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How To Profit From Your Problems

In magazines and TV we constantly see stories of individuals going from rags to riches. Regardless of whether you want to get rich or not, there is a lesson hidden inside these stories of triumph. Today we look at artists and entrepreneurs that have laid out the formula of how we too can profit from our pain.


Why Goals Are Best Accomplished Indirectly

Andy Warhol and Bill Murray were right all along. They practiced a certain strategy that is easy to comprehend, but tough to master. They understood human nature and that our goals are best accomplished indirectly. In this episode we hear examples from business, art, acting, and martial arts about the real reason why we often fail to reach our goals-- and how to flip this equation in our favor.


Geniuses have a hammer, and their skill is in looking for nails

What does a genius know that normal folk don't know? How can we give our work, and art, and businesses the best chance at success? In this episode we look at masters of their craft --like Stephen King, Elon Musk, Aaron Sorkin, and Michael Bloomberg-- to figure out what advantage they've cultivated in their fields. Music by Ben Murray-Smith and Julian Avila


If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough

The key to winning a car race is the same key to building a successful business, and it's the same way you make great art. I made a huge mistake recently, in this episode I compare that with examples from the entertainment industry like Elizabeth Gilbert, Dua Lipa, Ross Golan, Lauryn Hill, and more. There's a lot to learn, and I want to bring you along for the ride!


One Christopher Nolan Movie Scene Taught Me All I Know About Great Writing

Christopher Nolan is one of today's MASTER filmmakers. He's gotten to this level because all his movies have substance, but also, are SUPER-entertaining. One of his movies stands above all though, and one scene in that movie taught me EVERYTHING about what great writing should be. In this episode we break down and study this one scene to tease out the tools one needs to become--just like Nolan himself--a great writer. This applies to ALL types of writing: fiction, non-fiction,...


Lil Wayne & Stephen King on Work Ethic

Stephen King knows a thing or two about writing. And about discipline. And about pretty much anything that has to do with being successful with your art. Well guess what, Lil Wayne knows a thing or two as well. These are the reasons why he can serve as a role model for any artist, creator, or entrepreneur. Music by Ben Murray-Smith


The Lives Of Men: A Modern Startup

Jason Rosario and Claudio Cabrera have accomplished a lot in their young lives, but this endeavor they've just leapt into is not about accomplishment, it's about honoring their worldview. In this episode I speak to Jason, founder of The Lives of Men--and Claudio, its lead content specialist--who through their stories show us that it's possible to DO GOOD, and LOOK GOOD in the process. Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith


Master Your Writing with Ed Sheeran's FAUCET Approach

Ed Sheeran is one of the most successful songwriters over the past five years. While I was listening to an interview Ed gave in front of young musicians, there was a one minute portion where he revealed his mental process for mastering his craft. In this episode we discuss this approach which we'll call "FAUCET," along with other methods described by Ira Glass, and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. Music Written and Produced by Ben Murray-Smith


Quality and Popularity Are Not Connected w Adam Westbrook

A must listen for Vloggers and Youtubers! Adam was living the dream: He was making a good living as a freelance video journalist, something he had been working towards since childhood. But then his view of the world got flipped upside down. He learned that quality and popularity aren't directly related. This is depressing, but there is a silver lining. In this episode we talk to Adam Westbrook, creator behind the exceptional The Long Game 3-part video essay. He shares all he's learned,...


Adam Gilbert on the Magic of Starting Small

Adam Gilbert is a tech entrepreneur who started a business from his passion. His company is called My Body Tutor, where he and his staff help folks nationwide reach their health goals. He is the perfect person to share some wisdom with us on what he's learned about the two areas we quit at most often: fitness and business. He shares some findings on how social media has more of an impact on our goal-setting than we think--or dare to admit. Adam also has great advice on how to pick what to...


