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008: BONUS: Christmas Short

We're taking a break until after the new year, but in the meantime, Lee and Pam talk a bit about their families' holiday traditions, and how they handle getting all the things done.


007: Interview with Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics

Chances are, if you love organic skincare, you’ve tried S.W. Basics products, or read one of Adina Grigore’s fantastic books: Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials. Adina has taken her love for nutrition and wellness and turned them into a truly inspiring brand. In this refreshingly honest interview, Heather and Adina share a glimpse into some of the emotional challenges of running a skincare business. Whether it be the constant problem solving or navigating new territory, it takes a lot...


006: Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression can be debilitating, yet most of us are uncomfortable talking about it. This week on the podcast, Heather and Pam open up about their own experiences, and the best ways they have found to cope. We want the stigma surrounding mental illness to end, and we believe that it starts with having conversations like these.


005: Interview with Victoria Fantauzzi of La Bella Figura

This week on the podcast, Heather talks with Victoria from La Bella Figura about what it was like building brands before green beauty was a thing. You’ll hear what inspired Victoria and her business partner, Karen, to create “A Night for Green Beauty,” the event that brought us green beauty brands together, and how critical education was to furthering our case. We also talk about challenges and how they contribute to success. When you believe in something and don’t give up, really amazing...


004: Interview with Suzanne LeRoux of One Love Organics

Suzanne LeRoux of One Love Organics not only formulates some of the very best natural and organic skincare products, but she is full of wisdom as she presses forward into her 8th year in business. In this episode, Suzanne and Heather talk about everything from product manufacturing, scaling and managing growth during a time when the natural products industry is booming, and what it takes to persevere while not compromising on core values or quality. Suzanne shares why she chose to get her...


003: Interview with Janny Organically: Truth Seeker and Healthy Living Advocate

Janny of jannyorganically.com is a self-professed “truth seeker” whose dedication to asking hard questions and uncovering facts has amassed a loyal following of women who value transparency and knowledge. Heather asks Janny about what authenticity means to her, particularly in light of a rapidly growing natural products industry, and how she sifts through so much conflicting information and greenwashing. We also talk about her journey to wellness, and her recommendations on living a...


002: Humble Beginnings

Zoe Organics is now up on Nordstrom.com, and Lee and Heather are giddy with excitement. But the company had a slow, humble start in Heather’s home kitchen, and in this episode, we go back to those early days when she had a lot to learn about the reality of running a business. From testing products on her own kids to how an unexpected tragedy led to the story behind our name, Heather gets real about those first years and what they taught her. For show notes and links, go to...


001: Introductions

Heather Hamilton, founder of Zoe Organics, talks with Lee, Pam and Lorri, three of the women behind the brand, about how they met and came to be a part of the company. They reflect on the challenges and joys of being a startup, and what’s next for the brand. For show notes and links, go to http://www.zoeorganics.com/1