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A lively weekly podcast about happiness and work culture. Hosted by @brucedaisley. Logo by @emmahopkins

A lively weekly podcast about happiness and work culture. Hosted by @brucedaisley. Logo by @emmahopkins
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London, United Kingdom


A lively weekly podcast about happiness and work culture. Hosted by @brucedaisley. Logo by @emmahopkins




Play: tales of success from an NHS hospital

A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to do an episode on the importance of play. One of the challenges of the word play is that its such a broad word and its associations aren’t always helpful when it comes to bringing everyone with us but today's guest I think shows what an incredible thing it can be. Heidi Edmundson is an emergency medicine consultant in the Emergency Department at the Whittington Hospital. She wrote this article in the Guardian in January: I introduced fun to the...


Culture and conditions under the radar - tales from the gig economy

James Bloodworth lived undercover working in Amazon warehouses, care homes and clocked up hours as an Uber driver to see the realities of modern work for millions of Brits. It makes for a fascinating glimpse at the lives of people who often get ignored from the privilege of the open plan. James' compelling book Hired is out now.


Mental Health & Emotions - practical ways of fixing work

This week I talk to Josh Krichefski (CEO, Mediacom UK) and Liz Fosslien (co-author of No Hard Feelings: Emotions at Work and How They Help Us Succeed). Josh explains how they put mental health on the agenda on his firm by starting an honest, open discussion on it. Then we talk to Liz who gives us a users' guide to emotions at work. What can we do to make work a most empathetic way. The Seligman model we discuss is the '3Ps'. Personalisation, Pervasiveness and Permanence.


Gender in the workplace - breaking the glass wall

What if the way we've created work was built around the things that men prefer. Sue Unerman makes the compelling case that the workplace has evolved to serve male skills - and that this isn't good for the workplace and it isn't good for workers. Sue Unerman is the Chief Transformation Officer at Mediacom, and also the author of two widely acclaimed books. We discussed her book (written with Kathryn Jacob) The Glass Wall Follow Sue on Twitter.


Jim Collins on making good culture great

Jim Collins is one of the most respected business writers in the world. With his books Good to Great and Made to Last he became the observer of great companies and what made them special. He's just published a new book which is a supplement to Good to Great (pssssst, read GTG first).


Dave Trott on beating creative blindness (live from IAB Leadership Summit)

Dave Trott is a creative director, copywriter, and author. A colossus of advertising who has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by D&AD. I chatted to him at the IAB Leadership Summit in St Albans. It's not a talk about work culture as such - just a fascinating chat with someone whose job it was to be creative for a living. Dave's latest book Creative Blindness is a riot of colourful stories and lively lessons. Follow Dave on Twitter.


Employee engagement // The secret of 'story night'

Today we’re chatting to the MD of the innovations company IDEO, Sue Siddall to hear how they bring the power of telling stories to life in their organisation. In addition we’ve got a legend of workplace study today. William Kahn was responsible for creating two of the big concepts of positive workplaces. He coined the concepts of both psychological safety and employee engagement. William Kahn is Professor of Organisational Behavior at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. He...


Could laughter be the root of good culture?

If you’ve not already subscribed there’s a weekly email that goes out with the podcast. This week's includes a brilliant article on how small teams seem to be more radical, there’s a couple of discussions about Professor Adam Grant’s work and there’s a really good article on laughter in teams. The laughter in teams article is from some research that NASA is looking at when it comes to casting their first expeditions to Mars. NASA looked at the success of different teams in isolation in...


Free extract of The Joy of Work

Thanks to Penguin Random House here's a free extract of a couple of different parts of The Joy of Work. You can buy the full audiobook here.:


Cal Newport preaches Digital Minimalism

This episode today is magnificent – you’re really going to be stimulated and challenged by it. Today’s episode is with someone I contacted 2 years ago to discuss his previous book. Cal Newport’s Deep Work was a simple avocation of the process of using uninterrupted concentration to get things done. He’s now back with a new book about taking the same principles beyond work into life. It's a guide for achieving happiness by being more intentional in how you use technology. Some might call it...


