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Best-selling author David Kadavy interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, and built lives and businesses that are uniquely theirs. Topics will include entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, neuroscience, productivity, lifestyle, and travel. Guest include Jason Fried, Laura Roeder, and Maneesh Sethi.

Best-selling author David Kadavy interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, and built lives and businesses that are uniquely theirs. Topics will include entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, neuroscience, productivity, lifestyle, and travel. Guest include Jason Fried, Laura Roeder, and Maneesh Sethi.
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Best-selling author David Kadavy interviews entrepreneurs and creators who have achieved success by their own definition, and built lives and businesses that are uniquely theirs. Topics will include entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, neuroscience, productivity, lifestyle, and travel. Guest include Jason Fried, Laura Roeder, and Maneesh Sethi.






207. Best of: In Memory of Sean Stephenson

I decided last December that I would be taking this December off. I like to give myself some space toward the end of the year so I can recharge, and come into the New Year with a fresh perspective. So, I’m reaching into the vault of more than 200 episodes, and pulling out some of my favorites – especially ones that are good for this time of year. This is a fantastic conversation with Sean Stephenson, and it takes on special significance this time around. Though what you’re going to hear...


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I'm approaching my two-year anniversary since the launch of my first self-published book. I figure it's time to celebrate. For a very short time, I am discounting the crap out of all of my self-published books. As someone who follows my work, I wanted to let you know! Starting today, “Black Friday,” my books are discounted 70%–100%. That’s right, I’m offering some of these books for FREE. The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating & Start Creating $2.99 Amazon » | Everywhere Else...


206. Yes, Your Cell Phone Can Make You Sick

In the 1840’s Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis noticed a pattern. He noticed that too many new mothers were dying of a fever. And it didn’t seem like a coincidence to him that many of these women who were dying shortly after childbirth had something in common. The doctors who delivered their babies had just performed autopsies. The death rate – by this fever – of new mothers, whose babies were delivered by doctors who had just handled dead bodies, was sometimes over thirty percent! That’s incredibly...


205. Mark Manson: Finding Hope When Everything is F*cked

On July 4th of this year, I was finally hitting my stride. After a year of visa troubles, I had secured a three-year visa. I was finally back in the writing rhythm I had been in before my visa troubles started. Things had been fucked, and they had become unfucked. Little did I know, everything was about to get even more fucked than it was before. One thing that got me through the fuckedness that ensued – you’ll hear about it in this conversation – was that I had read Everything is F*cked,...


204. Don't Sleep in Your Kitchen. Don't Meditate With Your Phone.

You are what you surround yourself with. When your environment changes, your mind changes with it. We recently talked about how your environment can put you in a creative mental state, when we talked to Donald M. Rattner, on episode 201. But what about the objects you surround yourself with? They’re a part of your environment, too. The devices we use are a part of our environment, and the devices we use affect our mental state, too. We’re already pretty intentional about how we change our...


203. Dan Ariely: Gamble With Your Time. Make Amazing Decisions.

Dan Ariely (@danariely) has more opportunities than he knows what to do with. As a James B. Duke professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and author of New York Times best-selling books, such as Predictably Irrational, he has lots of demands on his time. Dan has to say “no” to a lot of opportunities that don’t have a clear payoff. But, surprisingly, he also says “no” to a lot of opportunities that do have a clear payoff. That’s because, as Dan tells us in this...


202. My Income Report (Patreon Preview)

Over the past four years, I’ve been trying to “make it” as a creator. Yes, I was on my own for another eight years before that, but this past four years has been when I really doubled down on creating. To make the things I create not just a marketing tactic for some other thing. For the creations themselves to be the thing. Each month for the past two years of this journey, I’ve been reporting my income on my blog, Sometimes, it’s been pretty embarrassing. These aren’t your...


201. Change Your Space, Change Your Mind: Architect Donald M. Rattner

Donald M. Rattner (@donaldrattner) is an architect, and author of My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation. I’ve talked a lot on this podcast about matching your work to your mental state. If you’re in the mood to do the work you’re doing, everything is going to be easier. But you can also match your mental state to the work. You can change your mental state so the work you need to be doing gets done. One powerful way to change your mental state is...


200. SPECIAL 200th EPISODE! How to “Make It”

If you had asked me when I first started Love Your Work why I was doing it, I don’t think I could have given you a straight answer. I simply felt compelled to create a podcast. Sometimes it’s through the act of creation that we discover what it is that we’re creating. This is a special 200th episode of Love Your Work. Over the past four years, I’ve been on my own creative journey in making this show. Today I want to reflect on that journey – share what I’ve learned along the way, and...


