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Art, Work, and Life with Ileana Haberman

Ileana Haberman is an artist and small business owner. She loves her art. In her words, her art is what she has to do— she doesn't have a choice. And her business supports her art and allows her a life where she gets to create art. I found her perspective refreshing. I love hearing from creative about the creative process and what brings them back to their art. I really enjoyed hearing Ileana process why she creates and what it does for her. It's really quite beautiful. In this episode...


From Acting to Coaching with Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward helps creative women build businesses and do work they love. She didn’t always have this career goal in mind. Her younger years were spent in pursuit of one thing: theater. But she eventually got to the point when she needed to make a change. That eventually lead her to where she is today. And she’s really good at what she does. I love Michelle’s approachable and fun loving disposition. She’s the kind of woman who you want in your corner as an aspiring or growing business...


Finding Your Way After College with Paul Girgis

Paul Girgis is an old and close friend. Of all the guests on this podcast, I know him better and have shared more life with him. He’s gone through a big shift in his career in the past few years. I’ll let him tell the story, but it’s a really good one. I think there’s a number of moments in his story that could be helpful for listeners. How he’s moved from what he should do to what he wants to do. How he continues to learn, grow, and pivot as he goes. How he’s moves ahead with what he...


How Mindset Changes Everything with Caitlin Pyle

Like many of us, Caitlin Pyle started a very important journey in her life in an unexpected way. She lost her job. As with every great story, it always begin with an inciting incident. This was Caitlin’s. What happened next is what matters the most: she took what she knew, leaned into it, and scaled up, and up, and up. Today Caitlin is a tremendously successful online entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster. She’s the founder of Proofread Anywhere, the Work at Home School, which I was lucky...


Millenials and How to Be an Adult (at any age!) with Paul Angone

Paul Angone has something to say to 20-somethings, but not just 20-somethings. He has something to say to anyone who is in some sort of transition. If you’re asking questions like, What’s next? Who am I? What am I doing with my life?— he has something to say to you. Paul Angone is an author, speaker, and consultant with a two-fold focus, on one hand, he helps organizations understand the needs and desires of today’s younger generations. On the other, he helps people navigate the biggest...


Advocating for the Needs of Others with Brandon Shurr

Money matters. But it's not the only thing that matters. As a professional, whose work has to do with career— money is always a part of the conversations that I'm having. You can't talk about work and meaning without also talking about money. The problem is that money can also overshadow all the other important aspects of work. Money matters. But so do many other things. My interview with Brandon Shurr was a refreshing reminder of this. Brandon is a community organizer, social worker,...


How to Make a Successful Career Transition with Jenny Foss

Jenny Foss is an expert in job transitions. Years ago, when she suddenly found herself a single parent, she did the last thing that many of us would consider doing: starting her own business. I’ll let her tell that story and some of the very smart reasons for that decision. But that eventually propelled her to where she is now combining her experience in writing, marketing, and recruitment to help job seekers make their transitions at Jenny is great at what she does, and,...


Creating a Legacy with Katherine Paterson

My guest today is literally living legend—one of a small handful of people selected by the Library of Congress for their contributions to society. She’s the author of many books, a few of which have also become movies. One of the many is the beloved novel, Bridge to Terabithia— read in 4 through 6th grade schools around the world. I am so grateful to have a chance to interview Katherine. Her wisdom and presence were so refreshing— and fun pattern interrupt to the typical guest...


Creativity, Art, and Emotional Breakdowns with Andy J. Pizza

When his freelance work dried up, Andy j. Miller hit the bottom. With bills due and a family to care for, he did the last thing imaginable for a creative: he started pursuing sales and marketing. Years later he is now working as an illustrator with his favorite brands and helping people make it in creative careers with Creative Pep Talk. Andy is a kindred spirit in many ways. We had a lot of fun together and I think you'll find his story both inspiring and encouraging. In this...


[SHORT] Fearless February

What is Fearless February? It’s a social movement to help you face your fears and take personal meaningful risks in the month of February. It’s an opportunity for you to dig deeper than tired New Year Resolutions and make big progress toward something that matters to you AND to do it with a group of other like-minded people. In this episode, host Dan Cumberland shares the vision for Fearless February and how you can participate. Listen in and then head over to to...


