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Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at

Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at
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Charlotte, NC


Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at




Ramblin' On Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

In this weeks ramblin' edition of Cheaters Never Win, we welcome Web master and reporter for, Michael Smith to discuss recent changes that you may have heard about in the front office. We discuss some draft stuff, we tease the future video podcast, and welcome in a new sponsor, Dawn of Fathom Realty. As always, we answer your #Cheatmail, we drink a tasty beverage from @Bottlemixx, and generally have a good time. We promise to be better next week.


Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Scouting the Lottery Edition

In this episode, we're joined by Mark Seidel, chief scout for North America Central scouting to talk the NHL Draft. More specifically, why canes fans should be excited about Svechnikov and confident that Rick Dudley is part of the organization. As usual, we get to your cheatmail, and review delicious beverages from Bottlemixx.


We Have Options Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

As we welcome in the offseason, change is abundant for the Carolina Hurricanes and we're here to try and make some sense of it. Bill Peters is out as coach, there is no GM, and somehow we're ok with it. Maybe its because Hayes Permar has a new SportsChannel8 Radio show on 99.9TheFan and we're simply too excited to chat with him. Regardless, its a long (REALLY LONG) and fun episode. We hope you join, and we look forward to seeing many of you at some of our off season meet ups this summer.


The President arrives - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Carolina Hurricanes President Don Waddell joins Mike and Derek to discuss the current state of the Canes. We talk Dudon philosophy, what fans can expect going forward, and get his feelings on the Thrashers finally winning their first playoff game this season. Listen for your tailgate invite, #CheatMail, and this weeks delightful @BottleMixx beer review. Can't wait to see everyone at the season ending tailgate on 4/7!


The Slow Descent Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

The GM is gone, the playoff hopes are gone, the team is injured, and the boys are back for a podcast. While we don't turn down the GM job this week, we do discuss whats going on at 1400 Edwards Mill Road both on the ice and in the front office. Is the GM fiasco overblown? Will BP give Zykov first line minutes? Can the boys do a podcast in under 40 minutes? Take a listen for all these answers and more, including #CheatMail and your BottleMixx beer review of the week.


Out With The Old GM Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

The boys are still recovering after new owner Tom Dundon removed Ron Francis as the General Manager of the Canes. We dive into the what, why, and what's next. Lots of business on this weeks pod, but we hope you enjoy it. Good news, the Bottlemixx beer review is on point as always, and we come in well under the 80 mins we've hit the last couple of weeks.


What Trade Deadline Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

The trade deadline is scheduled to happen... wait, what? The trade deadline already happened? We got a McKegg outta the deal??? Alright then, let's tap another edition of the podcast and unravel what did and didn't happen. Luckily, @steph_smash drops by to help us chat some good stuff w/ her new graphic novel Kicking Ice (check it out, seriously, its awesome). Also, Ashley McLachlan, one of our live podcast raffle winners is in studio to discuss why the Canes have stunk since we beat her...


Descending into Madness Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

There comes a point in every season when the pressure becomes too much and the madness sets in. This week, during the NJ Devils game, it just became too much for Mike and lets just say this might be his most cathartic podcast ever. Cory Lavalette from North State Journal joins us in studio to keep the podcast above board. It didn't work. That said, we had a lot of fun talking what could be, what should have been, and where we can go from here. Thanks for listening.


Calm Before the Lighthouse Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Two great guests this week: Dar Saraceni from LightHouse Hockey joins us to discuss Metro division craziness and Johnny Tavares. Then, Matt Somma from Calm Before The Storm joins us to discuss Canes prospects and what to expect in terms of call ups. We also discuss Tiger Beat. It doesnt go well. We drink an amazing beer from Epic Brewing as part of our Bottlemixx beer review, and we drop some FMK knowledge in Cheatmail. Thanks as always for listening. Please subscribe on your platform of...


Smooth Criminal Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

This week while the team has been busy stealing win, and Tom Dundon has been stealing our hearts, we've been lining up great guests. Former Cane great and current San Jose Sharks pre-game analyst Bret Hedican drops by to discuss the upcoming tilt vs. the Sharks. Luke DeCock then joins us to discuss the immediate impact Tom Dundon has made on the triangle sports scene. We take your #Cheatmail, and drink another great beer from @Bottlemixx. Thanks for listening, and please thank our guests...


