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Wil Reynolds - I Am Whatever You Say I Am - Human To Human(Episode 19)

This is the last episode of WojCast Season 1 and it is time to get into some real company shit. It's the final episode of WojCast for season 1 and what better way to cap things off then with the straight-shooting head of SEER interactive Wil Reynolds. Prepare yourself and the rest of the marketing industry to take a long hard look in the mirror as Wil strips away all niceties to reshape SEO in a bid to protect the needs of his clients and their audiences from the pressures of the algorithm.


Nathalie Nahai - What Makes People Click - Human To Human(Episode 18)

Why do people do the things they do, buy the things they buy and like the things they like? On Episode 18 our heroes brave the wilds of the human mind with the web psychologist, Nathalie Nahai, to find some answers. In Nathalie's interview, we learn about the role web psychology plays in business, especially on digital platforms, plus we learn about the ways people engage with content and brand identity.


Melanie Spring - Changing The World One Brand At A Time (Human To Human | Episode 17)

Being a badass and branding go hand in hand, but doing business and thinking about the humans involved in it on both sides of the deal has a tendency to get lost in the shuffle. On episode 17 brand strategist Melanie Spring joins Woj and Bobby to talk about her cross-country journey to uncover the lesser known stories of businesses across America. Whether big or small, every organisation has to work hard to connect with the people who work for them and the people who buy from them. A...


Oli Gardner- The Name's Page, Landing Page - Human To Human(Episode 16)

What kind of madman would actually consider changing his name to Landing Page? Our own Woj Kwasi had an inkling Oli Gardner fit the bill. That's why he pinned down the globe-trotting orator for an insightful interview at MozCon for episode 16 of WojCast. Woj and Oli explore Oli's journey from Edinburgh to Canada, Unbounce's history and its future with artificial intelligence, the power of insights over data (and how to get them), how to improve the conversion rates of almost anything,...


Marty Weintraub - Psychographic Killer - The Future: Resistance Is Mobile (Episode 15)

There is a killer on the loose! The Psychographic Killer and founder of the company Aimclear, Marty Weintraub, joins Woj & Bobby for a mind-blowing episode of Wojcast. A musician by trade, Marty continues to rock the proverbial casbah and everything else he touches with his incredible audience and customer acquisition tactics. Join our heroes on episode 15 as they take a journey through the mind of a marketing legend to discover the challenges he faced building an industry leading...


Gianluca Fiorelli - 'Luca's Linguistic & Literary Lessons (The Future: Resistance Is Mobile | Episode 14)

Every great sci-fi flick deserves a sequel. Gianluca Fiorelli returns for the second part of his interview to discuss how humanistic studies influences his international SEO work. From the evolution of language to literary theory, Gianluca's academic background makes him a powerhouse in digital marketing. The meaning of words and interpretation of content may one day be monopolised by google as it continues to invests more resources into arranging the sum total of digitised human...


Gianluca Fiorelli - Sci-Fi & Reality Converge - The Future: Resistance Is Mobile (Episode 13)

Don't forget that the internet is a global force to be reckoned with. It's time to talk international strategies with SEO senior consultant Gianluca Fiorelli. Based in Europe, Gianluca has a unique perspective of the digital marketing landscape. By operating at the crossroads of a culturally diverse market, Gianluca has been a witness to the tactics that work on the global stage. On Episode 13 of WojCast he takes the time to bursts open a few bubbles with our heroes Woj and Bobby to...


Geraldine DeRuiter - The Forever Ready Everywhereist - A Case Study In Transparency (Episode 12)

We love Jeff Goldblum, but not as much as Geraldine DeRuiter. On episode 12 Woj and Bobby take a trip with the jet-setting Everywhererist to discover the roots of her liberating travel ethos, where failing at a vacation is impossible and getting lost is all part of the master plan. After writing her first book, All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft, Geraldine is bursting with golden nuggets of wisdom delivered with her timely sense of humor and endlessly...


Rand Fishkin (Pt.2) - Being Authentic Online - A Case Study In Transparency (Episode 11)

Seattle may have lost the Supersonics but it kept one of its great homegrown resources, Moz founder Rand Fishkin. On Episode 11, Rand reflects on the challenges his company will face as his team attempts to return the business to profitability and return to its SEO roots. As always, Rand is especially transparent in explaining the tools and strategies Moz has at its disposal to remain best in class. Our heroes Woj and Bobby learn about how the company will confront the future of SEO and...


Rand Fishkin - Being Authentic Online - A Case Study In Transparency (Episode 10)

Fancy running your own company? Sweet! But before you go all Trump and start waving your CEO flag it's time to put some serious thought into the ideas that will form the foundation of your company. You may know what you do well but do you honestly know why you do it? Values are everything and few founders represent what they believe as openly as Moz's Rand Fishkin. On episode 10 of WojCast, he reveals the roots of his religious devotion to transparency and how it helped build Moz into...


Ian Lurie - A Future-Proof Broken Record - Link Juice (Episode 9)

What do you do to get your copy right? Mastering the art of communication is more important than ever if you hope to capture and hold onto a modern audience that is literally drowning in content. There's nothing wrong with being spoiled with choices, as long as the options are of the highest standard and our guest, Portent's Ian Lurie, has the insights to help you write premium content. Join our heroes on Episode 9 of WojCast as they attempt to wax poetic with one of the kings of...


Jason Acidre - Linking With The Sage- Episode 8

Any gaming fans in the house? Ever considered testing your superior hand eye coordination skills in the business world? Put down the controllers and join our masterclass in link building on episode 8 of WojCast with Xite Interactives, Jason Acidre. He's a former pro-Counter Strike player turned digital marketing superstar. In our interview he talks about the challenges of transitioning from pro-gaming to digital marketing and running his internationally acclaimed business from the...


Jon Cooper/Paddy Moogan - I Link Therefore I Am - Link Juice (Episode 7)

Hold off on the mixers, we got link juice! WojCast is happy to present Episode 7 featuring the lords of links, Jon Cooper and Paddy Moogan. Get a double dose link lesson from two of the best in the business. Our heroes Woj and Bobby Bot find out how the young Jon Cooper turned a Uni passion project into a full time hustle, eventually developing a scaled link building campaign he would share with the world. Jet setter Paddy Moogan drops in as well to talk about his New Zealand sabbatical,...


Dr. Pete Meyers - The Brave New World Of SERPs - Link Juice (Episode 6)

Are you struggling to understand search engine results pages? Check in with the good Doctor of MOZ, Peter Meyers who joins the crew on episode 6 of WojCast to take the lid off of the mystery of international search by sharing the results of some of his game changing research. Join our heroes Woj and Bobby as they dig deeper with the search scientist to understand what the future will look like as Google goes beyond the blue links. 80% of search engine results pages chang everyday, so...


Gary Illyes - From 28K To Reinventing Search - Google Land (Episode 5)

Does pondering the inner workings of Google keep you awake at night? In the fifth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to Google's own webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes. When he isn't working side by side with the search lords arranging the collective knowledge of humanity into a infinite potentially self-aware interactive digital library, you can find Gary helping (or trolling) users on twitter, dishing out Google's guidelines and best practices so that all of humanity's...


Larry Kim - Swimming Up WordStream On A Unicorn - Google Land / The Machine (Episode 4)

How do you catch a Unicorn? And once you get it, what do you do with it? In the fourth episode of WojCast, our heroes Bobby and Woj talk to WordStream's founder and digital marketing expert Larry Kim about how he started his business from the ground up and what it takes to excel at software development, PPC and unicorn level content creation. The remarkable growth of WordStream is impressive, even by tech standards. By attracting a team that is as deep into thought leadership, hacks and...


Mike King (Pt.2) - Mike Ain't Gonna Drop - Hustle (Episode 3)

From MC to CEO! In the third episode of WojCast, Woj gets us caught up with the latest power moves from the SEO superstar, Mike King. Many things have changed for Mike since Woj first sat down with him 5 years ago. Today he is in charge of his own inbound marketing company iPullRank, he resurrected a digital space for the Hiphop community with an online record Undergroundhiphop.com and he just created his own cryptocurrency. Oh! - and he's just become a father. All in a day's work for...


Mike King - Inbound Marketer Without A Pause Pt.1 - Hustle (Episode 2)

Let's talk about Mike control. In the second episode of WojCast, Woj digs into his interview archives to share a conversation he had 6 years ago with an up-and-coming SEO superstar, Mike King. In this interview Mike describes his journey from grinding as a rapper in New York City's underground Hiphop scene to establishing his career in SEO. Mike's interview reveals some of the challenges he had to face as an artist transitioning into a new role at iAcquire and what his unique skill sets...


Lewis Howes - You Matter - Hustle (Episode 1)

A robot with a podcast? That's right. Woj introduces the world to his sidekick Bobby Bot, an artificial intelligence itching to learn all he can about humanity and the value of digital empathy. What better teacher than Woj's first guest, entrepreneur Lewis Howes. He is the creator of The School of Greatness and curator of an incredibly inspirational self-improvement and leadership podcast. In this interview he recounts his journey from his struggles with an uncertain future after an...


Wojcast Trailer - Episode 0

I'm Woj Kwasi, founder of Kwasi Studios. Join me in conversation with some of the world's digital elite and leading entrepreneurs to undercover the secrets to their business and online success, including: How to overcome adversity to build a thriving business, mastering authenticity and discovering the power of digital empathy.