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HLP096: On How to be (Sort Of) Happy in Law with Kathryne Young

I’m super excited today to chat with fellow happiness researcher, Katie Young. Katie is a JD/PHD and current professor at UMASS Amherst. After experiencing law school unhappiness herself and witnessing countless others go through law school unhappy, Katie decided to do some research on her own. Katie conducted a study of over 1000 law school students to learn more about the unhappiness epidemic among law students. On today’s episode she shares a lot of her findings on reasons why we are...


HLP096: On the Secrets to Traveling for Cheap (or Free!) with Kevin of the Financial Panther

Some of you may remember Kevin from Episode 32 where Kevin shared his story about paying off $87,000 in student loans in just 2.5 years. I’ve invited him back on the show to talk about one of my passions, traveling! My word for 2018 was "adventure" and I was determined (for the first time ever) to use all of my vacation days! A big part of how I made that happen was through financially savvy travel hacking. Disclaimer: I would not recommend travel hacking for anyone that is bad with...


HLP095: On Why You Should Probably Just Quit with Goli Kalkhoran

We all know that lawyers are great at persevering but what happens when it’s time to call it quits? There are times when we struggle with whether to stop a small project and times we grapple with whether or not it’s time to make a big career change. This episode will hopeful help you through those daunting times. On today’s show I chat with Goli Kalkhoran, a former lawyer turned entrepreneur and host of "Lessons from a Quitter". Goli shares lessons that she’s learned from her interviewees...


HLP094: On the As to Your Qs - Figuring out Your Perfect Practice Area and Tips for Setting Up Your Financial Future

On today's show Mr. Happy Lawyer Project joins me to give a quick update on what we’ve been up to this summer, what we’re excited for in the new year and we answer some of your burning questions. Jasmine on LinkedIn -- How do you know which practice areas to pursue and how to convince decision makers you can do the job? I know I can pick things up quickly –that’s what we do as lawyers, research law and apply. I am doing pro bono and plan to write/publish more, but what else can we, as...


HLP093 - On Discovering Your Signature Style and Finding Yourself in Fashion with Estelle Winsett

Many of you have asked about the intersection of fashion, professionalism, and happiness. On today’s show I get to discuss just that with attorney Estelle Winsett that also runs a side hustle as a fashion consultant. Mom to three boys, a Director of Personal Development, wife to a fellow lawyer, and avid runner, Estelle is passionate and enthusiastic as we talk about all things fashion. Hope you enjoy! What you’ll learn: Estelle’s journey in the lawHow Estelle discovered her passion...


HLP092 -On the Intersection of Wellness and Diversity and Inclusion with Jaya Saxena

On today’s show I have the pleasure of chatting with another wonderful multi-passionate, former attorney Jaya Saxena. Jaya is a Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, attorney turned Wellness/Career coach, social justice advocate and mama of two. We chat about how she incorporates her training of wellness and health into her practice, her passion for social injustice, and so much more. Enjoy! What you’ll learn: The power of choiceJaya’s journey in the lawWhat spurred Jaya’s transition out of...


HLP091: On Using a CEO Mindset to Build a Seven Figure Lifestyle Practice with Ally Lozano

Wish you knew more about the business of being a lawyer? I know I sure do! Whether you are considering going solo or just building your own brand within your firm, you are going to love today’s guest. Ally Lozano is an author, immigration lawyer, founder & CEO of AMIGA Lawyers, the Association of Mother Immigration Attorneys, a mother of 5, and runs a 7 figure solo practice working only 20 hours a week. Check out a free excerpt from her book here:...


HLP090 - On The Habits and Strategies They Didn’t Teach You in Law School with Drew Amoroso of Move Associates

Was it just me or did they forget to teach us how to practice law in law school!?! When I started practicing law I definitely didn't feel like I had all the practical skills I needed to excel as a young lawyer. Enter Drew Amoroso. After a successful career in BigLaw and a stint as a solo practitioner, Drew followed his gut and switched gears in order to help young lawyers gain the crucial skills they need to succeed in the law. Drew has a passion for teaching and training associates and I...


HLP089: On Quitting Your Job to Travel the World (and how to practice law while doing it) with Anjali Nowakowski

Many of you have expressed a desire to leave the 9-5 grind in order to chase a passion or adventure or to simply live a more fulfilled life. On today’s show I chat with a travel happy lawyer who did just that. Anjali Nowakowski is a former litigator, writer, editor, who is pursuing her travel dreams while running her own solo practice. We chat about what it’s like to travel full time, how to set up a virtual law firm, and dive into making decisions based on your own core values. What...


HLP088 - On Finding Your People and Professional Fulfillment as a Non-Traditional Lawyer with Nneka Norville of More Than Esquire Network

Finding a community as a “non-traditional” lawyer can be a challenge. Today I chat with Nneka Norville one of the masterminds behind More Than Esquire Network, a platform for lawyers just like you. We chat about the community Nneka is building of non-traditional lawyers in order to support them in their search for professional fulfillment. Enjoy the show! What you’ll learn: About Nneka’s transition from entertainment law to corporate social responsibility Why Nneka transitioned out of...


