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Bonus: Where Do We Go From Here?

From saying "no" to juggling multiple projects, we've learned a lot about managing our workaholism over the past few months. So what's helped us the most? And where do we go from here? ***** Closed captioning: Disclaimer: The points of view expressed in this podcast are Kristin Wong and Dara Blaine's and do not represent any other person or entity. The opinions of our guests do not represent our own. We do not guarantee any desired or specific results in...


#8: Tim Herrera on Why a Digital Detox Isn't Always the Answer

Digital detoxing is the default solution to burnout, stress, and overwork. But is disconnecting realistic? And, more importantly, does it truly get to the heart of the problem? In this episode, we talk to Tim Herrera about how to stay connected without letting connectivity control your life, why you shouldn't think of your workplace as your family, and what leaders can do to establish less toxic work environments. Show notes: Your Workplace Isn't Your Family (and That's OK!) - The New...


#7: How to Say No More Often (And Why You Should)

Learning to say "no" is crucial for workaholics, who have a tendency to overcommit. In this week's episode, we cover some criteria for deciding when to say "no" and when to say "yes." We also discuss some research-backed strategies for being direct and effective with your no. Show notes: Essentialism Why You Should Learn to Say No More OftenThe New York TimesI "Don't" versus "I Can't"Year of Yes Special thanks to our sponsor, Everlance. Visit for...


#6: Alan Henry + Whitson Gordon on Productivity and Purpose

Is there a productivity trap? Is our culture obsessed with getting things done and checking tasks off lists? Kristin asks her former Lifehacker editors if we have a productivity problem. Alan Henry (New York Times editor) and Whitson Gordon (writer, New York Times, Popular Science) make the case for productivity...with a purpose. They offer some concrete, actionable tips, like the Daily 3-Task Method, to make sure you don't fall into the so-called "productivity trap." Instead,...


#5: Workaholism and Rethinking Success

We tend to think of success linearly, in terms of how we'll feel once we reach the finish line. But what if the way we approach success actually leaves us feeling distracted, unfocused...and maybe even unsuccessful? In this episode, we consider a different way to think about success: not just and end goal, but also a process. Psst! Enter our book giveaway by Sept 19th! Leave us a review on iTunes, then Tweet us a screenshot of your review @nonworkaholics for a chance to win The Year of...


#4: Emilie Wapnick Tells Us How to Be Everything

Are you a multipotentialite? In this episode, author and TED speaker Emilie Wapnick explains the concept of multipotentiality: the idea that you can be more than one thing in your career. We talk about how to pursue and explore your many interests without burning out. Show notes: How to Be EverythingWhy some of us don't have one true callingPuttylikeRefuse to Choose Special thanks to Everlance for making this podcast episode possible. Visit for a...


#3: Self-Care Is Not a Reward

Not getting enough sleep. Eating lunch at your desk. Skipping lunch altogether. When we're overworked, we're quick to dismiss basic self-care. The problem is, most people think of self-care as a luxury item, a reward. But it's actually a crucial part of "getting things done." In this episode, we talk about some common misconceptions about self-care and how to do things better. Show notes: Steven Covey, Firsts Things FirstJulia Cameron, The Artist's WayTalking to Strangers Makes You...


#2: Cait Flanders on Mindful Work

Cait Flanders is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Year of Less. Cait tells us how she's learned to stop focusing on the finish line and be okay with a little uncertainty – and how it's helped her career. Special thanks to our sponsor, Everlance. Visit for a special discount. ***** Closed captioning: Disclaimer: The points of view expressed in this podcast are Kristin Wong and Dara Blaine's and do...


#1: How to Deal With Burnout

Recovering from burnout? So are we! In our inaugural episode, we discuss our experience with overwork and how our culture glamorizes busyness and burnout. We leave you with a couple of tips to help curb your own workaholism. Special thanks to our sponsor, Everlance. Visit for a special discount. Show notes: How to Be Happy by Adam Sternbergh New York Times, Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often Sleep deprivation studyEssentialism ***** Closed...


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Kristin is a freelance writer and journalist. Dara is a career counselor and coach. They're also (recovering) workaholics. Together, they find a balance between taking care of yourself and taking care of your hustle. They interview authors, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are doing things differently. Join their journey and learn how to level up—without burning out. Coming August 22nd! Music: