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Let’s speak! with Mike Kettle: communication skills to deliver successful projects and for demanding clients – 028

Allow me to introduce you to this week's guest Mike Kettle. Mike is the Head of Housing Development at the City of London and is responsible for delivering an ambitious programme of affordable housing for the City. He talks about his experience of speaking at committees and his strategy for dealing with challenging questions. He tells us that if we don’t know the answer it is OK to say “I don’t know”. Mike shares his insights into the importance of being able to communicate your ideas in the...


Two things to remember if you ‘Forget your words’ – 027

If you ever worry that you won't be able to remember all of your speech and forget your words, this episode is here to help you with two great techniques. I call the first technique 'What to do if you forget your words'. It is something that can happen to all of us when we are standing in front of an audience. You get to a point in your speech but suddenly, you cannot remember what to say next. If this happens you should avoid looking at the ceiling or floor and instead maintain eye contact...


Two things you should do when ‘Preparing your talk’ – 026

In this episode I share with you two tips that will help you when you are preparing for your next talk or even presentation at work. I call the first tip 'KISS'. When preparing your material always have your audience (the listener) in mind. You want to ensure your message is received loud and clear. You do this by removing any jargon or longer words from your content which may be difficult for the audience to understand. So think 'KISS' (Keep It Super Simple) when preparing your pitches,...


Two ways to make you ‘Look and Feel confident’ – 025

In this episode I share with you two techniques that will help you look and feel confident when delivering speeches and presentations. I call the first technique 'Calming your Nerves' and you can use this in your preparation before the big event. I guide you through an exercise where you focus on breathing and count your breaths. This can help you feel calm, centred and ready to deliver confident speeches and presentations. I call the second technique 'Confident Posture' and you can use this...


Let’s speak! with Jade Mountain: using language to lead others & motivate yourself – 024

Allow me to introduce you to this week's guest Jade Mountain. Jade has almost 20 years of experience in teaching, lecturing, leading & coaching and heads up a digital team in a University. She talks about the importance of using 'positive language' to help motivate & encourage yourself and others to achieve personal and business goals. She shares her experience of running ultra-marathons and how this taught her the importance of self compassion and that 'it is OK not to be perfect'. She...


How moving LEFT and RIGHT creates the ‘Timeline’ for your talk – 023

In Episode 21 I shared how you can capture the imagination of the listener by adding stories to your pitches, presentations and talks. In today's episode I share with you a technique which will enhance your story-telling skills even further. Here it is.... Picture standing in front of your audience and talking: a) When you talk about the PAST (e.g. a previous experience at work) move your body to the RIGHT. b) When you talk about the FUTURE (e.g. a future proposal at work) move your body to...


Let me help you solve the riddle of running out of ‘Time’ – 022

Can you guess the answer to this riddle? "Sometimes you don't have enough of me! Sometimes you run out of me! Sometimes you have too much of me on your hands, but you cannot hold me. What am I?" Have you guessed? That's right...I am talking about 'TIME'. Time can be your biggest obstacle to delivering effective pitches, presentations and talks because there will always be an expectation that you deliver them within a specified time. What do you do? Have a stopwatch ready and listen to this...


Capture the imagination of the listener by ‘Telling a story’- 021

Remember how much you loved hearing stories when you were younger? I certainly did. Recall how you were captivated by the words that painted pictures and took you to new and exciting worlds within your imagination? Did you know that by incorporating stories into your presentations or speeches, you create a deeper connection with the listener. Stories offer a way for us to see things from a different perspective and are a powerful way to get your point across. If you would like to discover...


Let’s speak! with Stephen R. Marriott: walking into a new life as an author and speaker – 020

Allow me to introduce you to this week's guest Stephen R. Marriott. Stephen is a former investment professional and shares his deeply personal story of how he had the courage to leave the corporate world behind, went for a long walk and discovered a new life as an author and speaker. He talks about how he coped with being 'thrown in at the deep-end' when he suddenly had to speak to over 100 people at the launch of his first book. Although nervous to begin with, he shares how this experience...


Want to speak but think you have nothing to talk about? Hear this! – 019

So you want to stand up and speak but you are worried you have nothing to talk about. You have nothing to say. If you are ever struggling to find an idea to talk about, the answer is simple. Talk about what you know best, YOU! People do want to hear stories and the experiences of others. So never struggle for an idea again and simply speak about YOU! In the next episode I will be talking with a public speaker. More info to follow. If you would like to discover more public speaking tips and...


