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Ep 11 - Nip Wijewickrema of GG's Flowers

Now here is someone who’s a little different to the other guests that I’ve had on the show to-date. Nip doesn’t work for some large corporate and isn’t a self advocate paving her own way. However, she is one driven individual with a big heart and a big dream and she’s certainly making amazing inroads towards that dream! Nip and her mother along with support from her family opened a floristry business with the underlying purpose of providing an employment opportunity for her sister. This is a...


Ep 10 - Matt Ormiston, Autism@Work and ANZ Bank

In this week’s episode I get to spend some time discussing the ANZ Bank foray into neurodiversity employment. After a period of assessment and evaluation ANZ made the leap with a partner, DXC Technology, (check out my interview with Michael Fieldhouse of DXC to hear their story) and have gone from strength to strength since. It’s encouraging to hear the progress that prominent Australian companies are making when it comes to setting the pace for neurodiverse inclusion at work. If you’re...


Ep9 - Chris Varney, Founder of the I-Can Network

Chris is a an inspirational guy. Someone who saw a serious gap in the way that young autistic people were being supported to self advocate and see their strengths and what they ‘can do’. In a world where too many young autistic people are told what they can’t do (by often well meaning people), like all young people they need to be encourage to discover and focus on the things they can do. The I-Can Network works hard to empower young people across primary, secondary and tertiary education...


Ep 8 - Rob Austin, Professor Ivey School of Business

Rob has worked extensively with a number of organisations in the US who have been paving the way when it comes to neurodiverse recruitment and realising the value and benefits of having a more diverse workforce. Rob published an article entitled “Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage” following his study of the programs being adopted by a number of US corporates for the recruitment of individuals on the autism spectrum.


Ep 7 - Hiren Shukla, Ernst & Young Leader of Innovation & Neurodiversity

A fantastic interview with Hiren Shukla from Ernst & Young who is demonstrating the real commercial value of taking a broader view when hiring talent. Hiren talks about the path to success at Ernst & Young and where the program is looking to head for them in the future.


Ep 6 - Tim Goldstein, autism advocate and public speaker

In this episode I talk through the opportunities for employers to leverage the unique talents of neurodiverse employees. We also talk about a framework that Tim has established for assisting neurodiverse people to better breakdown their messaging, and frankly this is a nice simple way of helping to level set your messaging for anyone to use. To see more on Tim and to connect check out Tim’s website at: www.timgoldstein.com

A Journey Into The Unknown With Sean Langton of Bankwest

In this episode Sean Langton, the Chief Technology Office of Bankwest shares his experiences of facing the fears of the unknown and how embracing neurodiversity was key part of their organisational approach to broadening the available talent pool they could draw on. Sean also talks about the importance of connecting with local support organisations who can bring knowledge of recruitment process adaptations and to provide education and support as required to staff and managers.


Innovation, Creativity & Neurodiversity with Laurel Lau

In this episode I speak with Laurel Lau on the both her back story but also the amazingly innovative and creative minds of neuorodiverse people. It’s a firm reminder to not underestimate the ability of someone who is different to you to bring real value to a problem or opportunity. Creating the right environment that encourages that creativity and provides the opportunity to express the thoughts they carry around is critical to including neurodiverse people. LinkedIn Facebook email


Ep 3 - Mike Tozer of Xceptional

In this episode, Mike Tozer talks about the impetus for starting Xceptional and the amazing start to their business journey. Mike also discusses how the demand for neurodiverse talent and the level of organisational experience of other employers is leading a growing number to Xceptional which has created a rapidly developing secondary business to their original software testing operation. Xceptional is one operator to keep your eye on, with many organisations of all sizes from around the...


Ep 2 - Jeanette Purkis, Autistic Author, Advocate and Presenter

Jeanette shares her perspective of what makes for a positive recruitment and employment experience as someone on the Autism Spectrum. We also cover disclosure and reasonable adjustments and how these can often benefit everyone and don’t need to be specific for one individual alone.


Episode 1 - Interview with Michael Fieldhouse of DXC Technology

In the first episode for Spectra-cast I spend some time discussing the Dandelion Program at DXC Technology with the Dandelion Program Executive Michael Fieldhouse.