Quitting a Dream Job with Elle Griffin

Elle Griffin set off to pursue her dream: creating a modern magazine focused on spirituality for women. After growing it over time, the opportunity presented itself for her to go full time with it— she was going to live the dream! A project she started, and grew, was now becoming a dream job! And then… it turned out NOT to be what she wanted. Her experience raises the questions: what happens when your dreams shift? What happens when you get your dream job and do you dream work, but...


The Power of Being Helpful with Jason Zook

In my opinion, Jason Zook is one of the most interesting people online. I first became aware of him when he had a project called i wear your shirt, where he got sponsors to pay him to wear their t-shirts all month. Later he wrote a book funded by sponsorships. Still later he sold his last name — meaning he literally changed his legal name. And then he did it again. More recently he’s been selling his future. As I said, he’s one of the most interesting people online. Never a...


The Benefits of Mindful Journaling with Marc Champagne

Is journaling helpful? What is mindful journaling, what are it's benefits, and how do you do it? These are a few of the questions that I brought to Marc Champagne, the co-founder of Kyo— a journalling app that seeks to help bring mindfulness to busy modern life. Marc created Kyo out of his own need and desire. As it grew, he was faced with a decision— should he risk big and quit a job he loved to pursue a passion project or play it safe? On today's episode, Dan Cumberland digs into...


Procrastination, Motivation, and Memory with Mary Lamia

Mary Lamia is a psychologist, psychoanalyst, professor, and author. Her work centers on helping people foster emotional awareness. As a young girl, she became curious about the mind and how it works and began learning anything she could. this set her on a lifelong journey to understand and help others understand the human experience. We got to talk about her diverse work experience and how she found her way into what she does today. Including her recent book about accomplishment and...


[SHORT] IDK What To Do With My Life: Student Edition

“IDK what to do with my life.” It’s one of the most common phrases expressing the angst and struggle of purpose, vocation, and calling. So common, in fact, that we usually laugh it off and change the subject. Thankfully, there are some people out there who do take it seriously. Not only that, but who are working on helping others make progress on the issue as well. A high school teacher wrote to me asking for advice on how to help his students gain some clarity on vocation, calling, and...


How to Find Work You Love with Scott Barlow

Scott Barlow struggled to land on a major that fit in college. He just never felt like he knew what he wanted to do. It wasn’t until he was fired from his first job, which he hated, that he really began trying to find something that was a good fit for him. Scott found his way into HR and eventually discovered both a knack for and interest in helping people answer the same kinds of questions that he struggled with back in college. Today Scott and the team at Happen To Your Career help people...


From Engineer to Artist with Tom Froese

Tom Froese is an illustrator and commercial artist. Having failed art in his Senior Year, Tom went on to study computer networking and engineering. However, after graduation, he began pursuing art again thanks to an opportunity to work in graphic design. It wasn’t an immediate transition for him, however. In this episode, Tom shares why he believes it’s important to take the longer view and have a strategic approach because it takes time to become a full-time artist. These days he...


Rekindling the Passion in Your Career with Cathy Terepocki

What do you do when your art and work no longer give you the same spark it once did? How do you rediscover it? After working hard for years to establish herself as a full-time ceramics artist, these are the questions that Cathy Terepocki found herself asking. Of all the arts to pursue, ceramics would be the most difficult of vocations. It’s labor intensive. It’s challenging to scale. While getting your hands dirty sounds fun, you have to really love it to commit your life to...


When Injury Ends a Career with Matt McWilliams

After being forced to give up his dream of being a professional golfer due to injury, Matt landed a job teaching golf in his Dad’s business. It was here that he first dabbled in the world of online marketing, back in 2002, and found he had a real knack for it. These days, Matt has a blog, a recently launched podcast and a popular online course all geared towards teaching people how to make money through affiliate marketing like he has done and keep their dreams alive. What you will learn...


How Your Heartbeat Shapes Your Future with Tyler Mongan

Research shows that the physiological state of our bodies effect our mental state and imagination. In other words, what you're experiencing and feeling in your body at any moment has an impact on the way your mind works. In today's show, host Dan Cumberland talks with business consultant and heart-centered futurist Tyler Mongan about his work, his career, and how we can use our heartbeat to shape our futures. In this episode you'll learn: Show notes:...