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5 Tips to Find Your Next Job in 2019

In this special episode, my friend Bob McIntosh asked to interview me on my show. In the past, I have replayed my interviews from guest appearances on other podcasts. This is the first time in over five years of the show I will be interviewed for the show. This show is centered around my article, 14 […]


Is Technology Essential in Removing Hiring Bias with Melissa Dobbins

Removing bias from the hiring process is quite a task considering those who are still asking why. My guest this episode is Melissa Dobbins, founder, and CEO of for the second time. We discuss her article, “ I’m Sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” – Save us from our Technology! You are more […]


You’ll Need These Linkedin Strategies for Job Search Readiness with Marc Miller

Marc Miller of the “Repurpose Your Career” podcast, and I address some of the Linkedin questions that come through our inboxes and email. The original version of this show was published on Marc’s Career Pivot site (and you can also get the episode through iTunes). The very detailed show notes can be viewed there as well. […]


Job Search Wisdom from Career Advice Writers

In this special edition, I gathered three career advice writers to join me for their perspective on the job search. We tackle several questions adding a different twist to what you usually hear. Each of them knows I stalked their Twitter and Linkedin profiles for months and hand-picked each to come on the show. […]


Give Linkedin Recommendations More Respect

Linkedin recommendations are not featured as it used to be. It’s near the bottom of your Linkedin profile now. Bob McIntosh, the purveyor of all things LinkedIn for job seekers, is back on the show to discuss Linkedin recommendations. You are more than welcome to join the discussion. Here are three ways you can: – Call and leave […]


Today’s Millennials and Their Take on Careers with Hilary Sutton

For my Gen X and baby boomer listeners, it’s time to listen to millennials about their take on work. My guest, Hilary Sutton, speaks as a writer, a researcher, and a millennial. Here are three ways you can let us know: Call and leave a voicemail at 708-365-9822, or text your comments to the same number Go […]


How to Find Work That Matters w/ Mark Babbitt

Welcome back to the fifth season of the podcast. We are in an economy that has a four percent unemployment rate, and now many people are looking and leaping to new work opportunities. Are you looking for what you consider the best “fit” or are you taking the first job offer you get? Mark Babbit, […]


Answering Your Job Search Questions (Podcast Season Finale)

About today’s special show! For this last episode of the season, I am replaying my appearance on the “Repurpose Your Career” podcast. Here are the questions we’re answering: 1. I am a 61-year-old floor installer. I have been doing this since I was a young man. I have worked in other parts of the industry like sales and […]


Removing Bias From Hiring with Melissa Dobbins

Removing bias from the hiring process is quite a task considering those who are still asking why. My guest this episode is Melissa Dobbins, founder, and CEO of, whose purpose is to remove bias from hiring. She states on her website that she is “…radically reshaping the hiring process through the synthesis of science […]


What Are Ways Young People 16-24 Can Find Jobs (Radio Interview)?

I was interview by James Parker of the Chicago Urban League a couple of weeks ago. This was on WVON Saturday morning’s program, “Let’s Get to Work.” Our discussion centered around helping our youth find jobs. You are more than welcome to join the discussion. Here are three ways you can: – Call and leave a […]


How Job Seekers Can Get Noticed by Employers Online

How to stand out to employers online is frequent question and subject for job seekers. It’s one of the hardest things to do on the Internet since there is so much noise competing to be heard. The day has come to show how you add value to employers, peers, and prospective connections online. There are job […]


The Best New Features of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

LinkedIn is constantly changing their features and functionality to the point where new and old users lose sight of LinkedIn’s value. Bob McIntosh is a purveyor of all things LinkedIn for job seekers. He is my guest as discuss what features are best for job seekers, and a couple of features not so much. You […]


The Worst Thing That Can Happen to Your Job Search?

When I lived in Tampa, I watched the Buccaneers go 0-14 in a season. It was brutal, but by no means was it as brutal as being rejected for a position after making it through several rounds of interviews. Sure, some of us can disengage our personal feelings from the process. Some of us handle rejection pretty […]


More Job Search Tips to Use in 2018

More job search tips for you in this episode. Although we had a goal to offer three job search tips each, there were more tips than we expected. Chris Fields, Janine Truitt, and I banter and expound providing as much value as possible. You are more than welcome to join the discussion. Here […]


Reinvention for Every Job Seeker with Anthony Quinones

If we are looking to advance our careers, reinvention is a must. It’s not what you think it is if you’re thinking makeover (although sometimes it is). Your reinvention efforts must fit and deliver what the employer’s need. I talk about it in more detail with Anthony Quinones. What does reinvention mean for your career? […]


Resume Trends in 2018 w/ Jessica Dillard

I decided to create an extensive resume advice show that offered many practical and actionable tactics and strategies. I invited Jessica Dillard back to the show to discuss personal branding aspects of resume writing and resume writing trends for 2018. I will love it if you offer your struggles or tips for resume writing. Here […]


Layoffs? Did Someone Say Layoffs?

Tis the season for layoffs. You might need a new job search in 2018. As we speak, there are companies putting the final touches on separation agreements and/or severance packages. Well, the talk about departures or the rumored occurrences lately includes Adtalem, AAP, Aetna, AFLAC, Allscripts, Allstate, AIG, Anadarko, Arris, AT&T, ADP, Avaya, Baker Hughes, Bank of America, Becton Dickinson, Bed Bath & Beyond, Boeing, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Broadcom. Not to mention every company […]


Does Diversity and Inclusion Matter to Your Career Anymore?

Thanks for joining us for the last show of the season. The next show will be on January 19, 2018. I want you to stick around for this show. Janine Truitt and Chris Fields are back to discuss Janine’s recent article, “I Used To Love D&I: Why I’ve Fallen Out of Love With Diversity and […]


LinkedIn SEO with Susan P Joyce

Power users of LinkedIn use proper LinkedIn SEO. Get more out of your LinkedIn profile and listen twice for all of the gems Susan P Joyce drops. Go back to our last conversation, and absorb and use the advice on personal SEO. Susan’s advice sets you up for a prolific LinkedIn profile and online presence. […]

Duration:00:19:02 as Your Go To Nonprofit Job Board

You’ve heard me say before small organizations should be on your list of target companies to research and get hired. One of the premiere nonprofit job boards to use is and get job advice from Join in on the conversation Call and leave a voicemail at 708-365-9822, or text your comments to the […]