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032EFM- SEX: Talking With Your Kids About It

Here's a huge, important topic for any entrepreneurial family man to address: sex. In an age-appropriate, healthy way, how are you - or aren't you - talking about sex to your kids? As a family, how are you aware of each child's unique curiosity into this topic? Listen as we just scratch the surface on this massively important subject including:


031EFM- Why Do You Live Where You Live?

Let's face it. Most of us live where we live because of the top two factors - our employment or our families. Today we want to challenge you to think outside this paradigm. Dig deeper and ask yourself why you live where you do. And if you're not happy, what can you do to change it? How do your values, passions, interests and activities align with your current zip code? Can we challenge you - instead of waiting for a big reason to live somewhere in particular (job, business, wife), why not...


030EFM- Life is Short, Do the Extraordinary

Many find comfort in taking the easy road and playing it safe. But does that excite your heart? If you think security is good and risk is bad then listen in as we talk about this one life we live and how doing extraordinary things could be just what you're looking for.


029EFM- Getting Out of A Funk

We've all been there. Being in a funk is no fun but it can happen. When you're not on a mountain top and going through a valley, how do you get out quickly? Pressure can form growth. We don't want to hear it but these valleys can lead to great things - once we get out. So how do you practically get out of a funk? Listen in as we share our own stories and tips on how to get out of a funk.


028EFM- Teaching Your Kids Entrepreneurship Pt.2

Teaching your kids about entrepreneurship. Part 2 in a 2-part series. What are the elements of the entrepreneurial spirit you can begin teaching your kids at a young age? How can you foster this type of passion for creation, growth and seizing opportunities - whether they become entrepreneurs or not? Listen in as we explore:


027EFM- Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship, Pt. 1

Teaching your kids about entrepreneurship. Part 1 in a 2-part series. What are the elements of the entrepreneurial spirit you can begin teaching your kids at a young age? How can you foster this type of passion for creation, growth and seizing opportunities? Listen in as we explore: Personal development at a young age"Caught versus taught" life lessonsExperiential teaching Ways to share real-life experiences with your kidsDisplaying saving/investing/debt opportunities to learnThe value...


026EFM- Inlaws

Inlaws. How does that word make you feel? :) How does this ever-important relationship play in your marriage and family? Join the conversation as we address:


025EFM- Building Authentic Relationships

Building authentic relationships and friendships with other guys doesn't have to be strange. It doesn't need to be hard. Having trusted friends, advisors, mentors and more in our lives helps us all level-up. Connectedness to other authentic men helps us live out our calling. Having another voice influence our life is a positive reinforcement in a chaotic, distracted world. Listen as we explore:


024EFM- Building a Marriage-Centered Home

How To Build A Marriage-Centered Home Do you have a kid-centric or marriage-centered home? Are you sacrificing your dreams due to the cultural pressure of trying to make your kids as comfortable as possible? Our kids watch us and learn how to live as adults. They get ideas from our actions - or inactions. Are we pursuing our dreams and taking risks? Or are we staying too comfortable and pressured by societal norms? Listen as we explore in this episode:


023EFM- Everyone Homeschools - What Are Your Kids Learning?

Everyone homeschools. Our kids can be sponges for learning. However you choose to educate your child, how are you being intentional with them at least from 3pm-bedtime? Listen as we explore how learning has evolved (or not) over time and how our kids maybe aren't getting what they need to succeed in life. Public, private, homeschool, worldschool or unschool - how are you approaching your children's learning abilities and setting them up for personal success?


022EFM- How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business

How To Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business If you ever felt like you may be ready to start a business but just weren't sure where and when to start then this episode is for you. Listen in as we explore:


021EFM- Poser Is One Letter Away From Loser

Men can be posers: We want respect, we want to be liked, we want other men to see us as strong and successful. Things get really weird when we feel insecure. We pretend, we cling to the things we feel confident in and hide the rest. We withdraw and hide or we try to overcompensate and it is in no way helpful. Posing gets in the way of true relationship and connection. It gets in the way of growth. Ironically it holds us back from getting all the things we long for as men. When you try to...


020EFM: How To Live Your Ideal Life NOW

Are you waiting for the golden years to come? Seeking that ideal retirement life? We're here to say: don't wait to live the life you want now! Hear as we jump into discussing: Listen to the new McCluskey Mentor Moment and learn about our new mentor's involvement in EFM. Join our private, invite-only Facebook group: EFMLife.com


019EFM- Blessing Your Wife, Working From Home

Ever feel like working from home isn't for you? What kind of margin and time freedom could you get from working from home a bit more - and how could you free up time to bless your wife and kids even more? In this episode, we tackle this topic and bring up a paradigm shift. If you're looking for the EFM life you're signing up for a completely different lifestyle. One where you can find ways to help your wife, enjoy more family time and have more capacity to thrive in each of your...


018EFM- What's Your Ideal Life Look Like?

Is your ideal life a moving target? How do you define the road to success and what happens when you arrive? With progress and growth, your life's journey is ever-changing. Creating an ideal lifestyle and striving for "success" may look different for a lot of people - and at different stages of life. Ben Stein says, "The indispensable first step to getting what you want in life is this: decide what you want." Listen as we dig into:


017EFM - Your Key to Success

Integrity and character matter - perhaps more than any other characteristic or skill in life. From your integrity flows your strength, purpose and leadership. Listen as we discuss our own journey with integrity and how it’s affected our behaviors, habits and decision-making. "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - John Wooden What area of your life are you...


Be Light: Practical Ways to Speak Life & Be Kind Always

How to Be Light - Practical Ways to Speak Life & Be Kind Always “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.” People need hope. Look for even small opportunities to make a lasting impact in someone's life. Get over yourself. It might be awkward at first, but encouraging others - even strangers - is important. Hear the backstory on Speak Life (the song) and ways we three have taken steps to be bolder and make a difference. Look around you - open...


015EFM- How To Determine Your Core Values

Let's peel back the onion and learn who we are at our core. Aligning your life around your core values will bring peace and success. When you know what makes you come alive all else will flow freely. So what do we know about ourselves that will never change? Is it fun, adventure, structure, flexibility, spontaneity? How do these core values align with your existing life - are you living out your core values? Discover how our own personal values were formed, identified and aligned with how...


014EFM- What Are Your Moral Hierarchy of Values?

More Hierarchy of Values. Is there a right hierarchy? How are you values aligning in your life currently? How can you rearrange God, Marriage, Family, Career, Church and more? How do you prioritize your values? Might you be out of alignment and want to get back? We unpack this important topic as it's the key and the rudder for living our best lives. Listen as we discuss:


013EFM- How to Create Closeness with Kids

How to Create Closeness with Kids One-on-one time with each kid can be a game changer. We unpack why and how "dating your kids" creates a stronger family. Don't go through the motions - be an intentional father. Leading a family is a joy - and a huge responsibility! As a father, how can you create a culture of closeness and oneness as a family - while also celebrating each individual? Hear as we explore this important topic of dating each child throughout their life so you foster closeness...