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M&M 64: The 2018 Plutus Award Finalists AND Panel Discussion

A special BONUS treat! We’ve asked Mr. Plutus Awards Harlan Landes and Plutus Award team member Miranda Marquit down to share this years finalists. They’ll spend a little time sharing ALL of the finalists in every category. Is your favorite nominated? Are there fresh new names of blogs, podcasts, You Tube videos, or social media sharers that you need to add? We’ll share the complete list on today’s podcast. Then in our EPIC panel discussion, we’ll spend about 90 minutes hashing out ten...


M&M 63: Chris Hogan, from Bill Collector to Financial Coach [Bonus Content: Plutus Awards w/ Harlan Landes]

Chris Hogan is a #1 national best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and financial expert. For more than a decade, Hogan has served at Ramsey Solutions, spreading a message of hope to audiences across the country as a financial coach and Ramsey Personality. In today’s episode of the Money & Media podcast sponsored by LadderLife, Chris shares about his journey from bill collector to money coach. He also discusses the importance of having a spirit of gratitude, being a lifelong learner, and...


M&M 62: Rachel Cruze on Her Journey to Making Money Fun

Keynote speaker Rachel Cruze shares lessons learned about public speaking, managing a robust schedule, creating YouTube videos and books, and more. Also, Bobby Lee from 2 Minute Finance gives us the low-down on what's happening at this year's FinCon FinTech Startup Competition and lineup. For more information, visit the show notes at


M&M 61: Creating Content for Youtube, with Financial Diet's Chelsea Fagan

Whether you are a YouTube noob or a video veteran, this episode is all about creating content for YouTube. It has something for every level of video content creator looking to grow their subscribers and increase their reach. Today we speak with Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet. In addition to running The Financial Diet and authoring a book by the same title, Chelsea has also grown her YouTube channel to over 500,000 subscribers. Here she shares techniques to get camera ready, ways to...


M&M 60: First Timer’s Guide to FinCon [Bonus Content: Ignite with Eric Rosenberg]

Never been to FinCon before? We’ve compiled a First Timer’s Guide just for you. Today we speak with Nick True who runs the First Timer Orientation. He talks about what to bring to #FinCon18 and what to leave behind. He stresses the importance of utilizing the FinCon app and Slack channels to connect with others at the event. As a bonus, we spend a couple minutes with Eric Rosenberg who organizes #IgniteFinCon. He shares the unique format of Ignite talks and the reasons attendees love...


M&M 59: Jean Chatzky on Exciting Personal Finance Predictions for the Future

What exciting themes will emerge in the personal finance space over the next 10 years? Joe Saul-Sehy talks with expert Jean Chatzky, the financial editor for NBC’s TODAY show, AARP’s personal finance ambassador, and host of the podcast HerMoney with Jean Chatzky. Jean is no stranger to FinCon or the Money & Media Podcast. (Check out her previous appearance before she hit the main stage at #FinCon13.) She’ll be returning again this year as one of the opening keynotes at #FinCon18. In...


M&M 58: How to build your business and brand with your spouse

Starting a business can present many challenges. But have you considered building a business or brand with your spouse? Partnering with them could be one of the best decisions you could make. In this episode of the Money & Media Podcast, Tai & Talaat McNeely talk about the dynamics of running His & Her Money when your business partner is also your spouse. The two of them had already begun 6 ventures together before starting His & Her Money. Tai & Talaat share insights and some cautions to...


M&M 57: How to get Started with Facebook Ads, with Chenell Tull

On today's Money & Media Podcast: FinConner Chenell Tull dishes out all the Facebook Ad Terms and what we can do to make our ads more effective - and how we should be split-testing them for greater impact.


M&M 56: How to Charge What You Are Worth, with Brennan Dunn

Are you a freelancer looking for ways to get more clients without pimping yourself at the local networking scene? How can you raise your rates as a freelancer with your existing clients? And what can you do to sell a different product using the same skills you already have? Our guest today, Brennan Dunn of, will address all of that. For more information, visit the show notes at


M&M 55: Mr. Money Mustache – Building Loyal Fans with Your Audience

Pete, aka Mr. Money Mustache, retired several years ago and started a blog about his life and experiences being financially independent. Last year he restored a dilapidated historic house in his town of Longmont, CO and restored it into a compound for a studio, shop, and “Mustachian Headquarters”, a co-working space set up like a coffee shop. While he doesn’t need to “go to the office”, having a place that satisfies his “craving for real-life type friends” has become very...


