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Better workplace culture How can we make work better? Each week @brucedaisley chats to scientists and experts to improve our jobs. Sign up for the newsletter

Better workplace culture How can we make work better? Each week @brucedaisley chats to scientists and experts to improve our jobs. Sign up for the newsletter


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Better workplace culture How can we make work better? Each week @brucedaisley chats to scientists and experts to improve our jobs. Sign up for the newsletter




Can you imagine your job without email or Zoom?

Buy A World Without Email I’ve talked a lot about Cal Newport’s provocations about abolishing email (and Zoom calls) [find them here and here]. And in fact, I had someone last week astonished when I suggested we should try to limit video calls to eight hours a week. They thought I’d lost my mind. How would we get things done unless we were on video calls all day? This default to video and emails is what Cal Newport calls the Hyperactive Hive Mind. He’s convinced that we’ll look back at...


Conflicted: Is there a route to better disagreement at work?

Pre-order Conflicted now - available from 18th Feb You can also read Ian's post on Paul McCartney that I mentioned on the show and follow him on Twitter here. What's the route to better decision making at work? What can any of us do to ensure we resolve our disputes in a more productive way. A brilliant discussion with Ian Leslie about his forthcoming new book, Conflicted. See for privacy and opt-out information.


The surprising root of resilience

Subscribe to the newsletter of the podcast A couple of things for you. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned here but I’ve done a new Audible Original podcast/audiobook called No Office Required. It is free. In December I spent a long time contacting a wide range of people from the likes of the author of Solo, Rebecca Seal through to futurists, psychologists, architects to find out the most effective way to do remote working. Like I say it’s free if you’re an Audible subscriber. I love audiobooks,...


Our Coworking Future?

Sign for the newsletter What's going to happen with our workplaces. Today the theme is how, if we're not careful the way that we're using our workplaces is going redefine our work culture. At the start there is discussion about some of the themes in the most recent newsletter and then go on to chat to Nick LiVigne from Convene. Convene are a coworking/events business that allows you to adapt your needs to the minute-to-minute demands of your business - they have been very successful in...


Amy Gallo on resetting norms in 2021

Sign up for the Make Work Better newsletter There is no better guest to kick off 2021 than Amy Gallo. Amy Gallo is a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review writing about workplace dynamics and emotional intelligence. She is co-host of the wonderful Women at Work podcast She's is the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict and gave a hit TEDx talk on that subject in 2019. On the Women at Work podcast, Harvard Business Review staffers Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Emily...


Live Laugh Work - understanding humour at work

Sign up for the Make Work Better newsletter. How the heck did we end up thinking that humour and serious work are in opposition to each other? Today's guests, Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, run a tremendously successful course at Stanford Business School on how we can all use humour to be better (and happier) at our jobs. One of the people they have coming along to guest speaker at their course is Dick Costolo, Dick was my former boss as CEO of Twitter (and hired me to work there). He...


Seth Godin can make *YOU* creative

Sign up for the newsletter Seth Godin has cracked the secret of how to make you more creative. And the good news is that everyone can do it. He was so dogged by his need to share this that he has turned it into a book, The Practice. We talk about the simple way to unlock creativity and ask why schools don't teach this. At the end Seth gives his recommendations of the best things you should be reading (linked below) Seth's blog My previous interview with Seth - How you can reinvent your...


GCHQ: Working inside intelligence

Sign up for the newsletter There was an incredible response to the episode with Chris hayward last week. I know that Chris was really touched with the response. He’s not on Twitter but I know he was responding to some people on Linkedin last week. Today’s episode is much lighter in tone but it’s fascinating rare opportunity to get a different perspective into another world. During the summer someone at GCHQ got in touch and asked whether it would be of interest to get an insight into the...


When everything gets too much - mental health & work

WARNING: INCLUDES THEMES OF SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION "I walked up and down Tottenham Court Road looking for a lorry to throw myself under" An episode going deep on mental health today. I chat to someone who has been brave enough to reveal their own breakdown and how they got to the verge of suicide. In a recent piece of research Deloitte surveyed 1000 UK employees, 55% say their colleagues are just as productive but 38% say that lockdown has had a negative impact on their wellbeing. Not long...


Understanding the brain - Lisa Feldman Barrett

Sign up for the newsletter Today's episode is for anyone who is curious about how human's tick. Work ultimately is a practice of the brain and how our brain processes and reacts to things is a fascination to me. I have a friend who is studying neuroscience and a couple of years ago at someone's wedding I was chatting to him and said 'who should I be reading?' and he said the best voice in the field was a psychologist called Lisa Feldman Barrett. Sure enough I looked her up and her book How...


