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Podcast by Eston Swaby.Success Coach, Success Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker.

Podcast by Eston Swaby.Success Coach, Success Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker.
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Podcast by Eston Swaby.Success Coach, Success Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker.




EP14: Dealing with trials and becoming resilient: You were built to handle life challenges

In today’s episode, base on Eston book, An Empowered Life, Eston share with listeners that it doesn’t matter what you face in life: persecution, afflictions, setbacks, pressure, you were created to stand. You were created in such away that no matter what you face in life, you can come out victorious because your problems were designed specifically for you base on the divine assignment upon your life. Do not allow life to pull you over, stand and fight


EP13: Do not allow fear to stop you from living your dreams

What is stopping many of you right now from going after your dreams are not lack of resources like money or contacts, but what is stopping many of you is fear. The fear of what people will say, the fear of failure, the fear of rejection, while for many of you it is the fear of success. In this episode, motivational speaker, coach and author and the host of The Dream Achievers podcast Eston Swaby will help you to get to out of your head and move in the direction of your dreams. Fear does...


EP12: Turning Adversities into opportunities with Levi Standford

Tragedy happens every, so many people have been in accidents but they never live to talk about it, but so is miracles. The guest on the show today is Levi Standford, it is indeed a miracle why is with us today, but we will be hearing his story a little later. He is not motivational speaker traveling the country using his story of what happened to him on that faithful day when he had an accident that could have cost him his life to overcome their trials and to inspire others to live to...


EP11: Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Fear and Going After Your Dreams

In this episode, I talked with my good friend Sumedh Chatterjee on Breaking Limiting Beliefs and Fear and Going After Your Dreams. Many people have dreams, but they allow doubt, fear and other limiting beliefs to stop them from truly going after their dreams. Learn to breakthrough anything that might be stopping you so you can live your dreams.


EP10: Releasing The Gifts Inside of You By Embracing Pain

All of us want to be successful, we want to achieve our dreams, but we do not want to go through pain. But it is the pain the releases our gifts and causes us to give birth to our purpose and dreams. In this episode, you will learn the purpose of pain and how to use your pain to usher you into greatness


EP 9: Becoming An Entrepreneur and Growing Your Business With Ellory Wells

A lot of people have the dream of transitioning from an employee to being an employer, many of them tries to do so unsuccessfully. In today’s episode, I talk with Ellory Wells who have a passion for helping entrepreneurs start, build, and grow their businesses. He knows very well what it takes to transition from being an employee to be running a successful business, but not before he was fired from his job just 3 weeks after he made over $20,000 in commissions and got the “Managers Rock...


EP 8: Top 10 Lessons About Life, Relationship, and Business With Anika Madison

On this show, I interviewed Anika Madison, she is the host of popular show Journey Into Passion With Anika S. In this episode we talked about 10 lessons she have learnt from interviewing different guests on her show for over one year. These lessons will transform the way you do business, deal with relationships and life


EP7: Chasing Your Passion and Your Dreams With Tania Hassounia

When you live on purpose and do work that you love, you will an abundant and joyful life. However many people are busy chasing the wrong thing in life and so they do not enjoy the joy and fulfillment that the creator God has for them. In this interview with Tania, we talk about living on purpose, the importance of faith and believing in yourself and dreams and much more. Podcast Sponsor: Get a copy of my latest book An Empowered Life and wake up everyday feeling renewed and empowered. Get...


EP6: Getting Organize So You Can Grow Effectively With Samantha Pointer

Samantha Pointer, is a Technology Organizing Coach and founder of Get IT Together!. Known as the “Technology Organizingguru”, Samantha teaches her clients that utilizing technology can help save them time, money, increase productivity, reduce stress and increase the bottom line in their business. Samantha bridges the gap between technology and organization with coaching, workshops, and online training. In this episode we talked about the importance of automating your business and how to...


The Three Things That Stops Us from Living (or Achieving) Our Dreams

Many people they have great dreams and they have went through the process of setting clear and specific goals, they have dreams and goals that are achievable and they have everything they need to achieve their dreams, but for some reason they have not been able to breakthrough. In this episode, I talk about 3 of the things that may be stopping you from living your dreams, and no it is not what you have been thinking. Key Takeways


Ep 004: The Importance of having a healthy lifestyle and happiness in living our dreams with Dr Toni Camacho

Dr. Toni Camacho is a Holistic Health Practitioner/Registered Herbalist. She is the founder of Moongazing Herbal Apothecary which is a company that provides professional and natural health solutions for skin care and total health and well-being. Her vision is to make accessible and affordable organic herbal health and skin care products, that may be used as safe alternatives to the synthetic medications and skin care products that exist today. In this interview we talked about the...


Ep #003 Finding Your Life Purpose With Victor Frost

Your life purpose is that thing that excites you, that thing you are passionate about and will do it even if you are not being paid to do it. It lights a fire within you whenever you are doing it. However, ,many people do not know what their life purpose is and so they go through life without any sense of direction, or they live a miserable and unfulfil life. That is no way you should live your life. Victor Frost is living his life purpose, but he was not always living his life purpose,...


Ep #002:Unlocking Your Inner Creativity With Sumedh Chatterjee

Creativity is a form of expression, however many people have locked up the creative aspects of their lives. What blocks us from unlocking our creativity, how to deal with rejection, How creative helps you in your everyday life, the power of visualization to remove mental blocks and unleashing your creativity, How to monetize your creativity and much more………. Check out all episodes now at


Achieving Your Biggest and Most Important Goals Much Faster With Jake Ballentine

In this episode, Motivational Speaker and Coach Jake Ballentine believes and teaches his clients and audience to believe in themselves and that they can achieve anything they want to achieve by having a clear vision of what it is that you want to achieve, breaking it down into small actionable steps. Check out all episodes at


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