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Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at

Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at


Charlotte, NC


Drop in for the latest on Carolina Hurricanes hockey, tailgating, beer, and booze. Stick around for the laughs, and check out our blog at




One last time with feeling...

Well friends, the time has come to close the book on this chapter of our little journey together. This will be the final episode of Cheaters Never Win as we know it. It's been a helluva run, and we can't say thank you enough. This episode is a little bit hockey, a little bit nostalgia, and a little bit of just Mike and Derek being all up in their feels. The good news is, we have great guest. Mike Maniscalco from Fox Sports Carolinas joins us to talk Dougie, Willie, and being on the bench....


Unpopular Opinions Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey podcast

This week Pat Clarke joins Mike in studio and the unpopular opinions fly. First up, Skype sucks because the service was down so we have to push off our Sean Leahy interview til next week. But fear not, Mike and Pat delve into everything Canes related including Haula's knee, Williams return, and whats the deal with our extra d-men. Stick around for our chat about Hockey Fights Cancer this Saturday, and we hope to see yall at the game. Have a great day, and hug someone you love.


Gloom, despair, and Civian

Apologies for the early singing, but Mike was in a bit of a "thing" this week after a 3 game losing skid. We bounce back nicely to talk w/ The Athletic Carolina's Sara Civian to discuss 11 forwards, the power of the trade market, and exactly what is her tribe vibe. Derek reminds us all that it's a long season, and that now would be a great time to crack a nice cold New Belgium beer before the Canes take on Ottawa in a back to back. Thanks to the Caniac_Realtor (respect the underscore) for...


It's the Shane and Dougie Show!

This week is all about our love of Dougie and Shane. When Mike and Derek finally calm down on their Dougie lovefest, we get to discussing the great start and where the Canes go from here. Shane joins us on the Caniac Realtor Guest Line to discuss the hot start and how coaches make lineup decisions. We take your #Cheatmail and take a minute to say a few kind words about our friend Mike Maniscalco. Thanks as always for listening.


We'll do better next time edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Much like back to back really good shows, the Canes show just how hard consistency really is. After claiming last years Pre Season Championship Chalice, the Canes came back to earth with a middling preseason. The good news, much like the Canes, we promise to be in much better form Thursday when the season kicks off in earnest. Thanks to new sponsor New Belgium Brewing and to returning sponsor Dawn from Fathom Realty for continuing to put up with our shenanigans. Come for the DJ Khaled jokes,...


We Back Baby! Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

We're back, and oh it feels so good! With training camp kicking off this week and the team back on the ice, Mike and Derek kick off the season discuss who fits where, their take on a busy off season, and is it wrong to drink Irish Coffee at 9:30 in the morning. Is there a ticket giveaway in this weeks episode? Listen and find out.


Forslund Goes Yard Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

It's an annual right of passage and we couldn't be more excited to have voice of the Hurricanes and NBC Sports national broadcaster John Forslund back on the podcast. John opines for nearly an hour on how special last years team really was, what the future holds for the Canes, and even touches on the new method of business at 1400 EMR. We hope you enjoy nearly as much as we did.


Vancouver or Bust Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

This week, we have a full remote studio of Mike, Derek, Pat Clarke, and Mr. Workrate. The boys discuss everything that transpired in Vancouver, the early moves by GM Voltron, and where we expect the Canes to go on July 1. Stick around for the disrespect of Canada story, and don't miss Tom's Ceasar review.


Let's wrap this up edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

What a ride it has been this year for all of the Caniacs. This week, Mike and Derek take a few minutes to just sit back and reminisce about the season that was. It's a rambling chat of just a couple of guys who really enjoyed this season. We hope you enjoy, and we'll be back in a couple of week to discuss the 2019 NHL Entry Draft.


Marchand Must Die Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Since we last spoke, the Canes swept the Islanders, progressed to the eastern conference finals, and things have escalated from there. Be warned, this might not be an episode you want on the loud speakers at work because Mike "might" have dropped a bad word or two. Like Carlin bad words. Anyway, we discuss the series to date, what needs to change tonight, and give you some great beer choices in our Bottlemixx beer review. Thanks to everyone who supports us including our sponsors...