199. Ultralearning: Scott H. Young

Scott H. Young (@scotthyoung) is best known for learning the entire MIT Computer Science curriculum, on his own, in only a year. He did it through “ultralearning” It’s a way of organizing your learning so each moment you spend learning is much more effective than it would be otherwise. If you’re like me, you love to learn new things. If you’re like me, you’d also like to learn more in a shorter amount of time. In Ultralearning, Scott shares how to break down learning projects into their...


198. Don't "Invest" in a House: Invest in Yourself

If you’re going to get an edge, you have to be aware that the prevailing wisdom is almost always wrong. You have to know when to go against that wisdom. One place I’m glad that I went against the prevailing wisdom is in my decision to not buy a house – especially when I was in my early twenties. The prevailing wisdom was that a house was “the best investment you can make.” Instead, I decided to invest in myself. This post is from more than ten years ago, and it’s talking about decisions...


197. Annie Duke: Good Decisions. Good Outcomes.

When something bad happens, it’s tempting to think that you made a bad decision. But the quality of your decision making doesn’t always align with the quality of your outcomes. Sometimes you make a good decision, and you have a bad outcome. Even more dangerous, sometimes you make a bad decision, and have a good outcome (you'll learn why). Annie Duke (@AnnieDuke) is a former professional poker player, and a decision strategist. She's dedicated to improving decision-making skills around the...


196. Live an Antifragile Life

We hate to lose. But if we don’t take risks in life, we never win. The more we protect ourselves from loss, the more we stagnate. Like economist Tyler Cowen told me, if you want to be “dynamic,” you have to develop a thick skin. I’ve been thinking more and more lately about the importance of having a thick skin. The importance of being – Antifragile. I’ll tell you more about it in this week’s episode. Image from: Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette, Vincent Van Gogh New Weekly...


195. Nir Eyal: Be Indistractable

What if your smartphone didn’t distract you? What if your focus couldn’t be shaken by social media, by the latest news story, or even by your coworkers? What if you could be indistractable? Imagine what you could accomplish. Nir Eyal's (@nireyal) new book will help you do just that. Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life will lead you away from dis-traction, so you can get traction. You may remember Nir being on Love Your Work a couple of times before. We...


194. Front Burner Creativity, Back Burner Creativity

To make it as a creative, you need to make the most of very limited resources. Your most valuable resource as a creative is your creative energy. You only have so much creative energy, but if you use that energy wisely, you can be leaps and bounds more productive than you could be otherwise. To manage your creative energy well, be intentional about how you use it. One way to be intentional about how you use your creative energy is to categorize and label different types of creative...


193. Fire Me, I Beg You – Robbie Abed

Robbie Abed (@robbieab) is author of Fire Me I Beg You: Quit Your Miserable Job (Without Risking it All). Robbie is also one of the early influencers on LinkedIn's publishing platform, he’s had over 500 coffee meetings, and he's one of the key catalysts – along with James Altucher – behind why this podcast exists at all. (You’ll hear the story.) How would you feel if you got fired today? If the answer is “relieved,” you should re-think your job. I took a short visit to Chicago, and sat...


192. Choose Problems Worth Having

Have you ever wondered to yourself: How the the hell did I end up in this situation? I asked myself this question once. I was changing my clothes in the bathroom of a filthy Fuck My Life laundromat in Chicago. It was a terrible situation. But I learned an important lesson. I’ll tell you about it in this week’s episode. Image from: A Bar at the Foiles-Bergére, Edouard Manet New Weekly Newsletter: Love Mondays Start off each week with a dose of inspiration to help you make it as a...


191. Easy Money. Hard Time. Ryan Evans.

Ryan Evans (@ryanevans) wanted to make easy money. Growing up on a pig farm, Ryan was used to making little money for lots of hard work. But Ryan would soon learn an important lesson about the dangers of easy money. This is, in my opinion, the most powerful conversation I’ve had on the show yet. In it, we’ll talk about: I had to cut a third of this conversation out, in order to fit our production budget. We pay by the minute for editing, so there isn’t room for the whole thing. Patreon...


190. The Variable Money Value of Time

You may have heard that you should assign yourself an “aspirational hourly rate.” That you should tell yourself you’re worth, say, $300 an hour; and if you can spend $300 to save yourself an hour, you should do so. That’s a powerful idea for making the most of your time and energy, but is all of your time equally valuable? In this week’s essay, I propose a variable money value for your time. Image: Glass and Checkerboard, Juan Gris Thanks for sharing my work! On Twitter,...


189. 80,000 Hours to Change the World – Rob Wiblin

Rob Wiblin (@robertwiblin) is the Director of Research at an organization called 80,000 Hours, and host of the 80,000 Hours Podcast. 80,000 hours being the amount of hours you will spend working in a typical career. 80,000 Hours is dedicated to finding out just how effective various careers are, and who is suited for those careers. We all want the work we do to matter. But how do we really know whether the work we do does matter? The foundation of 80,000 Hours is a philosophy called...