M&M 54: Growing Your Instagram Following, with Eric Patrick

With over a billion active users worldwide, Instagram continues to be a dynamic social media outlet. Are you scratching your head wondering how you can stand out and make great content on Instagram? We’ve got some practical tips in this episode to help you get started. In this episode sponsored by The Rich Miser, we speak with Eric Patrick from Black Market Exchange about: Check it out while you're listening: For more information, visit...


M&M 53: Carl Richards Plays in Traffic (M&M Greatest Hits)

How did Carl Richards (Behavior Gap, One Page Financial Plan & NY Times Columnist) become Carl Richards? It’s a fascinating story with many lessons, including an important one about “playing in traffic” that’ll both motivate and excite you to go create awesome projects. You can find the original post at


M&M 52: How He Cleaned Up the FinCon Email Marketing, with Pete McPherson

Do you have a relatively large number of email subscribers but not sure how to clean up your email marketing list? Cold subscribers can negatively affect your email campaigns and also your wallet. We recently handed the FinCon email list over to an email nerd and it is really starting to pay off. In episode 52 of the Money and Media podcast we speak with Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog about: • Importance of breakup emails to get rid of cold subscribers on your list • Segmenting...


M&M 51: Sharing Income Reports in Your Blog a Good Thing?

Is sharing income reports on your blog necessarily a good thing? Joe and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner make a combined 6-figure income from blogging, affiliate marketing, and course sales. They have been consistently reporting their income for years and their readers love it. Today we speak with Michelle from Making Sense of Cents about: • How often they post income reports on their blog • Important first steps for first time bloggers to grow their online income • Focusing on affiliate...


M&M 50: ROI and Focusing Your Efforts with Rosemarie Groner

Ever wonder if you aren’t getting the return on investment that you hoped for with your blog? Today we speak with Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter about: • Do a lot better work on the things you should be doing • Spend less time on things that don’t produce results • How to make money on your “cold subscribers” For more information, visit the show notes at


M&M 49: Becoming a Prolific YouTuber with John Sonmez

How often should you post on YouTube? Being prolific on YouTube starts with a great idea but nothing can replace a strong work ethic. In Episode 49 of The Money and Media Podcast, PT Money interviews John Sonmez about how to become prolific on YouTube. Jon Somnez has amassed over 150,000 subscribers on his Mindset of the Champions YouTube channel. He produces 2-3 videos per day and his daily topics tend to include personal philosophy, self improvement, and entrepreneurship. John firmly...


M&M 48: How to be a Great Podcast Guest, with Jessica Rhodes and Sarah Li Cain

Whether you have a podcast or want to be a guest on podcasts, you need to understand the psychology of a podcast listener and what it takes to be a great guest. What do towels, closets, and $70 have in common? Answer: Great sound quality. But great audio is only a small part of it. Listen to the advice of Jessica Rhodes from and Sarah Li Cain from for more. FinCon 2018 is in Orlando from September 26-29. Reserve your hotel NOW and find out more...


M&M 47: Entrepreneurship after the Military with Curtez Riggs

What’s it like going from side hustler to full-time entrepreneur? When it comes to buying and selling websites, were you a flipper or did you have a buy-and-hold strategy? In Episode 47 of The Money and Media Podcast, PT Money interviews Curtez Riggs founder of the Military Influencer Conference about entrepreneurship after the military. Curtez has several high traffic websites and has quickly become an innovator and digital entrepreneur helping Veterans establish online brands. He has also...


M&M 46: Explode into a Successful Blogger by Focusing on Your Mission

Grant Sabatier credits his success to focusing all his content through the lens of his mission: Financial independence for all. He looks at his website as a platform, not a blog, and will only working with companies that align with his mission. gets more than 300,000 visits on a monthly basis. He says what makes a blog post great is by sharing stories of where the blogger failed, made a mistake or what makes them scared. More notes from this interview with Grant...


M&M 45: Writing a book to support your mission, with Roger Whitney

Are you on a mission with your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel? Roger Whitney started a podcast years ago but found his message and niche along the way. A couple years ago he came up with the idea to have a book that served his audience, but he had never written a book before. Originally titled, “Screw Retirement”, Roger realized his audience would be more receptive to “Rock Retirement: A Simple Gide to Help You Take Control and Be More Optimistic About the Future”. Listen to Roger...