HLP087: On Growing a Legal Tech Startup (without moving to NYC or SFO) with Jack West of BookIt Legal

Do you ever feel like you live in the wrong city to pursue your big idea? Perhaps you don't think your city or town has the resources or community that you would need to launch your next project. Today, I chat with Jack West, Founder of BookIt Legal, about what it takes to launch a legal tech startup, how to think outside of the box, reasons to innovate in your lane, and the importance of pursuing your own big ideas. Hope you guys enjoy! What you’ll learn: Jack’s journey in the lawSkills...


HLP086: On the Art of Choosing Happy Thoughts with Happiness Coach, Rochelle Gapere

I often find myself mumbling a certain mantra over and over. Happiness is a choice. Happiness. is. a. choice. Even though this isn’t always easy or clear, I believe it to be true and today I get the pleasure of chatting with Rochelle Gapere. Rochelle is an attornery, happiness coach, and author. On today's show we chat about her new book where she shares great tips and advice on how to choose happy thoughts through all of life's ups and downs. What you’ll learn: Best Advice for...


HLP085: On Innovating to Better Serve Yourself and Your Clients with Melissa Hall of Smol Law

What do you think of when you think of innovation and the law? Do you feel like you have opportunities to innovate in your practice? Over the years I’ve learned that some of the happiest lawyers have chosen to get off the well-worn path and create a life within the law the suits their skills, passions and lifestyle. Today I chat with about how she is innovating through a general legal services practice that serves her clients and her own lifestyle needs. What you’ll learn: About making...


HLP084: On the Importance of Believing in Your Own Success with Dafan Zhang, co-founder of Vohte

Today on the show I have the ultimate jack of all trades or, as he puts it, the master of a few things. Multi-passionate attorney Dafan Zhang is an adjunct professor, tech app developer, co-founder of Vohte, solo practitioner, and father of four. We chat about how Dafan overcame poverty and homelessness, why he transitioned into the law, and his latest project, Vohte. Dafan is full of great advice for those of us struggling with where we are or the ones working towards their big...


HLP083: On Walking Away From BigLaw to Launch a Skin Care Line with Justin Moore of Holly Hall Supply Co.

Former BigLaw associate Justin Moore left the law to start his own dermatologist-approved skin care line, Holly Hall Supply Co. On today's show we chat about his decision to leave, how he prepared for the transition, the surprising way his legal skills continue to serve him and what it really takes to start a product based business. Throughout the show Justin shares some great insight and advice for anyone making a big transition! What you’ll learn: Justin’s journey in the lawWhy he...


HLP082: On The Secrets of Being a Nomadic Lawyer with Larissa Bodniowycz of Sort of Legal

Lawyers often wonder how they can get more autonomy, independence and flexible in their schedule. Although most lawyers acknowledge that they've had to work while on vacation, most haven't thought about building a practice around that lifestlye. On today's show I chat with Larissa Bodniowycz, who did just that! Larissa is a solo practitioner and legal nomad blogging over at Sort of Legal. We chat about her transition out of traditional law practice and gives invaluable advice about remote...


HLP081: On Leveraging LinkedIn without Annoying People with Rachel Tombs of Links2Leads

On today's show I chat with Rachel Tombs about everyone's favorite professional networking platform. Rachel is a LinkedIn Expert, as the owner of Links2Leads, that transitioned out of the law and into legal marketing. Rachel shares vital information for crafting the perfect LinkedIn profile. So tune in as we chat about the much requested topic of how to best market yourself on LinkedIn as a new lawyer! What you’ll learn: Why Rachel got into the lawThe differences in marketing between the...


HLP080: On Treating Your Day Job Like an Investor with Stacey Ferguson

On today’s show I chat with former attorney and founder of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, Stacey Ferguson! Featured in multiple media outlets including NPR, Southern Living and so much more, Stacey is an influencer coach, media personality, digital brand strategist, content creator, and public speaker. Stacey shows us that it’s possible to find success in and out of the law as long as you are able to stay true to your authentic self. What you’ll learn: The origins of BlogaliciousWhat...


HLP079: On the Steps to Becoming an Essential Associate with Jay Harrington

If you are anything like me, you entered life as a young associate with very little understand on how to excel in your new role. On today’s episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Jay Harrington author of The Essential Associate, former attorney and current coach & consultant for lawyers and law firms. Not only does Jay share great tips for associates early in their careers, but he also touches on the growth mindset and the importance of staying intentional no matter what phase of life...


HLP078: On Working with Social Media Influencers with Jessica Johnson and Jaia Thomas of The Presley Group

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes for social media influencers? On today’s show I chat with the founders of The Presley Group, a media group focused on representing and elevating influencers of color. Jessica Johnson and Jaia Thomas chat about what it means to be an influencer, tips on how to this up and coming legal market, and then even provide general advice for entering other new areas of the law. Whether you are interested in representing clients in the social media landscape...