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4 Easy Steps to Preparing for Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast

There are several steps that you can take to maximize the value of your interview for you and for your future manager. Follow these 4 steps to preparing for your interview to put yourself on track. Topics covered in "4 Easy Steps to Preparing for Your Interview": - Executive job search - Job search - Career change - Interviewing


Why Does Your Resume Drive Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast

You’re probably thinking that the relationship between your resume and your interview is obvious. A resume gets you the interview, right? Certainly, in some cases, and expertly prepared resume that a hiring leader cannot ignore will generate the interview you need. However, in every well-conceived job search strategy, your interview is actually a reflection of your resume, not the reverse. Listen in to learn why your interview strategy depends on your resume strategy. Topics covered in...


Third-Degree LinkedIn Connections Matter for Your Executive Job Search | The Job Search Podcast

How many first-degree connections do you have on LinkedIn? 40? 100? 500? 10,000? That number is indicative of the number of people you have influenced to join your inner circle. But it’s not indicative of the power of your influence overall on LinkedIn. The most powerful number on LinkedIn is your total third-degree LinkedIn connections. Topics covered in "Third-Degree LinkedIn Connections Matter for Your Executive Job Search": - executive job search - LinkedIn - Job search - Career change...


Say Thank You for Your Interview | The Job Search Podcast

You know you’re the right person for the job and you think you gave all the right answers during your interview. You’re pretty sure they’re going to call you back with the job offer. You think you’re done with the interview process, but you’re wrong. Listen in to find out what you missed. Topics covered in "Say Thank You for Your Interview": - interviewing - executive job search - hiring


Resume Formatting Dos and Donts that Help You Stand Out | The Job Search Podcast

Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager. Two resumes are in front of you; both are possible candidates for the open position. The first is littered with text, margin to margin, full of inconsistent fonts and format, and very little useful information stands out. The second resume is presented with consistent font and format, short bullets with precise information, and plenty of white space. Which resume would you rather tackle first? Listen in to find out why the appearance of your...


How to Choose an Executive Resume Writing Service | The Job Search Podcast

The challenge of writing your executive resume often breaks down into two options: Either you write it yourself, or you choose a resume writing service that will advance your job search strategy for you. Listen on to learn how to evaluate an executive resume writing service for your specific job search needs. Topics covered in "How to Choose an Executive Resume Writing Service": - Executive Job Search - Resume - Job Search - Job boards - Executive Job Search Strategy


The Job Search Podcast with Amy L. Adler | Trailer | Episode 0

Welcome to The Job Search Podcast. The Job Search Podcast Trailer, Episode 0 With Your Host, Amy L. Adler, Certified Master Resume Writer Job search. Job search is scary and certainly not something you do every day. You’re putting your most vulnerable professional self out there and hoping that what you say and do meets your audience’s expectations. It’s a tough process to go through, and you might be dealing with pressures from multiple sides—financial, professional, family, and even your...


Create a Financial Plan for Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast

How much have you spent on your job search? If you’re even asking this type of question, you’re missing the point: Putting smart money into your job search is an investment, not an expense. In other words, you can expect the dollars you put into finding the right position to yield exponential dividends in the form of a better job, increased compensation, and the peace of mind that comes with exceptional job satisfaction. Listen in to learn the wisdom of creating a financial plan for...


Becoming a LinkedIn LION Balancing the Pros and Con for Your Job Search | The Job Search Podcast

Are you proud of the number of connections you have on LinkedIn? Is this a metric you wish to cultivate? If so, can you definitively explain the value of having a thousand connections? If you can, you should consider becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker, or LION. We all know that special person who just “knows everyone.” When we have a question about something specific, we ask that person for a contact, and he or she just pulls one up, having built a Rolodex of the right people. In this...


5 Ways to Measure Your Job Search Networking Success | The Job Search Podcast

Do you wonder whether you are really getting anywhere with your job search networking strategy? While you are in the midst of networking, the process can seem thankless. Did that connection you made a month ago turn into something? How do you know whether the presentation you attended was worth going to from a networking perspective? Although it is hard to pin job search success onto any one networking event, overall, you can measure your networking success with a few simple metrics....


Fix the Worst Mistake in Your LinkedIn Headline in 120 Characters or Less | The Job Search Podcast

Did you know that including your employment status in the most important element of your LinkedIn profile, the one that convinces readers to click through to your profile? In this episdoe, you'll discover what your LinkedIn profile is really telegraphing if you state outright that you are an executive searching for a new opportunity. What message are you sending to those people looking at your profile? You don’t stonewall a potential lead with a sign that says, “do not enter.” Topics...


You Should Be Thankful You Didn’t Take that Job Offer | The Job Search Podcast

In the career management field, we measure our success by how well our clients succeed in the employment marketplace. This means we talk about and celebrate the number of interviews and job offers you, as an executive, receives. There are cases, however, in which we also value not accepting the job offer. Listen in to learn more about why not taking the job can be a boon to your job search.


Three Networking Myths that Hurt Your Career Growth | The Job Search Podcast

When it comes to networking, executives tend to fall into two camps. The either love to network, or they . . . ignore it. Those executive who do not consciously maintaining their networks might believe one of the three top myths about networking that can negatively affect their career growth.


Stop Looking for Executive Jobs on Online Job Boards | Your Job Search Coach

If you’re looking for your next executive job on online job boards such as Monster and Indeed, you’ve got a lot of searching, reading, filtering, and applying to do. Every day, you have to log in, search, read, filter, and apply … and then do it all again the next day. Have you done this? Have you felt the frustration that comes with doing all of this for perhaps hours per day with few positive results? Listen to this episode to find out why job boards are not particularly effective for...


Publish Your Way to Executive Thought Leadership | Your Job Search Coach

One of the greatest challenges executives face as they are rising through the corporate structure is how to influence corporate behavior across an organization—or influence change across an industry. Doing good work that encourages change and growth in your own company is the first step. Broadening your influence to publishing platforms will be the second. Listen to this episode to learn how to become an executive thought leader through publishing original content.


Take the Long Way Around to Shorten Your Job Search | Your Job Search Coach

If you believe you need a new resume right away to turn your job search around, you might be right. You might need a new resume to start getting interviews, but will your resume get you the right interviews? If you’ve never explored your deep motivations for seeking a particular job function, job level, industry, company size, and more, you might get interviews, but they’ll be wrong for you. Thus, taking the longer, more exploratory, path to job search strategy might actually improve your...


Stop Writing Your Executive Resume Right Now Create Your Strategic Career Plan First | Your Job Search Coach

If you want to shorten your job search, do not start with your executive resume. You will save time in the long run by being strategic early on. In fact, if you do not follow this advice, you are likely to stretch your job search from a few months to years. Avoid falling prey to the most unfortunate myth about your executive job search with this one strategic tip.


I Suspect Your LinkedIn Profile is Fake | Your Job Search Coach

Despite LinkedIn’s best efforts, some profiles are fake. Be wary of these false profiles, so you don’t get sucked in to their scams. These are my top 5 ways to recognize if a LinkedIn profile is fake.


How to Proceed after a Layoff 5 Practical Strategies | Your Job Search Coach.

Companies have ups and downs with the changes in the economy, and your employment status depends on the company’s stability. Being laid off is not the end of your career, as the layoff is not for cause—the job simply ceases to exist. Consider the following strategies to help you after a “separation,” an umbrella term for the various reasons you and your company part ways.