Long hours and loneliness - fixing workplace misery

This is a podcast about making work better. You can find all of the previous episodes on the website. Here we go, two little things today to make you feel more brainy. It’s Blue Monday in the UK today - the day when we’re told it’s the most miserable day of the year - when we hate our job. By listening to these experts you’ll have some guidelines how you can make work better. They give solutions but I think once you listen to the data you’ll work out what to do yourselves. Firstly...


Apps, algorithms and your next job

If you're looking to get a job sometime in the next decade - and that includes almost all of us - there's a very high probability that you're going to be exposed to a psychometric test. As they become enhanced by AI and made more scaleable via apps these tests are going to go everywhere. So what are the implications for what work is going to look at. This episode I'm looking into the evolving nature of recruiting and how its changing to accommodate the latest science and also innovations in...


Evidence Based Management - Rob Briner

Buy The Joy of Work Follow Rob Briner Sign up for Eat Sleep Updates Rob Briner is an professor of organisational behaviour at London Queen Mary’s University - he's rated the top HR thinker in the UK. This is a brilliant chat. Very much essential listening for anyone interested in HR but also worth listening for those of us who sit thinking ‘what do HR actually do?’ or what should we do to improve things round here. We talk about ‘evidence based management’ - which you can find out more...


Ideas, innovation & work (the police episode 2)

Pre-order The Joy of Work Follow Stevyn Colgan Sign up for Eat Sleep Updates Following up the discussion with Andy Rhodes this week it's a second episode about the police. My original plan was to edit both of them to get one episode about the profession but both were too good to chop up. So I want to flag that It's kind of about work culture but also kind of just a brilliant chat with a fascinating person. Consider it as a box set with the other police episode. When it gets into its flow...


The police: decision making under pressure - life in a high stress job

Pre-order The Joy of Work Follow Andy Rhodes Sign up for Eat Sleep Updates This is the first of two episodes on the police this week. One on dealing with stress in 'blue light' professions, one on how to be creative in stressful environments. Andy Rhodes is the Chief Constable of Lancashire - and has responsibility for the wellbeing initiative in the UK police force. He talks through the challenges of policing under pressure. What do you do to stop police profiling people they encounter?...


Adam Kay - This is Going To Hurt

Pre-order The Joy of Work Follow Adam Sign up for Eat Sleep Updates We’re talking work culture in different ways for the next few episodes. The next two episodes after this are in the police force. But today’s guest is the best selling author of the year - Adam Kay. This is Going to Hurt : Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor has sold over a million copies. It’s also won the readers’ choice book of the year this year. So there’s a chance you’ve read it and if so you will love the discussion...


How painting the walls pink changed a culture

How can painting the walls of a company change their culture? We explore with Jez Groom today's guest. An episode this week on behavioural science. It was prompted a little by discussions with Seth Godin and others. It was thinking can you change the culture in organisations by the way you engineer choices available to people - and I’m speaking to a behavioural scientist about these things. First a bit of background - we discuss a reading list in the show and I’ve included it in the show...


Seth Godin - reinvent your culture

(sound fixed) Seth Godin has been one of the world's freshest thinkers since before the internet was on solid food. After a first career packaging books, he then rose to his own fame creating permission marketing. His blog is many people's favourite stop on the web bus route picking up a million passengers every day. We use his latest book This is Marketing as the model to bring to reinventing your workplace culture. What's the way to use his influence strategies to improve your...


Unlocking workplace creativity - Teresa Amabile

Contact the show This week's episode features the iconic Teresa Amabile - she's a professor at Harvard Business School. Originally educated and employed as a chemist, Teresa received her Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University. If you're interested in her work this YouTube clip is a great start point. Before the chat with Professor Amabile we talk through the news in work culture this week. Here's the explosive article on Netflix: WSJ on Netflix WSJ on...


Alive at work - Dan Cable

Dan Cable is the author of the life affirming and brilliant Alive at Work - one of the most inspiring visions of what work could look like. The discussion covers big themes of purpose and motivation but brings simple practical tips. What are the simple things that any of us could do to our induction processes at work? How could we encourage our teams to bring their selves to work. I mention two articles. One by Sarah O'Connor in the FT and this one by Josh Hall about compulsory...