Emotional Stages of a Project: Pain, Flow, and Bliss

Every project, every activity, has its own unique set of challenges. A challenge that is universal to ALL projects, however, is the emotional seesaw it puts us through. In this episode we bring in a couple real-life stories that illustrate the three emotional stages we must go through to complete a project. Casey Neistat goes through this, as well as all Uber drivers during a daily shift. Those are Pain, Flow, and finally-- Bliss. This episode is generously sponsored by Freshbooks, easy...


How a Side Project Turns into a Career - with Kirby Ferguson

Kirby Ferguson created the viral documentary Everything is a Remix in his spare time, just as a little side project outside of his day job. After the instant buzz it received, Kirby was able to leverage his side project into a full-fledged career as a film-maker and video producer. In this episode we’ll hear from Kirby on how the idea for Everything is a Remix first surfaced, then we’ll see how the success of that project turned into its own business, and then we’ll use his story to...


Are You Too Nice to be Successful?

Sarah Knight is the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck. She joins us and helps us talk through some important questions like: Is being nice gonna have us finishing last all the time? Are we just mislabeling what it means to be nice? And, what happens when we stop giving a you-know-what?... These questions are musts to ask for our career, business, and relationships. Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith www.benmurraysmith.co.uk This episode is sponsored by...


Sarah Knight on The Life-Changing Process of Writing Your First Book

Sarah Knight has been in the publishing world for 15 years. First, selling books, then working for a literary agent, then as an editor at a major book publishing firm, and finally as an author. She walks us through the process of writing her first book, how it impacted her, and what aspiring authors should know about the industry. Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith www.benmurraysmith.co.uk This episode is sponsored by Freshbooks, cloud accounting for the non-accountant.


How To Make It In Tech: A Founder's Story w David Cancel

Everyone knows the tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, they've become household names. Most don't know that all success stories in the Tech world have some milestones in common. David Cancel is a serial startup founder, his latest venture is Drift and his story is a great case study into what makes for an accomplished career in the industry. In this episode we dissect David's story and try to figure out what we can bring back into our own careers, whether in tech, arts,...


Tucker Max on Accepting the Role of Luck and Timing in Our Career

Tucker Max sold millions of books, but being a writer wasn't even a goal of his originally. His career arc is very interesting, because it allows us to see how big a role luck and timing have on our careers. In this episode, we talk to Tucker and try to piece together the factors that made him a hero to 20-year-olds everywhere, as well as the turn of events that have turned him into an entrepreneur. Music written and produced by Ben Murray-Smith www.benmurraysmith.co.uk This episode is...


A Healthy Perspective on Stress with Liz Josefsberg

Liz Josefsberg, a top-notch wellness expert to celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, also consults with corporations to help their employees get their health back on track. This week she helps us gain a healthy perspective on stress. In this episode we find that not all stress is built the same, and then we learn ways to eliminate the toxic stress that hinders our work.


Hard-Earned Lessons from Podcasting that Apply to Any Career

It’s been quite a ride thus far, this podcasting thing. I got to interview one of my favorite thought leaders, Seth Godin, I closed a deal with a sponsor for this podcast, and most importantly, I’ve met great peers that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It’s been a great four months to say the least. So I decided this episode would reflect how far we’ve come. Many of the beliefs and expectations that I had back in December have been shattered and reversed. These are lessons about podcasting,...


You Have A Good Idea, But Will It Spread? with Jonah Berger

Why do some unremarkable videos go viral while many great ones go unnoticed? What factors help an idea catch on? Whether by accident or by design, the products and messages that spread all have some things in common. In this episode we bring in Jonah Berger, Professor at Wharton Business School and author of the book Contagious. He shares some stories of ideas that have become popular, and deconstructs what they had going for themselves. From Car Insurance commercials, to restaurants with...


Seth Godin on the Advantages of Non-Traditional Learning

Seth Godin joins us in this episode, and we learn from him why the current model of education is broken, and actionable steps to taking charge of our own learning as adults. Along the way we discover why we should be approaching our career as a series of projects, and what skills hold the most value in today's world. He also tells us some stories of his clashes with the educational system, and why Zig Ziglar impacted his life immensely. You can read full shownotes and find out more about...