Making the world (of work) happier: Mo Gawdat

What a truly wonderful conversation you're about to listen to today. Mo Gawdat is an expert on happiness and today's episode is a combination of philosophy and science - and it never fails to be stimulating to listen to every step of the way. This podcast used to be about happiness and work culture. And about 4 years I saw a captivating clip by Mo which went viral everywhere on the internet. I contacted him and finally here we are. Mo Gawdat was formerly the boss of Google X, the company's...


Community 4: A champion community builder shares her advice

"When I moved to New York City, I realised what it meant to be truly lonely for the first time. I had no consistent community — people who would wonder where I was if I didn’t show up. I was disconnected. At the time, I thought that I was the only one who felt this way… but I was VERY wrong.Turns out, loneliness is a huge issue in the United States. The average American only has one close friend, and 75% of people are not satisfied with their friendships". Jillian Richardson found that one...


Community 3: How our rituals can forge our culture

Sign up for the newsletter. We're at part 3 of our series about community at work. Today's guest is one of the most respected community thinkers in the world, Casper ter Kuile, Fellow at the Harvard Divinity School and author of The Power of Ritual. His book is a practical guide to the way that communities come to life, not only is it practical it's also brilliantly written. I found myself annotating a lot of it and it's impossible not to learn from his wisdom on the topic. “Disconnection...


Community 2: A Community Manager Speaks Truth

Today's episode is a further exploration of how firms will try to evolve their culture by hiring Community Managers. If you've not listened to last week's episode featuring Sarah Drinkwater pull up, back up and tuck in to that one first. Sarah said the person I should talk to is Abadesi Osunsade from Brandwatch - and so that's who we are talking to today. Abadesi's title is VP Global Community & Belonging at the 500 strong organisation. We talk about seeking to get better at Diversity &...


Community 1: "HR has fallen"

Sign up for the Eat Sleep Work Repeat newsletter here. New podcast today - the first of four podcasts about what’s next with work - specifically how can we make work feel like a community again, especially when you’re hunkered down under the duvet trying to survive the November chill. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be chatting to some incredible guests. Today I kick off with Sarah Drinkwater who is a supreme community builder and now works for the Atomico fund. Some links to what we...


Burnout - understanding the other epidemic

Can't Even can be ordered now AHP's original article in Buzzfeed AHP's newsletter is here Last year Anne Helen Petersen’s Buzzfeed article about burnout became a viral sensation, spawning a seemingly never-ending wave of ‘Year of Burnout’ headlines. Petersen’s writing triggered such recognition because she rooted it in the ordinary, in everyday experiences that were instantly relatable. She evoked her own life where industrious professional productivity (as a writer) was combined with a...


The big return 3: a closer look at data

Subscribe to the newsletter Today's interviewees: Bhushan Sethi leads PwC's workplace strategy business and Ben Waber is the CEO of workplace analytics firm, Humanyze. Read the Humanyze research about the way work has changed since lockdown. Here's the previous episode I recorded with Ben Waber. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Gary Hamel: Battling bureaucracy - the big fix for broken work

I was fortunate to speak to Gary Hamel about his forthcoming new book, Humanocracy. He believes that the single most empowering (and profitable) thing that businesses can do is eliminate their creeping bureaucracy. He talks about how increasingly organisations are paralysed with red tape and bureaucracy. The end result is that they can’t get anything done. There are some clear examples of this from the recent past. He characterises the Microsoft era under Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer as...


The big return 2: but what are other firms doing?

Subscribe to the newsletter What are other firms doing about returning to work? How can any of us work out the right thing to do? I chat to 4 more firms to hear their plans. Listen to conversations with Beth Marie Norbury from Babcock International, Tom Ellis from Brand Genetics, Richard from a big secret pharmaceuticals firm and Laura Pleasance from Captify. This is addition to Dan Cullen Shute last episode. Here's more on my survey I put out last week (from last week's...


The big return 1: making the call on what to do next

Subscribe to the newsletter Here's Dan's tweets that started this conversation. Today's episode is first of two episodes about the big return to work. It covers themes that I've covered in the newsletter over the last few weeks. What are other firms doing? How will they make their decisions. Over the 2 episodes I've chatted to stacks of people to get their views. Firstly I talk to someone who went on the record describing his company's approach. Dan Cullen Shute is the boss of advertising...