The Second Round Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

What a week it's been. The Canes have won 2 on the Island of Brooklyn, and the team is keeping sports doctors in Raleigh flush w/ cash. This week we welcome 3 great guests. Dan Saraceni from LightHouse Hockey comes by to discuss the series thus far. We caught up with Keeper of the Cup, Mike Bolt this past weekend at Brewgaloo. Finally, JC Bobbitt drops by to pay off a debt to the hockey gods. It's a fun episode and we can't wait to see all your faces at the 328 Tailgates this week. Please...


Game 7 Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey Podcast

Biggest game since the last biggest game is TODAY and we're here to help get you thru the day. This week the gents host @MikeSolarte on the @Caniac_Realtor guest line to discuss both the AHL and NHL Playoffs, as well as thoughts on Mike Vellucci's future w/ the club. We had a lot of fun this week, and we hope its a good distraction as we await puck drop on Game 7. Grab your Bottlemixx brew and sit back, it's time to get loud Caniacs. Game 7 is NEXT.


Game 4 Edition - Cheaters Never Win Hockey podcast

Welcome new friends and new listeners! We're so darn excited for tonight's game 4, we had to get two for this week's episode. Mike Maniscalco from Fox Sports Carolinas is here to discuss the insanity of game 3. Greg Young from Caps SBNation Blog Japers Rink is here to give us the Caps fans spin on the series and what to expect from game 4. Stay all the way thru to hear the details for tonight's tailgate. Big thanks to Mike the Caniac Caterer w/ Johnny's Pizza in Cary for coming thru in the...


the mother flippin' playoffs - cheaters never win hockey podcast

welcome home y'all. the carolina hurricanes have made the playoffs and we're downright giddy. we welcome this week from sean leahy to discuss the canes run up to the playoffs and what to expect in the next couple of weeks. we do a bit of a playoff survival guide, wax poetic about that nino goal, and drink a great local brew from bottlemixx. thanks as always for listening. if you enjoyed the episode, we would really appreciate if you could rate, review, and subscribe to the...


The Playoff Roundtable Edition

With only 3 games remaining on the schedule, the Canes are in for a fight for their playoff lives. We bring in Rob Mixer from First Ohio Battery and Scott Matla from Habs Eyes on the Prize to have a roundtable discussion on how the last week of the season will play out. This episode is part analysis, part catharsis, and part therapy. As usual, thanks to Caniac_Realtor for sponsoring the guest line and Bottlemixx for providing the beer review beer. Thanks to all of you for providing some...


Pre-Playoff Edition

That's right, we said it. If we put it out there in the universe, it's bound to happen, right? On this week's edition, we welcome @AlisonL from The Athletic on the @Caniac_Realtor guest line. We discuss this weeks tilt vs. the CBJ and what success looks like in Columbus. Mike and Derek discuss the week that was in Winnipeg and Nashville, ugh and Yeah! Finally, we cover your #cheatmail questions and end w/ a solid beer from Fonta Flora in the BottleMixx beer review. Thanks as always for...


Hour 54 of TradeCentre Edition

When the big trade of the day is a bunch of Jurco for a Pu, well, you know there will be much rambling. On this episode, Meg joins us in studio to talk trades, predictions, and some random Adult Swim stuff. We screwed up and our guest for this week will have to be for next week, and you're the winner because you listened. Isn't the real podcast the friends we made along the way?


Bunch of Jerks Edition

Let's not bury the lead: The Canes are playing great hockey and we're having a lot of fun. If that makes us a bunch of jerks, so be it. This week, we discuss keys to success thus far, the trade deadline, and a certain CBC broadcaster. The #Cheatmail questions this week week were as strong as ever, and we're almost as good as the Bottlemixx Beer we reviewed from FullSteam. Thanks as always for listening. Please rate, review, and subscribe.


Live from Bottlemixx w/ Shane Willis

We had a blast this past Saturday at the 2nd annual live podcast at Bottlemixx. Shane Willis dropped some serious knowledge on us about coaching, small changes players are making, and shares some fun broadcast stories with us as well. We appreciate everyone who came out and helped us raise over $300 to support the Carolina Hurricanes Foundation.


The All Star Smitty Edition

The Canes are in the midst of their All Star break, but that doesn't stop the webs own Michael Smith from providing non stop coverage of your favorite hockey club. Smitty joins Mike and Derek on the Caniac_Realtor Guest Line to discuss the All Star game, improvements in the Canes social media platforms, and more. Meanwhile, Mike and Derek talk about all sorts of stuff including hockey, beer, and this weeks upcoming LIVE PODCAST at BottleMixx. Thanks for listening, and we hope to see you...