Rumblin' All Star Edition of Cheaters Never Win

It was a royal rumble of an All Star weekend, and we're here to bring you some hockey fun to kick off the week. Before the Canes kick off their eight game home stand in February, join Mike, JC, and Tom as they discuss All Star weekend, take your cheatmail, and more.


Happy Dundon Day Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Happy Dundon Day everyone! This week Mike and Derek are elated that new ownership has arrived in Raleigh. We discuss the immediate impact Mr. Dundon can make on this team and the market, while lamenting Alex Ovechkin's prowess. We take your #CheatMail questions, we rock thru a pretty darn tasty BottleMixx Beer Review, and lots more. Thanks as always for listening, and we hope to see you at the live Cheaters Never Win next week, 1/20 at 1PM at BottleMixx here in Raleigh.


Good Things Come Episode - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Are the Canes back? Are good things happening? What should we do with our hands? All questions that we attempt to answer on this weeks pod along with the help of @MikeManiscalco from Fox Sports Carolinas. We discuss the current state of the Canes playoff chances, dream of 91, and take some great #CheatMail questions. We end as always w/ our BottleMixx beer review and its the perfect beer for this time of year from Burial Brewing. Thanks for the listen, and make plans now to join us for the...


Why lord why - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

While the matinee in Toronto had us questioning our choice in hockey teams (and many other life choices), the boys restored our faith in Nashville. We talk about 5 game segments, and the team is 4-1-0 in their last 5, which is pretty darn spiffy. In studio this week to help break down the team and their issues in Toronto is our very own Pat Clarke who dives into our offensive issues and why Noah Hanifin is the Canes All Star. Mike rants on Justin Faulk in hopes of turning his season...



The Canes have a new owner and we don't know how to react. The Canes are on a west coast road swing and we know exactly how to react. This week Mike and Derek talk losing streaks, consistency, and what the hell's going on at 1400 Edwards Mill Rd. Hayes Permar, lead dog at SportsChannel8, joins us to talk #CanesSocial Night on December 23rd and what the hell is a #CanesCarol. We review a great beer from our friends over at BottleMixx & take your #CheatMail questions. We appreciate your...


Road Trip Madness Epidsode - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

The Canes hit the road for 8 of 9 and our Mike Flanagan busts his knee in celebration. You voted for this episode #druggedmike, so we hope you enjoy. Shane Willis, Carolina Hurricanes director of youth hockey and Fox Sports pre-game co-host joins us to talk prepping for roadtrips, locker room pranks, and his favorite former Cane broadcaster. The boys discuss the 2-2-0 home stand and go to a dark place around the Canes and Turkey day. Bottlemixx doesn't disappoint w/ another great beer for...


Ye' Olde Podcast of Hockey

What we learned this week: we're bad at accents, the Canes need some consistency, and Michelle McMahon loves the gypsy life. It's an episode chock full of hockey, beer, and your #Cheatmail. Thanks as always for listening and don't forget to review and subscribe. You can support the podcast at


Passionate Pleas episode - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

So this week we didn't have a great time on the ice, but we had a great time in studio. Mike and Derek talk about whether it's time to get close to the ledge (it isn't), if its time to make drastic changes (it isn't), and if we should drink beer for breakfast (we should). We take your cheatmail, and maybe we rant a little bit. Thanks as always for listening. Please feel free to leave a review so that other hockey fans can find us.


Eff Marry Ginger Episode ft. Sean Leahy

Man are we excited to have real hockey to talk about. We're even more excited that Sean Leahy from is on the line to not only discuss the Metro w/ us, but to do an epic eff marry kill that didn't fall on deaf ears this time. Cam Ward gets love, we enjoy Bill Peters line shuffling, and we don't say many bad words. Thanks as always for listening. Thanks to this weeks sponsor, thanks to you our loyal listeners, and thank the Lord that the Canes are playing real...


MvsW remembrance edition

This week Jeff and Wysh bid us their final adieu as Marek vs. Wyshynski recorded their final episode. That podcast, and specifically Jeff's encouragement to "just start a podcast if you love hockey" led this this site, this blog, and now 5 seasons of CNW. We wanted to take a few minutes to say thanks and finally answer MvsW's longest standing quandry: Should Game Show Friday be a thing? We ask the experts including: Game Show Friday Legend Matt Riegler, TrashNewton, Tally Duchene, GenXWin,...


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