it can lead to being taken advantage of. The million dollar (or $50? $500? $5,000?) question when you’re prospecting for a client is: how much work beforehand is “too much”? The important thing here is to know your worth and figure out where to draw the line. Think about it — what...


#005: 7 Ways to Improve Your Money Mindset

Try to imagine what your life would look like if you got to a place of true wealth and abundance, and the feelings that would give you. Think about what you really want from money. What does wealth and abundance look like to you? In this episode, we’re talking money mindset: change your outlook on finances and income, and it’s guaranteed that you will achieve business success. Read the blog post and watch the video here!


#004: Finding Your Passion in Business ft. Jaimie Myers

Do you ever wonder if you’re pursuing the best life? Sometimes we get in a head space where we question whether or not we are living out our dreams, or simply following a path that we aren't all that in love with. It's important to find your passion in life, and strive to live in a way where you can pursue that passion. This doesn't mean that we will all live amazing lives with our fantasy jobs and end up marrying Prince Charming. Life isn't a fairytale. But we do not need to be unhappy...


#003: Negativity Around Goal Setting

I’m all about setting goals and achieving them, but let’s be honest…goal-setting can lead to a lot of negative thoughts. Do I enjoy setting goals? Sure. Can it be fun? Absolutely! Yet, the negative thoughts still come forward sometimes. It’s easy to feel stuck in a place of resentment. You get frustrated when your business isn’t where you want it to be, or worse — where you think it should be at this stage. This has definitely happened to me before. And I’m sure you’ve found yourself in...


#002: How to Create Financial Freedom with Passive Income (ft. Angela Wills)

Listen to this episode of the Woahpreneur podcast to discover how to create financial freedom with passive income. With an online business, there are basically two choices: you can either make money passively or actively. Most businesses are a combination of the two, which is a way to diversify your income. It’s really important to diversify your business’ income so that if something unexpected happens to one aspect of your income, you still have other ways to make money that will hopefully...