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San Francisco Bay Area public affairs.






City Visions: Will psychedelics transform mental health care?

Psychedelics are making a comeback. Is America ready? Host Ethan Elkind and guests explore the history and new therapeutic applications of psychedelic drugs.


City Visions: Is Recycling Enough?

June 25, 2018: The Bay Area has been a nationwide leader in recycling, but is it a victim of its own success? Residents are doing a better job than ever at sorting their trash and separating their recyclables. Yet last month San Francisco announced it wouldn’t meet its goal of zero waste by 2020. How did we get off track, what will it take to hit our target – and what does China have to do with it?


City Visions: What to do about the teacher shortage?

How bad is the teacher shortage in Bay Area schools?


City Visions: Kelly Corrigan

On June 11, 2018 City Visions guest host Anne Harper interviews the hilarious and insightful best-selling author, Kelly Corrigan. Kelly talks about her latest book, Tell Me More , a collection of stories about the hardest, yet most important things people can say to one another. The right words at the right moment can change everything.


City Visions: Election Eve Special

So much of the political news has been focused on Washington, but tomorrow, California, which has the world's 6th largest economy, with a GDP of 2.5 trillion dollars, opens its polls. All statewide offices are up for grabs, five propositions are on the ballot, and the question many are asking is: As California goes, so will the nation? And here in San Francisco, much attention has been given to the mayor's race and the role of ranked choice voting. But there are other issues on the ballot...


City Visions: How Teens Are Helping Teens End Relationship Abuse

May 21, 2018: We hear about it in the news every day - smart, successful people caught up in violent personal relationships. So is it surprising that those most vulnerable are barely old enough to drive? Sixteen to 24-year-olds are three times more likely to find themselves in a relationship with an abusive partner. In its first year in the Bay Area, the One Love Foundation is educating teens to teach teens the early warning signs of a dangerous romance. Host Joseph Pace speaks with...


City Visions: Scooters and the future of urban personal mobility

May 14, 2018: At the end of March, three electric scooter companies deposited over 2,000 scooters onto San Francisco streets. While scooters represent a good alternative to private cars or Uber or Lyft to some, to others they are an under-regulated nuisance that will negatively impact our streets and sidewalks and detract from public transportation. What is certain is that scooters have sparked a conversation in our city around various modes of personal transportation, such as electric...


City Visions: Tech and the future of smart, sustainable farming

H ost Ethan Elkind and guests explore the impact of new technologies on our agricultural industry.


City Visions: How Virtual Reality Could Change Your Reality

April 30, 2018: Could virtual reality change the way we work, play and interact with other people? Although the technology is still in its infancy, some say it will upend every industry and touch every aspect of our lives, especially our relationships with other people. City Visions host Joseph Pace interviews Peter Rubin, author of Future Presence, and explores how virtual reality could transform how we experience intimacy. Guest : Peter Rubin, Senior Editor at WIRED and author of Future...


City Visions: Does water scarcity threaten California's agricultural industry?

In the next installment of our ongoing series on sustainable food production, host Ethan Elkind focuses on water. What does uncertainty around water supplies mean for California farmers? Last Wednesday, California's water officials announced water allocations based on snow pack measurements, reviving concerns about the environment, urban vs. agricultural water needs, and the need to prepare for a future with a less reliable water supply. Does water scarcity put our agricultural industry at...


City Visions: Lab-grown meat is coming, but will you try it?

Ethan Elkind and guests discuss the alternative meat industry, the first of our series on sustainable food production.


City Visions: San Francisco International Film Festival

April 2, 2018: The San Francisco International Film Festival starts April 4th . Over 200 works will screen over two weeks. In a time when more people are watching movies on their devices than in theatres , what is the future of film? Will the # MeToo and # TimesUp movements change who's making films and whose stories get told?


City Visions: Will Marching Make a Difference?

On March 26, 2018: From walking out of Bay Area classrooms to marching in Washington D.C., millions of young people are protesting gun violence. The world is watching as American students demand that their schools be safe. But how effective can they be when many aren't even old enough to vote? Will marching make a difference to politicians beholden to the NRA? Find out how teenage activists are driving the debate over gun control. Guests : CE-LAI FONG , student activist and speaker at the...


City Visions: Stanford provides new insights into what diets really work.

March 17, 2018: Do your genes determine your weight? Will personalized diets lead to a slimmer, healthier population? Host Grace Won delves into a Stanford study that provides new answers about the interaction between genes, diet and overall health. Low-carb diets are more popular than low-fat diets these days, but are they healthier? Can you eat the same number of calories as someone else but have different outcome? Materials of note: Why Do Dieters Succeed or Fail? by Julia Belluz in Vox...


City Visions: Micia Mosely on educating Bay Area youth about race

Micia Mosely joins Joseph Pace for a conversation about how to speak with Bay Area youth - and adults - about race.


City Visions: Aging in Place

March 5, 2018: Aging Baby Boomers are an exploding demographic, and by 2060 that population is expected to double in size as people are living longer. What options and opportunities are available to seniors who wish to age in place?


City Visions: The Dangerous Downside of Technology for Teens

February 26, 2018: Is there a dangerous downside to growing up with smartphones and social media? Today's teens are glued to their phones and virtually connected to each other like never before. So why are rates of teen depression and loneliness skyrocketing? Will our kids grow up better able to pick the right emoji over the right facial expression? Guests: Sue Porter , PhD, Dean of Students at The Bay School of San Francisco Jean Twenge , PhD, Professor of Psychology at San Diego State...


City Visions: What can San Quentin inmates tell us about human nature?

February 12, 2018: Host Grace Won talks to Nigel Poor and Jody Lewen, both of whom work at San Quentin State Prison, often in active collaboration with inmates, and as such have a unique window into a world most of us never see. Nigel Poor is the co-host and co-producer of Ear Hustle , a podcast that features prisoners sharing their experience of prison life. Nigel is also a visual artist and professor of photography. Jody Lewen is the founder and Executive Director of the Prison...


City Visions: The Bay's fight to save net neutrality

Host Ethan Elkind and guests discuss the Federal Communications Commission’s December repeal of Obama-era net neutrality rules, regulations designed to ensure a free and open internet.


City Visions: Assessing the Mental Health of Donald Trump and the Country that Elected Him

Host Joseph Pace and his distinguished guests assess the mental health of Donald Trump and the country that elected him. Is he crazy or crazy like a fox? Does his narcissism reflect the narcissism of American culture? And does his volatility pose a real danger to the American public? If so, what can we do about it? Guests : Dee Mosbacher , MD, PhD , psychiatrist, Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker, and contributor to The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and...