Give the listener a gift by ‘tying a bow’ over your talk – 018

We all like gifts, don't we? Well, here is a clever little technique for you to use when preparing to give your next talk. Give your listener a gift by 'tying a bow' over your talk. You do this by opening and ending with the same statement. This is a great way to show you have clearly thought about the structure of your talk, and boosts your talk in the memory of the listener. Do give it a try. In the next episode, if you ever struggle to find an idea to give a speech about, I have something...


Open your presentations like this and people will want to listen – 017

You want people to listen when you have put hard work into preparing your speech, or that work presentation, or even your big pitch. Am I right? You are going to want to jump straight in and start speaking, but if you do, the listener won't necessarily be ready to listen. Instead, follow my 3 steps to begin your speeches, presentations & pitches, and your listener will want to hear what you have to say: 1. Start with a pause, 2. Ask your listeners a question or ask them to imagine...


Let’s speak! with Cornelia Fernandes: public speaking for your business – 016

Allow me to introduce you to this week's guest Cornelia Fernandes. Cornelia is an entrepreneur who uses public speaking to effectively promote her business. She shares her insight into the importance of public speaking for both business and personal development. Her advice to anyone thinking about developing their speaking skills to promote their business is..."Just do it!" If you would like to find out more about Cornelia and the work she does, you can connect with her at...


How to use the ‘Power of 3’ to stand out from the crowd – 015

You think of an inspirational speaker and they will use the 'Power of 3' in their speeches. The power of 3 is an effective way to A: Structure your speeches (think start/middle/end), B: Share information in a way they helps you and the audience recall your message (e.g. my favourite foods are: 1. Pasta, 2. Fish, 3. Pineapple). C: Makes your speech sound more structured, engaging and attractive from the viewpoint of the listener. So do give it a try. In the next episode I will be talking with...


Don’t rush in to start speaking, Do use the ‘Power of the Pause’ – 014

When you are feeling a bit nervous before delivering a presentation or public speaking, it is natural to want to get started as quickly as possible and get it over and done with. But if you do you are likely to rush and lose your way and will feel less confident. Instead, before speaking pause for a count of 4 or 6 breaths. This will give you an opportunity to get used to your surroundings, gather your thoughts and give you a confidence boost before speaking. Do give it a try. This is the...


It’s going to be OK, ‘the audience cannot read your mind’ – 013

Let me share with you something that you might just find surprising...'the audience cannot read your mind'. In this episode I share with you a strategy so that the audience will never notice if you have skipped ahead, or missed a bit out when you are public speaking or presenting. In the next episode I will be sharing a technique called the 'Power of the Pause' to help you feel confidence during your pitches, speeches and presentations. If you would like to discover more public speaking tips...


Let’s speak! with Adam Wells: from fear to love of public speaking – 012

Let me introduce you to this week's guest Adam Wells. Adam is an experienced public speaker and he shares his story of how he took his fear of public speaking and turned it into a passion, where he now speaks regularly to large audiences. He shares his public speaking tips and insights for beginners and experienced public speakers. If you would like to find out more about Adam, you can connect with him at In the next episode I will be sharing something that you...


The secret to connecting is to ‘Open your speech with a Question’ – 011

When you are public speaking you don't have long to gain a connection with your audience. The opening of your speech has to engage them in a way that connects with their own personal experience. If you do this, then they will stay with you until the end of your speech and you will be remembered. A brilliant way of engaging your audience is to 'Open your speech with a question'. Ask something of your audience and give them time to think about their own experience. In the next episode I will...


A ‘Mindfulness’ exercise to help prepare you to give a great speech – 010

Public speaking can be scary. Even the most experienced of speakers will tell you that they get nervous before a speech. If we are not careful our nerves can take over and make us feel unprepared and cause us to panic when we are about to speak. In this episode I guide you through a 'Mindfulness' exercise which you can use in the days and hours building up to delivering a speech. In the next episode I will be sharing a tip on how to engage your audience by opening your speech with a...


How a ‘KISS’ can simply ensure you are understood – 009

You've done your research. You have practiced your speech. But how can you be sure your message is understood? In this episode you will hear a technique called 'KISS' (no, not that kind of kiss!). This type of KISS is the best way to guarantee your message is received loud and clear when delivering a pitch, presentation or speech. You do this by removing any jargon or longer words which may be difficult for the audience to understand. So think KISS (Keep It Super Simple) when preparing your...