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TLW 147: Coaching? Or Advice giving? (it depends who is doing the talking)

Guest Host: Rose Christens0n Topic: Coaching for Development Coaching and Developing Employees International Coach Federation Articles for this Week: 100+ Influential Learning Professionals Worth Following and 5 Ideas to Help You Go From Twitter Lurker to Active User and 20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know About (edudemic) List of eLearning Twitter […]

TLW 146: Barriers to Learning at Work — Getting from Swiss Cheese to Cheddar

Guest Host: Amy Christensen Topic:Â Barriers to learning at work Basic skills resources Articles for this Week: Audacity Tutorials (LibriVox) If you are interested in Audacity, take a listen to The Audacity to Podcast podcast by Daniel J. Lewis ADDIE Cheat Sheet (LearnDash) Forget Your Weaknesses and Build on Your Strengths […]

TLW 145: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving in the Workplace

Topic:Â Brain Engage-Stimulate critical thinking and problem solving in the workplace What critical thinking is and why it is important in the workplace The Socratic Method: Leveraging Questions to Increase Performance The Six Types of Socratic Questions Planning for Critical Thinking: A 5-Step Model (TeachThought) Critical Thinking Correlation Studies Articles for this Week: 8 Overlooked […]

TLW 144: Is Learning and Development…and are you..Invisible?

Topic: Are You Invisible? 3 in 4 L&D Staff are Invisible  Articles for this Week: Human Resources Learning and Leadership: Our Ten Predictions for 2014 (Bersin by Deloitte) The (new) role of the Workplace Learning Advisor (Learning in the Social Workplace) Teaching with YouTube: 197 Digital Channels for […]

TLW 143: Are you managing or avoiding performance problems?

Guest Host: Julie Caspar Topic: Managing performance problems How to deal with toxic employees with negatively affecting everyone else (The Business Journals blog) Â Articles for this Week: 8 Questions That Will Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss (Lifehacker) Performance Focused Smile Sheets (ASTD Learning & Development blog) Recruiting Top Talent in […]

TLW 142: Tech Tools for Learning!

Guest Host: Wendy Rettenmeier Topic: It’s an all technology show! Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013 (Center for Learning and Performance Technologies blog, Jane Hart) Tech tools we discussed on the show: Symbaloo Padlet Doodle LiveBinder Glogster edu ScoopIt & Articles for this Week: The Best Thing to Happen […]


TLW 141: Are we flipping over the flipped classroom?

Guest Host: Vince Nix Topic: Flip It! In flipped classrooms, a method for mastery What is the flipped classroom? Flipping corporate learning Flipped Classroom Fact and Figures (LearnDash) Articles for this Week: A list of 75 MOOCs for Teachers and Students (Teachthought blog) — some are K-12 focused, but several are […]

TLW 140: Best practices for Best Practices?

Guest Host: Rose Christenson Topic:Â Best practices for Best practices? Best Practices Are a Lie (TalentAnarchy) Articles for this Week: 12 Things You Should Never Do When You Teach Online (21st Century Fluency blog) 25 Wonderful Effects Exercise Has on the Mind (Psyblog) The Future of L&D is Not the […]

TLW139: Facilitating Large(r) Groups

Guest Host: Brian Mayer Topic: Facilitating Large(r) Groups An Introduction to Large Group Intervention Methods The World Cafe What is Open Space and Open Space World webpage What is Appreciative Inquiry and the Appreciative Inquiry Commons Articles for this Week: Create Digital Onboarding Experiences That Stick (ASTD Learning Technologies […]

TLW138: Let’s Get Motivated!

Guest Host: Amy Christensen Topic:Â Motivate me! Motivate your learners with these 5 simple tips Get your audience pumped: 30 ways to motivate adult learners 5 principles for the teachers of adults Articles for this Week: How to Create Millennial Leaders in Your Organization (Great Leadership) 11 Habits of Amazing Bosses […]

TLW137: Shoemaker’s Children? Orienting and Integrating New Faculty and L&D Professionals

Guest Hosts: Julie Caspar, Karen Appleby Topic: Orienting and Integrating New Faculty and Trainers Orientation Vs. Integration (–Human Resources) Helping New Faculty Members Get Off to a Good Start (pdf from Cornell University) Best Advice for New Teachers (Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day) K-12 focused, but good tips for the rest of us! […]

TLW135: Workplace Challenges of Today’s Learning Professionals

Guest Hosts: Rob Lion, Utah ASTD Conference participants Topic: ASTD Utah Conference Participants Share L&D Workplace Challenges Review the conference backchannel on Twitter by searching for #ASTDUtah  “I’ve always loved a challenge.” — Lana Turner THANK YOU to the ASTD Utah conference participants who contributed to our topic discussion this week! Articles for […]

TLW134: Recovering after Failure (it’s not like you’re putting lead paint on a child’s doll)

Guest Host: Vince Nix Topic: Oops! Regaining Balance After Fails and Falls 7 Ways to Bounce Back from Career Mistakes, Missteps & Misunderstandings Kathryn Schulz: On Being Wrong  (Ted Talks) Articles for this Week: Top 100 Tools for Learning (Learning in the Social Workplace) The Best Resources for Beginning […]

TLW133: 14 of our favorite tech tools for learning

Guest host: Wendy Rettenmeier Topic:Â Tech-a-paloosa…14 of our favorite tech tools for learning Pocket (Wendy) — Pocket is a program to let you mark web content and read it later. Dropbox (Terri) — Cloud storage (also DropItToMe to allow people to add to your designated Dropbox folder. Box (Robin) — Slightly more secure […]

TLW132: Change Your Workplace Culture and Change Your World!

Topic: Culture Crafting 6 Signs Your Company’s Culture Stinks (Fast Company Leadership Now blog) Articles for this Week: Your Online Reputation: What Does Yours Say About You? (ASTD Career Development blog) AND Job Hunting: Time to Scrub Your Facebook Page (CBS Moneywatch) Advice for New Faculty: Six Lessons From The Front […]

TLW131: How do you bounce back from change? Resilience!

I could not find an image of a Bozo the Clown punching toy with a clear copyright to use on the website, but here’s a picture if you want to see what it looks like! Topic: Resilience Resilience: A “Must Have” Characteristic in Today’s Workplace (WITI-Women in Technology international) Resilience at work (Barry […]

TLW 130: Reading, Writing, and Professional Development!

Guest Hosts: Vince Nix, Jim Blume Topic: It’s back to school time…what are you learning this year? How to Set Goals That Will Keep You Fulfilled and Focused (Fast Company) Distraction Free Writing tools: OmWriter Write or Die (to use the cloud-based app on your computer, scroll down until you see “webapp.” […]

TLW 129: Tired of Powerpoint? Try Prezi!

Guest Hosts: Nicolle Johnson, Wendy Rettenmeier, Brandon Schiffman Topic: Tired of Powerpoint? Try Prezi! Be Less Boring: The 4 Best Alternatives to PowerPoint (Government Executive) — The alternatives are described in a Prezi presentation Anything but PowerPoint: five fresh presentation alternatives (PC World) Articles for this Week: 7 Unconventional Ways to […]

TLW 128: Taking the Lessons of Great Talks for Presentations…and Beyond

Guest Host: Wendy Rettenmeier Topic:Â Taking the Lessons of Great Talks for Presentations and Beyond! The Secret Structure of Great Talks (TED video) Articles for this Week: Eight Roles of an Effective Online Teacher (Faculty Focus) Five Ways Leaders Help Others Belong, Not Just Fit in (Leading with Trust) The Future […]

TLW 127: Up With Influencing Up!

Guest Host: Jennie LeGates Topic: Influencing UP Managing Up: How to Influence Your Boss Articles for this Week: 12 “Out-of-the-Box” Ways to use a 9 Box Model (Great Leadership) How and Why to Be a Leader (Not a Wannabe) (Harvard Business Review blog) 3 Ways Anyone Can Boost Team Performance (Random Acts of Leadership) […]