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041EFM- What's Your Money Mindset?

How do you think about money? What type of income do you wish for? What are you called to? Diving into the controversial topic of money, we peel back the layers of this often misunderstood topic. Is money evil? How do you distinguish between that and the love of money? Are you pre-determined to make a certain amount of money? What is the ceiling you may be dealing with as you consider your future...and money?


040EFM- Why Stepping Back Is Important

Pausing or stepping back to take account of your life and issues you need to address is important for sustainable growth. If you're like most men, we rarely do this and instead plow ahead without taking account. But stepping back to take inventory and identifying messes in your life is important so you can grow even stronger and go further. Listen in as we discuss: What do you need to take head on and reconcile? Who do you need to reach out to for accountability? Visit us at...


039EFM- What's Your Narrative?

Narrative. What do you truly believe about yourself and surroundings? What narrative were you given by family, friends, teachers, coaches and others who influenced your life? How does this mindset affect you on a daily basis in your career, marriage and family? Listen in as we explore: Reach out at EFMLife.com


038EFM- Marriage Advice to Your Pre-Married Self

What if you've been married 20 years but could go back in time? Let's say you could give your young, engaged-self marriage advice - what would it be? From a post in our private Facebook group, we address this topic of pre-marriage advice to our young selves. What we wished we would have known or paid more attention to. Listen in as we explore: -Ways to truly understand your spouse -Practical and tangible ways to serve -How to be a 'detective' of your wife -Why viewing your marriage...


037EFM- CUBA Entrepreneurial Surprises

Communist Cuba. What thoughts come to mind when you hear that? Oppression, unhappiness? Enemies or old style way of living? Listen in as 7 entrepreneurs share their take on a recent adventure exploring Cuba. Through the eye of opportunity and living with locals we were impacted in many ways and eager to share.


036EFM-Go on Extraordinary Adventures

You really don't have to plan way in advance for all trips. What about random opportunities to venture off with an awesome group of guys? How could you level up your life by being around other great guys? But what about your wife and family - do you have to leave them high and dry or can you carefully plan for while you're away? Listen in as we share this epic adventure we're about to take to Cuba. • How this all happened • How relationships created opportunities for an extraordinary...


035EFM- Do You Deserve Success?

How does the idea of "deserving" success sit with you? Is it correct? What could be the heart behind this? A great question from a listener causes us to tackle and reiterate on an overlooked tagline of Entrepreneurial Family Man. How does our value and our pursuit intersect with this idea of "deserving"? For more and to join the private EFM Facebook group: EFMLife.com


034EFM- Ways To Approach Dating Your Wife

How do you approach dating your wife? Maybe you're a regular and already good at this - but want some new ideas to change things up? Or maybe you haven't been dating much since you got married and had kids? Where do you start? How can you plan to enhance your dating relationship? What could you do better to listen more intently to your wife? Listen in as we explore 3 ways to approach dating your wife.


028EFM- Teaching Your Kids Entrepreneurship Pt.2

Teaching your kids about entrepreneurship. Part 2 in a 2-part series. What are the elements of the entrepreneurial spirit you can begin teaching your kids at a young age? How can you foster this type of passion for creation, growth and seizing opportunities - whether they become entrepreneurs or not? Listen in as we explore:


033EFM- A Key To Self-Care?

When you think of self-care, what comes to mind? In this episode let's explore a foundational aspect of self-care as part of the EFM Life. Listen in as we explore self-care from a different angle in this featured discussion on the Code of Character podcast.


032EFM- SEX: Talking With Your Kids About It

Here's a huge, important topic for any entrepreneurial family man to address: sex. In an age-appropriate, healthy way, how are you - or aren't you - talking about sex to your kids? As a family, how are you aware of each child's unique curiosity into this topic? Listen as we just scratch the surface on this massively important subject including:


031EFM- Why Do You Live Where You Live?

Let's face it. Most of us live where we live because of the top two factors - our employment or our families. Today we want to challenge you to think outside this paradigm. Dig deeper and ask yourself why you live where you do. And if you're not happy, what can you do to change it? How do your values, passions, interests and activities align with your current zip code? Can we challenge you - instead of waiting for a big reason to live somewhere in particular (job, business, wife), why...


030EFM- Life is Short, Do the Extraordinary

Many find comfort in taking the easy road and playing it safe. But does that excite your heart? If you think security is good and risk is bad then listen in as we talk about this one life we live and how doing extraordinary things could be just what you're looking for.


029EFM- Getting Out of A Funk

We've all been there. Being in a funk is no fun but it can happen. When you're not on a mountain top and going through a valley, how do you get out quickly? Pressure can form growth. We don't want to hear it but these valleys can lead to great things - once we get out. So how do you practically get out of a funk? Listen in as we share our own stories and tips on how to get out of a funk.


027EFM- Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship, Pt. 1

Teaching your kids about entrepreneurship. Part 1 in a 2-part series. What are the elements of the entrepreneurial spirit you can begin teaching your kids at a young age? How can you foster this type of passion for creation, growth and seizing opportunities? Listen in as we explore: Personal development at a young age"Caught versus taught" life lessonsExperiential teaching Ways to share real-life experiences with your kidsDisplaying saving/investing/debt opportunities to learnThe value...


026EFM- Inlaws

Inlaws. How does that word make you feel? :) How does this ever-important relationship play in your marriage and family? Join the conversation as we address:


025EFM- Building Authentic Relationships

Building authentic relationships and friendships with other guys doesn't have to be strange. It doesn't need to be hard. Having trusted friends, advisors, mentors and more in our lives helps us all level-up. Connectedness to other authentic men helps us live out our calling. Having another voice influence our life is a positive reinforcement in a chaotic, distracted world. Listen as we explore:


024EFM- Building a Marriage-Centered Home

How To Build A Marriage-Centered Home Do you have a kid-centric or marriage-centered home? Are you sacrificing your dreams due to the cultural pressure of trying to make your kids as comfortable as possible? Our kids watch us and learn how to live as adults. They get ideas from our actions - or inactions. Are we pursuing our dreams and taking risks? Or are we staying too comfortable and pressured by societal norms? Listen as we explore in this episode:


023EFM- Everyone Homeschools - What Are Your Kids Learning?

Everyone homeschools. Our kids can be sponges for learning. However you choose to educate your child, how are you being intentional with them at least from 3pm-bedtime? Listen as we explore how learning has evolved (or not) over time and how our kids maybe aren't getting what they need to succeed in life. Public, private, homeschool, worldschool or unschool - how are you approaching your children's learning abilities and setting them up for personal success?


022EFM- How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business

How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business If you ever felt like you may be ready to start a business but just weren't sure where and when to start then this episode is for you. Listen in as we explore: