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#23-Networking in your 20's

On today's episode I talk about a simple way to think about and how to network in your 20's, please enjoy.


#22-Tyler Palko

On this episode, I chat with Tyler Palko, a former NFL quarterback now director of leadership development for Solutions 21. Tyler's focus is to help millennials develop and become strong leaders early on in their careers. We dive into some of the biggest challenges as well as opportunities facing millennials today. Please enjoy.


#21- Choosing the right Work Environment

On today's episode, I talk about finding the best work environment for your success as a young professional. Please enjoy this shorter episode.


#20-Interview with Hala Taha

On today's episode I episode I interview Hala Taha. Hala has been working for Hewlett-Packard Enterprises for the last 5 years as a marketing professional with an MBA from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Hala is also the host of the Young and Profiting Podcast, a podcast aimed at helping millennials grow financially and professionally by investigation new topics each week with experts each episode. Please enjoy my conversation with Hala Taha


#019-Turning 27 years old...

On today's episode I talk about turning 27 years old this month and what I did when I was 26 to have the most amazing year of my life.


#018-Interview with Andy Gregg

On today's episode on interview one of my best friends Andy Gregg on his career as a real estate professional. Please enjoy our conversation.


017-Why You should Create Content

On today's episode, I share why I think creating content is one of the best opportunities for young professionals and how to start. Find out why I believe this in today's episode!


#016- Interview with Michael Bann

On today's episode meet Michael Bann. Michael, is a personal trainer, online coach, and coach to fitness professionals all around the world. Michael's expertise is in optimizing movement for performance and helping those who have never been able to get better with weight, pain, health issues, etc finally breakthrough. Michael is finishing his graduate degree in kinesiology from ASU and will later get his Ph.D. Please enjoy my conversation with Michael Bann.


#015- Interview with Mallory Harden

On today’s episode meet Mallory Harden. Mallory is a Los Angeles based on-air host, model and actor. A transplant from Arizona, Mallory's journey into the industry started at just 10 years old. After years on the stage in theater performances and local modeling work, Mallory went on to work in Asia with modeling contracts in Japan, Hong Kong and China. Upon returning home and completing her degree from Arizona State University in Communications with a minor in Business and a certificate in...


#014-Interview with Jason Euler

On today's episode, I talk with Jason Euler. Jason is the CEO and founder of Octiv Entertainment which puts together large entertainment shows in the EDM scene handling everything from transportation, venue space, and Dj's for these events. Jason also works a full-time job while running Octiv Entertainment and on this episode, we focus on how to build a side hustle while working a full-time job. Please enjoy my conversation with Jason Euler.


#013-Interview with Christiana Stewart

On today’s Episode, I talk with Christiana Stewart. Christiana for the last 3 years has been working in digital marketing for Walgreens a fortune 50 company where she works all things digital marketing. Christiana is also an ASU grad from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and has a Masters from Northwestern University in marketing. Please enjoy our interview where we talk about digital marketing, higher education, side hustles and much more!


#012-Comparison is the Death of Joy

On today’s shorter topic podcast, I discuss the topic of comparison. I believe today as young professionals we have never been more inclined to compare ourselves to others based our level of interconnectedness through social media and the internet. I wanted to share some thoughts I had on this subject and open the discussion up to you as well to understand what you think and if you agree. Join me in a conversation on today’s episode about comparison, the death of joy.


#011-Interview with Margaux Guignon

On today’s podcast, I interview Margaux Guignon. Margaux is the Director of Prevention at First Call. First call provides clinical, educational and prevention services to individuals and families in Greater Kansas City impacted by substance use disorder. First Call’s Prevention services impact over 50,000 individuals each year in the Kansas City area. In today’s interview, we will talk about how and why Margaux got into the Social Services field and how she and was able to quickly work...


#010-Interview with Bobby Lasker

On today’s episode, I sit down with Bobby Lasker. Bobby has spent the last 10 months traveling the world while working remotely and getting to see and experience 15 countries during his travels. We dive into all aspects of world travel and how you can do this for yourself too. If you ever wanted to know how to travel the world and work this is the episode for you. Come learn how Bobby went from working a normal job with no plans on world travel to setting this all up from scratch. Enjoy my...


#009- Interview with Corey Bayne

On today's interview meet Corey Bayne another young professional in the software technology space. On this episode, we dive into Corey's career, tech startups, sales, leadership, management and how you can work your way up quickly in a fast growth environment.


#008 - How to Find Your Passion

On today’s episode, Dayne talks about tips and ideas young professionals can use to help find your passion. Passion is an interesting word and a difficult thing for many people to understand yet alone find so listen in and find out how Dayne found things through his journey early on that he became incredibly passionate about. Also, listen as Dayne dives into the book ‘Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss where he reads some great advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thoughts...


#007- Interview with Park Thomas

On today’s podcast interview meet Park Thomas. Park is a good friend of mine who comes from the field of medical device sales. Park secured a great job in the medical device field early on after college and was able to quickly excel and move up the ranks fast becoming a top producer for his company. On this interview we dive into what med sales is all about and the skills it takes to succeed. If you ever thought about a career the the med device space then this is the episode for you. This...


#006- Managing Personal Finances For Millennials

On today's episode, Dayne talks about setting up your personal finances so that you can automatically save, invest, and have money each month to spend on the things you enjoy. This is by far the easiest way I’ve found to manage my personal finances with little to no effort while eliminating the need for spreadsheets and boring penny pinching methods. Tools Mentioned Acorns: Mint: Wealthfront: Varo Money:...


#005: Interview with Anthony Lazarus

Interview with Anthony Lazarus Young Wild and Rich is a Podcast for young professionals looking to find purpose, passion, and fulfillment in your lives now while working towards your biggest goals and dreams! Learn how to build valuable skills, millionaire networking secrets, accelerated career growth hacks, the truth about sales, and what it really takes to accomplish every goal you've ever dreamed of. Young Wild and Rich is a mindset we want to help millennials and young professionals...


#004 YWR - The 5 Languages Of Love

The 5 Languages Of Love Young Wild and Rich is a Podcast for young professionals looking to find purpose, passion and fulfillment in your lives now, while working towards your biggest goals and dreams! Learn how to build valuable skills, millionaire networking secrets, accelerated career growth hacks, the truth about sales, and what it really takes to accomplish every goal you've ever dreamed of. Young Wild and Rich is a mindset we want to help millenials and young professionals create to...