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Episode 12: Wellness With No Judgement With Marsha Powell

In this episode I am in conversation with Marsha Powell, Founder of London based wellness centre Eve and Grace and Co-Founder of Bel Eve, a charity helping to build the next generation of female leaders. We talk about the wellness industry, why its more than green smoothies and the latest superfood, why it lacks diversity and inclusion and why Marsha's mission of wellness with no judgement is so important. Marsha has an amazing story and after losing her mother 7 years ago she stepped...


Episode 11: Starting Something New with Hannah Martin from Talented Ladies Club

In this episode I am in conversation with Hannah Martin, Founder of Talented Ladies Club. Talented Ladies Club launched in 2013 and since then has grown into a site which attracts 78,000 readers a month across the world. With a library of online training courses on everything business and career related alongside over 1700 articles there is so much genuine support within those pages. Hannah is an absolute fountain of knowledge, in this podcast she talks about her journey to getting to...


Episode 10: How to live a limitless life with Suzy Ashworth

In this episode I am in conversation with Suzy Ashworth, Business and Mindset Mentor and Founder of the Calm Birth School. Suzy is just so freaking wise and has that ability to really get under the skin of what is really going, helping those she works with to release, unblock and heal in order to achieve what they really want to achieve. Suzy shares her story and then we go on to cover judgement, making big life changes, self-belief, staying in your own lane and more. This episode will...


Episode 9: Weddings, Race and Life with Nova Reid

In this episode I am talking to Nova Reid, Diversity Consultant and Editor of Nu Bride, a multi award-winning wedding blog dedicated to adding diversity to the UK wedding industry. We talk weddings (including the Royal wedding of Harry and Megan), race and we life. Nova shares her story and how it led her to create the mission driven business she now runs.


Episode 8: A different way to deal with social media

If you have a love/hate relationship with social media, if you know you want to be showing up regularly to connect and talk about your creative project but you feel stuck, stifled, triggered or find yourself in a comparison loop you're going to enjoy this episode. I'm talking all things flamingo's and social media! ; ) Giving you strategies for managing social so it doesn't manage you.


Episode 7: Living In Your Purpose with Jessica Huie MBE

This is the first conversation episode of the Dream and Do Podcast and I was honoured to invite Jessica Huie MBE to join me. Jessica is an award-winning entrepreneur and has just launched her first book ‘Purpose’ with Hay House. We deep dived into a variety of themes from belonging to beliefs and how to thrive rather than merely survive in this modern world. If you want to live life more on purpose, this is for you. Find the show notes here...


Episode 6: Letting it be easy

Get ready peeps, in this episode I am questioning beliefs and challenging you to get out of your own way...by following the ease. As a modern, intelligent, ambitious and creative woman maybe you're making things harder than they need to be. Maybe you're even afraid of things being easy? We explore all of this and more. Find the show notes here Come and hang out on Instagram


Episode 5 - Behind the scenes of launching a podcast

In this episode I share the behind the scenes of launching this podcast. The reality of overcoming the procrastination and self-doubt around starting something new in real-time with some added recent commentary. This is a must for anyone who is nervous about stepping up and showing up. Show notes Instagram Collective FB Group


Episode 4: How to honour your energy and what is it?

In this episode of the podcast I delve into the wonderful realm of protecting your energy. Knowing what this is and how to do it is one of the ways to set your free and lead to you feeling better everyday.


Episode 3: WAKANDA FOREVER (Black Panther- The Film)

In this first bonus episode of the podcast, Nicola downloads her initial thoughts on Black Panther. This was recorded the morning after the night before! http://www.alifemoreinspired.com/podcast3/


Episode 2: How to move past fear

What are you scared of? In this episode Nicola explores fear and how to work your way through it so it no longer holds you back. http://www.alifemoreinspired.com/podcast2/


Episode 1: Welcome to the Dream and Do Podcast

In the first(-ish) episode of the Dream and Do Podcast, Nicola introduces you to this exciting extension to the 'A Life More Inspired' brand designed to help you to add more creativity and wellness into your everyday. http://www.alifemoreinspired.com/podcast-1/